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How to sell ACEOs on Ebay

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How to sell your ACEO's on Ebay

What is an ACEO?

This stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They are the same size as baseball cards, except they are miniature pieces of art. All of them have the same measurements: 2.5" x 3.5". These are highly collectable pieces of art, and many artists are missing out on a great way to share their artwork and make a profit if they are not selling these tiny paintings, drawings and artwork.

According to the guide on ebay, written by debcoart; "Artists first began using these cards centuries ago in Europe. Some wealthy patrons would pay artists to paint miniature pocket-sized paintings that they could carry on their person. It was not uncommon for men to carry these miniatures of their mistresses. Artists also would trade these miniature paintings with other artists to share their techniques and also as barter for goods that they might need from various merchants who could not afford to buy their larger paintings.

In 1999, some fellow introduced this art form on the internet and it became a movement known as ATC or Artist Trading Cards. Artists from all over the world began swapping artwork. ATCs also became very popular in art books and magazines, and contests and meets were set up around the globe. ATCs were also quite popular on eBay.

In 2004, an eBay artist known as Bone Diva (Lisa Luree) decided that she wanted to sell her ATCs, but since ATCs were designed for trading this idea was not well-received by earlier ATC artists. Bone Diva began a separate group of artists and they came up with the ACEO moniker. Today you can find over 3,000 artists on eBay registered in the various groups dealing with ACEOs."

What a brilliant idea for artists!

This lens will focus on how to sell your ACEO's as well as tips for marketing your ACEO, links on how to create them, framing them and will feature some very talented artists who are already creating them.



How to list your ACEO on Ebay

How to list your ACEO on Ebay

The first thing you will want to do is register as an ebay seller if you are not already registered. This link has all the information you need to sell on ebay Ebay Seller Information Center.

Next you will list your ACEO for sale on Ebay.

To do this go to the top of your dashboard on ebay (once you are logged in), go to "Sell" and then "Start Selling".

Ebay will walk you through all the choices for listing.

My recommendation would be to list them under the following category;


Direct from Seller

then the type of media of your ACEO. You can choose from (Digital Art, drawings, folk art & primitives, Mixed media and collage, paintings photographs, prints, sculptures and carving, textile art or other).

The photo below shows how you select the category after hitting the browse category button.

Select the category you want to sell your ACEO in on Ebay



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This is the category you should start in:

Art - Direct from the Artist - then whatever media is (ie: painting, sketch, etc.)

Later it will give you a place to add further details, which is where you will select the type of painting, the size (ACEO), whether it is signed and other details.

The next step is to further categorize your ACEO listing on Ebay - Categorizing your ACEO listing on Ebay



Make sure the title to your listing includes all the important words that people might be searching for to find your ACEO.

Some important keywords might be:

ACEO, Original, the artist name, what the ACEO has on it (giraffe, eiffel tower, children, flowers, etc). Think about what your customer might be looking for to find your specific item.

You can add a subtitle but be aware it does cost additional money, my suggestion would be to wait and see how well your ACEO's are selling first before adding all the bells and whistles that cost more for the listings.

When selling ACEO's it is very important to select the size as shown above. Because collectors will look only in that category for them.

There is one more category of region of origin that is not shown above. Just put the country it is from, this helps people that do not want to pay for overseas shipping in their searches.

Adding a Photo of your ACEO to Ebay



Let's face it a photo is an absolute must when selling any type of artwork. I don't know anyone that will by art sight unseen. Art is a very visual experience for our senses.

You can easily upload up to 12 photos of your artwork.

Tips for taking photos of your artwork:

1. Take the photo in good bright light. If you add protective covers to your ACEO make sure you take the photo with the cover off so you won't get light reflecting on the plastic.

2. Usually photos taken without flash show the painting more as it actually is.

3. Be careful not to edit the photo to the extent that you change what the ACEO actually looks like. Leave the coloring as close as you can to what it looks like. If you add any framing in a photo edit (not recommended), be sure to state why you framed it as a photo (to show what it will looked like framed or whatever) but include that it is not framed if it isn't.

4. It looks like right now Ebay is not charging for multiple photos in this category.

5. Make sure you crop the photo down to the actual ACEO. Photos that include the background around the ACEO do not look as professional and make it hard for your buyer to see the details of your artwork in.

Next add a good description of your ACEO in Ebay - Add a good description of your ACEO



Remember your decription is also searchable.

Put a good description as well as information about the artist.

Describe in detail your shipping costs, shipping details (where you will ship, how it will be shipped, etc) return policy as well as any special things they should know about your artwork.

Personally I like to spray each of my painting with an archival sealant, when dry they are placed in a plastic sleeve (you can easily buy the baseball card covers to use for this, I prefer the hard ones), and I like to include a frame I make out for each one. If you are interested in how to make your own ACEO frame you can visit my lens, Framing & Displaying your ACEO's and ATC's -Miniature Artwork. They are really fun and easy to make with a simple corner cutter.

Helpful Guides on Ebay about ACEO's

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Selecting a starting price, shipping information, charity and return policy



Next you simply select your starting price if doing an auction, you can add a "buy it now" price if you desire to an ebay auction. Or you can do a fixed price with only a buy it now price.

You put the quantity of these exact items you have for sale, which will always be 1 for an original but could be more than one if you are selling prints.

Just like Squidoo you can also donate to charity. You can even donate to help Haiti!

You then select how you want to be paid, how and where you want to ship your ACEO, and any return policy you want set.



How to promote your ACEO's on Ebay

Promoting your ACEO's on Ebay

Promoting your artwork can be a lot of fun.

I would recommend any of the following ideas for promoting your Artwork.

1. Make a lens about your ACEO's.

2. Add your auction or lens to your social networks (facebook, my space, digg, stumbleupon, etc)

3. This one is important! Join the ACEO groups on Ebay, they have an awesome group of people and they support and collect each others artwork. They have theme weeks, art exchanges, charity projects, and are just a wonderful group of artists to get to know.

4. Share your auctions with your friends and family. Some of your biggest fans are not on the internet.

5. Build a reputation as a respectable, responsible seller on ebay. Your reputation is very important as a seller. Communicate well, answer questions posted in a timely manner, always include a thank you with your item when shipping it out. Ship in a timely manner, leave feedback as soon as the buyer pays. You will receive feedback and people will look at this when trying to decide if they want to buy something from you.

I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and view this lens, I hope you found it informative.

Best of luck to you in all that you do!


Thank you so much!

Frugal-UK LM on June 03, 2014:

@John Dyhouse: Seem to keep tripping over you, one thing that I would like to see is a date the lens was created at the top of it. Not that it makes this lens any less useful but would be helpful with some.

John Dyhouse from UK on November 07, 2012:

drawn back to this lens to read it again, hoping to start selling aceo again in the new year; looking for any tips I might have missed the first time.

John Dyhouse from UK on February 12, 2011:

Nicely detailed lens - good info! I have lensrolled to my lens, selling art trading cards

BWDuerr from Henrietta, New York on January 27, 2010:

I've never heard of ACEOs. Thanks so much for the education and history of this wonderful art. BTW: I haven't sold on eBay lately so showing the newest seller center is much appreciated. :D

anonymous on January 22, 2010:

I had never heard of the ACEOs before, they are simply wonderful! Great lesson on how to sell them on eBay.

Tonie Cook from USA on January 21, 2010:

Wonderfully informative. Welcome to my House Of Cards

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