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Motivational Sales Quotes

Personal and sales motivation for everyone

It's not really possible to separate sales motivation and business motivation from everyday motivation because the common denominator is people. Individuals are looking to succeed in their personal lives as much as at their workplace. For that reason, all of the leadership and motivational quotes that you see below can be used as personal or employee motivation. But be careful, they're very powerful!

Sprinkled throughout, you will find quotes covering goal setting, time management as well as suggestions for thinking positively and staying motivated. Keep in mind, quotes are good, but in order for them to truly help, they must be applied to daily life by taking action.

Here are the motivational quotes!

Please scroll down for the sales motivation quotes.

Please scroll down for the sales motivation quotes.

Motivational Books

  • When you’re traveling, you need a map to get to places you have never been. In life, goal setting is the map we need to help us get to our destination of success. But to really be effective it must be in map form. In other words, written down! A common denominator of successful people is not just having goals, but committing them to writing, because they know written goals dramatically increases their chances for success.
  • Having all the wonderful things in life is meaningless without our health. Guard your health like you would a pile of gold, because that is its value! (If you don’t believe me, ask yourself if you would trade places with a millionaire who is terminally ill) Practice preventative maintenance. Don’t wait until you are ill to pay attention to your health. Read and talk to nutritional experts! Do something positive for good health everyday! Work at it as if your life depended on it, because it does!
  • Obviously children can learn a lot from adults. But one of the most important things adults can learn from their children is how to dream again, because all kids are dreamers! The closer we get to a life without dreams, the closer we get to a life without meaning. Becoming a dreamer is the first step to increasing the possibility of success in your life!
  • The road to success is paved with the bricks of accomplishment. Of setting goals, of improving one’s self through reading books, of going to classes and seminars. Basically doing what successful people do. Learn to do the important things that others won’t, and you will eventually be able to do what others can’t.
  • Motivation and attitude are only part of the winning picture. Proper direction is equally important. Otherwise, you are very motivated as you head down the wrong track. Your goals are your compass in life. Make sure they constantly point you in the right direction.
  • Birds of a feather really do flock together. So choose your friends carefully. It has been said that, for most people, their annual income equals the average income of their 5 closest friends. Your choices can make a dramatic difference in your life.
  • Are the days of the week telling you it’s time to change your life? Does Monday morning have a different “feel” than Friday morning? Is Wednesday “hump” day? Do you have Sunday night blues? (That feeling knowing the weekend is over) If everyday is not fun and exciting, you are throwing away part of life! Now is the time to ask yourself if this is what you had in mind for your future when you were younger. If it’s not, then resolve to make changes today!
  • We are all architects and builders…of our future. We choose the plans and blueprints we want to follow. Don’t build walls that keep you from your dreams, build roads that will take you there!
  • Be persistent! I cannot think of anything that was invented on the first try. Anyone can stay motivated for a month or two, some for a year or two, but a winner can stay motivated for whatever time it takes in order to succeed. It’s persistence that wins when many with more ability, quit!
  • You are now and will become what you think about! Knowing this, we never want to answer the question, “What are thinking about?” with “Nothing” or “Not much”, ever again. Always make sure your thoughts are focused, and that they’re helping you, not stopping you, on your road to success!
  • Worry time is wasted time! Studies have shown that a large percentage of what people worry about has either already happened or never will. In order for us to succeed and reach our goals, we can’t waste time focusing on worries, we must always stay focused on solutions!
  • The formula for success is where preparation meets opportunity. The effort put forth today is not wasted, even if seems to yield no immediate results. Because we must always prepare for opportunity, or it’s opportunity lost!
  • Many times the first thoughts that enter our minds when we awake dictate what kind of day we'll have. People who have a few things go wrong at the start of a day, and comment "it's going to be one of those days" are setting themselves up to have, "one of those days." Since we get to choose our thoughts, (positive or negative) we get to choose our day. Start each day with a positive image and continue the programming throughout the day.
  • Most people today are afraid to try something new. They don't realize that it's this attitude that is holding them back from something great. So they do the same things everyday getting deeper and deeper into a rut until they are so far down, they no longer see any options, only barriers ironically created by themselves. In a way, it's like being in prison, but with a peculiar twist. They are the ones who have the key to unlock the door, but choose not to use it. Don't let "locked doors" keep you from your goals in life, especially doors that you hold the keys to opening!
  • It is not defeat, but your attitude towards it that matters. Defeat is never permanent unless YOU decide it is. In life you get to keep trying until YOU decide it’s time to quit! All setbacks can be comebacks if approached with the right attitude.
  • Many people go through life complaining about what they don’t have, or being jealous of what others have. Take the time everyday, even if only for a moment, to appreciate and be thankful for the things you have in your life. Being thankful is not just a good thing to do, it also happens to be one of the easiest ways to stay positive!

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