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Top Strategies to Outsmart Social Media Algorithms

Shafqat M. is presently Head of Content at Locate Translate UK.

Strategies to Outsmart Social Media Algorithms in 2021

Strategies to Outsmart Social Media Algorithms in 2021

If you've read our blog, How Do Social Media Algorithms Work, it's time for you to get acquainted with strategies to outsmart social algorithms.

Marketers have to make efforts to please social media algorithms. One such effort is to create content based on their liking. The content they like, not the other way around.

Indeed, no one claims to know for sure what algorithms might like - we know how elusive and enigmatic algorithms can be - though we have learned enough to take some concrete, actionable steps to optimize the content we upload.

As certainly is the case, no two social media algorithms have the same mechanism to rank content.

However, these algorithm-outsmarting strategies offer great results across social media platforms.

Strategies to Outsmart Social Media Algorithms in 2021

1. Aim for User Engagement
2. Tag Other Brands, Businesses in your Posts
3. Use Hashtags Related to your Posts
4. Publish Frequently to be an "Active" Participant
5. Publish Video Content
6. Be Wary of Spammy Links

1. Aim for User Engagement

So, how do you engage with your audience?

The best way to amass audiences' responses is by asking questions in your posts. Questions garner comments, hence guarantees user engagement.

Simply put, the more users engage, that's to say like, comment, share, with your posts, there are high chances of its ranking well because social media algorithms admire user engagement the most.

2. Tag Other Brands, Businesses in your Posts

We've seen tags work wonders and snowball into the bigger movements on social media sites. Politicians tag celebrities to get them involved in social movements.

Businesses tag to drag each other's feet, or to troll one another, or to participate in friendly banter.

Tagging can be fun but a useful strategy to outmaneuver social media algorithms. Tagging inspires the account tagged to engage with your content, and most certainly, to share it.

But make sure not to get your tagging posts moderated as engagement bait, it has to be real and used occasionally for giveaways or promotions.

Hashtags serve two purposes:

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a) making the content searchable and,

b) extending its reach.

Adding hashtags help, say, Facebook algorithms assign a category to your posts and propels your posts to more users' feed interested in that particular tag. As a result, increases the reach of your posts manifold.

4. Publish Frequently to be an "Active" Participant

Being on social media isn't the same as being an active participant. Whether you're publishing to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, or YouTube, doesn't matter.

Being an "active" participant on that platform is a basic requirement to get visibility and traffic to your content.

And the best way to become an active participant is by publishing frequently, not once in a while. Social media algorithms grace generously the active users publishing frequently and your aim should be to win over the algorithm's trust.

You can also use a publishing calendar that streamlines your content publishing across social media platforms. Additionally, it will help you post regularly without a miss.

5. Publish Video Content

Social media algorithms have a fondness for native video content. Videos published directly to Facebook carries more weight than videos posted through an external link.

These videos can be anything from mini-commercials to background tours of your business. Or videos of chefs preparing customers' favorite dishes!

All social networking sites encourage brands and businesses to publish more video content on YouTube or other platforms.

While sharing links helps drive traffic to your website, but don't spam your posts by sharing too many, or too exclusively, links on your social media accounts.

Social media algorithms are fundamentally averse to just posting links, and moderates such behavior as spammy.

However, that doesn't mean link posting is prohibited by social algorithms, just that an adequately substantiated context, or a running commentary, needs to accompany your links.

Similarly, you should also be wary of using terms such as "BUY NOW" too often, lest your content reach is curtailed.

Here's what else you can do to outplay social media algorithms:

  • Don't stick to one, but experiment with different content strategies
  • Assess the performance of various types of content using analytics
  • Spice up your posts with humor to keep social media users interests always alive
  • See how image-based posts perform in comparison to text-based posts
  • Put the success of long-form videos up against short-form videos
  • Evaluate what works best for you, content with or content without links
  • Examine what results do posts with one hashtag yield in comparison to posts with multiple hashtags
  • Deploy analytics tools to measure the engagement rate of your posts, and also to gather data around top-performing posts

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shafqat M

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