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Selling to Retailers


Sandy Dell is a semi-retired independent sales rep sharing info about wholesaling, working with producers, buyers and sales reps.


Selling Products to Retail Stores

Selling wholesale to retail shops is often a dream come true for small manufacturers, producers or professional crafters/artisans. Having a retail buyer interested in your prize creation is one of the highest compliments you can receive! But how do you sell wholesale? What do you need to do first? How do you find store buyers? .....

The question can be endless! But don't get discouraged yet .....

Selling to Retailers

Selling to Retailers

My Experience in Selling to Retailers

Selling wholesale to retail shops has been my life for the past 10 years. How to sell to retailers is a passion I have learned inside and out for the years I have been an independent sales representative.

I have been involved in the retail industry selling products in some aspect most of my life. My very first 'real' job was wrapping gifts during the holidays at the men's shops where my older brother worked. I was 16 at the time. When I finished high school, I moved to San Francisco to studied Fashion Merchandizing and Salesmanship. Living in San Francisco was a wonderful learning experience, but selling high fashion was NOT my love!!

Over the years, I sold greetings cards, encyclopedias, phone plan, but finally made some serious success as an Avon lady. When I join forces with my entrepreneur husband to start an independent sales rep business, I had found selling wholesale to retail stores was a natural thing for me! Joining my love of retail, gifts and selling, I excelled personally and professionally in my own business selling to retailers.

Now, as I am nearing the latter half of my life, I want to share my knowledge and expertise with other producers looking to learn how to sell their products wholesale.

"Gift Rep Sandy"

"Gift Rep Sandy"

Sharing my Knowledge with You!

Over the last couple years, I have semi-retired as a sales rep. Actually, I became ill with serious food allergies and was unable to continue traveling, so I worked at transferring everything online -- including my sales rep business on Idaho Gifts Wholesale. My husband encouraged me to start writing about my experiences and tips -- my blog, Selling to Gift Shops, was born!

Utilizing the questions I have received from the many producers I have worked with, I have written several Hub articles. In order to make it easier for producer, professional crafters and manufacturers to access this information, I have included them below. (And make sure to check back frequently as I am still adding more to the list!!)

Here are my Hubs on Selling to Retailers

Did I Miss Anything?

I tried to cover everything I could think of to help you sell your products to retailers. If you have a question about Selling to Retailers that is not addressed in the above lens, please let me know and I may write a new lens just for you!

My husband and I have also written some E-Guides that will help you Sell to Retailers

The Complete Guide to Selling to Gift Shops

The Complete Guide to Selling to Gift Shops

The Complete E-Guide for Selling to Gift Shops

In this value-packed resource, you will find HUNDREDS of practical tips, techniques, stories, and how-to tactics that REMOVE the fear and anxiety from walking into (or contacting) a gift shop and asking a buyer or manager to carry your line.

For example, you will discover all you need to know about:


Also, we have included the following Mini-bonus list:

*Websites for Wholesaling EGuide
* Sample Invoice (matched to packing slip)
* Sample Packing Slip (matched to invoice)
* Sample Trade Credit Application
* 2 Sample Sales Flyers
* Sample Consignment Agreement

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How to Find, Recruit and Manage Sales Reps

How to Find, Recruit and Manage Sales Reps

How to Find, Recruit and Manage Sales Reps

We offered a greatly reduced version of this resource many months ago, but the NEW version is HOT, and now includes:


2. A complete list of US Gift Marts - making it much easier to find reps by geography!

3. Even more ways find sales reps in YOUR industry!

4. A lengthy article on how to manage your independent reps, and help them to help YOU expand your business in 2012!

Here are some of the features of this new expanded eGuide:

**What do "sales reps" offer to a producer like you?
**What are "rep groups" and "gift marts" and why you should care!
**In-house or "company" vs. "independent" sales reps!
**The nine main ways to find sales reps (and which ONE is absolutely the best)!
**Ten questions to ask EVERY sales rep BEFORE you sign on the dotted line!
**12 key components of a sales rep agreement!
**What are standard rep commission rates in the gift industry?
**Terms for canceling a rep agreement!
**What is a typical rep payment schedule?
**How to handle commissions on noncollectable accounts!
**11 tips on managing reps, from my personal experience!

Bonuses: How to work with DISTRIBUTORS, Gift Mart listing and FIVE sample Sales Agreements!

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Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets!

Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets!

Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets

Are Trade Shows in Your Future?

Discover the Secrets behind having a success Trade Show!

We offered a greatly reduced version of this resource many months ago, but the NEW version is HOT, and now includes:

1. A list of Trade Shows by state and around the world, plus a bonus website to find more shows!

2. Pre-marketing and post-marketing tips that will position your business ahead of your competition

3. Find out the important items needed at a Trade Show (would you believe a stapler is on the list!)

4. Expectations you may not know about before exhibiting at your first show.

Here are some of the other informational topics and features of this eGuide:

• What are wholesale-only “Trade Shows”?
• The trade show business model (and how it differs from retail shows)!
• How to determine success (the numbers)…Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets eGuide
• Reasons to exhibit at wholesale shows!
• Costs and fees (upfront, hidden, and incidental) and how to SAVE!
• The REGISTRATION process (and timing)
• How to choose a booth location (absolutely critical)
• Adventures in pre-planning
• Expectations and reality when you do your first show…
• Building and designing your exhibit
• Tips for exhibiting and operating your booth
• Marketing: Pre show, during the show and post show
• Advertising opportunities AT the show
• My TOP TEN marketing tips list
• The future of trade shows

Bonus: Wholesale Trade Show Listing!

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More Resources on Selling Wholesale to Retail Shops

I have personally read these books and highly recommend them for helping you Sell to Retailers!

Write a note to let me know you were here!

Sandy Dell (author) from Lenore, Idaho on December 29, 2012:

@wheresthekarma: Thanks Lisa! Let me know if there is anything more I can do to help you in your endeavors!

wheresthekarma on December 29, 2012:

This lens is great! I make wood crafts and have considered hitting up some of the local shops since I live in a touristy town. Great tips and I am bookmarkingand pinning this so I can come back because I saw lots of links I want to check out. Thank you Sandy, excellent lens.

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