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Focus on One Thing at a Time

Takis has a working experience of 25+ years in helping people develop their personal and professional skill and achieve their goals.

Success is a mind game

Image by André Globisch from Pixabay

Image by André Globisch from Pixabay

Doing One Thing At A Time

Doing a lot of things is not the same as being effective or productive! Productivity and effectiveness are tricky situations, especially so, if you don't know what they look like (*or what do you want to achieve*)!

There is not point to have the best tools around if you don't use them or don't have a system for doing what needs to get done!

And most people want just that! Getting Things Done (*as David Allen has codified it in his book with the same name*), or a way to do the things needs to be done effortlessly!

Single-Tasking vs. Multi-tasking

Check this out and tell me what do you think!

One Target, One Focus, One Thing at a Time

Often, you need to focus on one thing only and to become very good at it, before you go on pursuing more activities.

We have learned to do a lot of things during our day both personal as professional.

Some times there is a necessity or an urgency of doing something, but that is not always right! To do the urgent things at the time of call, so to speak.

To gain control over what you need to do for achieving YOUR OWN Goals you need to stop re-acting and start planning and scheduling one the things you need to do.

Focus On One Thing

You Don't Need to Spread Yourself Thin

Spreading yourself thin is not going to help you get the things you need to accomplish done.

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Rather it would give you anxiety and stress beyond any logical reason and it will lead you to a mental paralysis, if not ineffectiveness.

You need to decide on what need to get done per case and start doing it as yourself think fit. Or with the order it serves you.

No by the urgency someone else place on the accomplishment of this task.

Some time success comes from doing small things repeatedly or habitually and only that you reach the greater outputs you have designed for your life.

And... You Don't Need No Ones Permission to Start Living Again

The trick here is to set your priorities straight. You need to start living again and remove the unnecessary things out of your life.

Like to things you don't want to do, the stress, the anxiety, the over-scheduled day, the immeasurable hours to achieve something you are not fully committed to, etc.

You need to focus on one thing at a time in order to live a balanced life and have a successful business, by:

  • Clarify your goals and priorities,
  • Define what makes you happier, healthier, richer, etc,
  • Investing in yourself and your family,
  • Finding time for more quality time with the people you care about,
  • Declutter your life and your environment from the things does not make sense anymore are are obsolete,
  • Leaning more, teaching more, and be of service for other people

I do the same work here Takis in order to remove obsolete things from my life and make room for the really important ones.

That's why I have removed little-by-little the things occupy space and times while they don't give me back what I was expected from them.

The same work I've done with my work, try to focusing on tasks that provide the output I designed for with the limited effort required. How I do that: I outsource, automate, and delegate a lot!

What do you say? Please send me your thoughts and ideas!

© 2022 Takis Athanassiou

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