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SEO Tips That Work (Even for Beginners)

7+ years experience in the SEO industry. Love to keep on top of the latest in search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Today I am going to walk you through some of my favorite SEO tips that actually work and are easy and fast to implement. Let's get started.

Broken backlinks are links that point to a broken page. And because they are pointing to a 404 page your site is not getting any value from them. But if you restore your broken pages with backlinks or redirect that URL to a live and relevant one you should be able to get that value.

2. License your custom images with Creative Commons

Creative Commons licenses allow creators to license their content under copyright law. This means if you license out your work through Creative Commons, people can use your images on their site legally.

Now, this might not sound all that appealing, but some of these licenses require people to provide attribution to the creator, which often comes in the form of a link. So, if you have custom images or your own product stock photos, then you may want to consider licensing them with Creative Commons.

3. Strategically repurpose blog posts into videos

This way you can own more of the search engine result page real estate. You must have noticed Google has started showing more and more videos on their search engine results pages. And the vast majority of these results are from YouTube.

Many people complain about this, but the way I see it is that your brand has the opportunity to own at least two spots on the first page of Google. And this is a big plus because the more SERP real estate you own, the more clicks and impressions you will get.

Now, when you are choosing blog posts to repurpose you don't want to aimlessly choose any old blog post on your site. Instead, you'll want to look for SERPs that have video results on the first page because this tells us that there's "video intent" for the query.

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Featured snippets are excerpts from an article that usually appear at the top of Google's SERPs. And because they typically appear at the top of Google, they get clicked a lot.

You need to have a top 10 keyword rank to be eligible for a featured snippet spot. To find these opportunities, we need to find keywords where we rank in the top 10 and a featured snippet is in the SERP.

Internal links are the easiest way to pass page rank throughout your site. And you don't need to do outreach because you have full control over them. There are many different ways to find these opportunities.

You can do a site search in Google e.g. "keyword" to find all relevant pages on your website related to your keyword. Then you can add internal links on pages you think are relevant.

These are a few SEO tips that are fast and easy to do. They have worked for me, my clients, and now hopefully you.

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