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The Best Starbucks Work Shoes


Workshoes for Your Career at Starbucks

Starbucks is a great place to work. It's consistently recognized as one of the top 50 employers in North America, with the health benefits alone setting Starbucks' perks above other comparable employers. I just finished a three and a half year stint as a partner in Vancouver, Canada, and I can tell you that I'm glad I had the experience to meet and work with some very amazing people.

There are many great benefits to working at Starbucks: a great work atmosphere, medical benefits (rare for shift workers), and employee discounts.

One absolute essential thing I have to recommend: comfortable work shoes.

All Starbucks employers have a dress code that is consistent across all of North America. I won't give you a complete list of the dress code, because that's internal information that Starbucks probably wouldn't appreciate me sharing.

Before my first shift at Starbucks I bought these $150 fancy shiny shoes that looked really stylish. I wanted to dress to impress. I tend to be competitive and try to look my best.

By the end of my first week, I was having back problems (at age 25!). I bought insoles for my shoes, and while they helped a little, I knew that I had to get better shoes.

That's when I first came across Shoes for Crews. Their shoes are designed for people who are on their feet all day. They know how important shoes become when you're walking and moving all day long.

If you're not a Starbucks employee and don't have access to sweet discounts, that's okay. I wanted to help you out and give you a resource for offers to help you save money at Starbucks:

My Last Day at Starbucks

My Last Day at Starbucks

4 Musts for Starbucks Work Shoes

Me (center) on my last day at Starbucks.

I've taken the Starbucks Dress code regarding work shoes and broke it down, along with my own advice:

1. The only allowable colours for shoes are Brown or Black. The types are shoes, pumps or flats -

2. Never wear open-toed shoes. This is for your safety. Steaming hot milk, boiling water and hot coffee are constantly being dropped during the busy hours. (I was also known to drop things during slow periods, but I'm just like that).

3. Choose shoes that are your size or half a size larger. - After eight hours on your feet, they tend to swell a bit. Having shoes that are a little tight at the beginning of your shift will lead to torture later on. Trust me.

4. Make sure that your shoes have good insoles - Good quality shoes like the Shoes for Crews have quality insoles in them right away.

5. Change your insoles every couple of months - Working on your feet all day is as corrosive to your shoes as running marathons. All that shock absorption, day after day, starts to wear them down and even the best insoles I ever bought lasted just four months.

Careers at Starbucks

Audrey - stylish shoes for starbucks partners

Audrey - stylish shoes for starbucks partners

1. Shoes for Crews


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Shoes for Crews was created with the workplace in mind. They make slip-resistant footwear that's designed to withstand the wear and tear of any kind of workplace.

Selection: They have every kind of work shoe you can imagine: from steel-toed boots for construction workers to stylish women's 1 1/4' Wedge (pictured on the right). All shoes are made with the patented slip-resistant materials so you never have to worry about slipping during your shift.


Shoes for Crews has a 60 day trial period where you can return any shoes you don't like for a full refund: no questions asked. I have a partner who ordered 8 pairs she liked and then, after seeing how they fit, returned 5 of them.

Also, these shoes are factory direct, so you get to avoid all the retail mark-ups that inflate the cost of shoes. Shoes are something that you want to spend more for high quality, but you still want the best value for your dollar.

Click here to visit Shoes for Crews.

skechers work shoes for women

skechers work shoes for women

2. Skechers

Skechers actually has a promotional deal where you can use your Starbucks card to get a discount on their shoes. Some partners have had trouble with their website, but if you can get it to work then, you may as well, right?


Skechers has a 'Starbucks Shoes' section, but they are simply women's shoes. They have names like "women's bikers', which obviously means that they were made for cycline, and not working.

If you're going to get athletic shoes, get cross-trainers. Why?

Cross-trainers are meant to handle all kinds of movement: forward, backward, sideways. Running shoes are only built to handle you going in a straight line.

Skechers Works Shoes for Men on

Skechers Work Shoes for Women on Amazon

Starbucks Uniform Policy: A Video

3. Timberland Works Shoes at Amazon

Timberland makes high quality, durable shoes that are meant to last a long time. This list includes both women's and men's work shoes.

Any advice you want to give fellow partners? Leave it in the comments!

konacoffeeaddicts (author) on July 28, 2012:

@anonymous: Go to this website: the discount only works on select styles:

anonymous on July 28, 2012:

How do I get the 30 percent off at skechers? I am a starbucks partner

konacoffeeaddicts (author) on July 05, 2012:

@sybil watson: Yep I had to learn through experience the importance of having reliable shoes.

sybil watson on July 05, 2012:

Wow, I didn't even know that these shoe websites existed. I'm sure they're a great resource for anyone who works on their feet all day.

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