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What to Do if Your Phone Interview Never Called

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Waiting by the phone, hoping the phone will ring? Here's a 5 step plan if they don't.

Waiting by the phone, hoping the phone will ring? Here's a 5 step plan if they don't.

Phone Interview Never Called?

Understandably you're a little bit stressed or perhaps some anxiety if your scheduled phone interview hasn't t call, but there's no reason to worry.

As you will see there is a whole range of reasons why this could happen, plus there are plenty of options for you to get back on course.

Here's what to do:

Scheduled Interviewer Didn't Call When They Said They Would?

The first thing to do if your phone interviewer never called is don't panic.

Don't worry. These things, unfortunately, happen quite a lot.

It's definitely not something you've done - otherwise, you wouldn't have been offered the interview in the first place. So relax.

There could be a whole host of reasons they haven't managed to get in touch with you. For instance, a mix up with the scheduled time, the interviewer's child may have got sick, their dog has managed to escape, or they just can't connect with your line.

Really there are hundreds of reasons as to why there was no call.

Here's how to deal with it:

Quick Overview: What to Do On a Phone Interview 'No Call'

What to do if the scheduled phone interview didn't call or has called late and missed it.

1. Don't stress, this happens all the time.

2. Double check the details (phone numbers are correct, time and date of the interview are agreed on both sides etc.).

3. Give them up to 15 - 20 minutes, if they haven't called. If they haven't, go ahead and call them up, chances are you will be put to straight through to the interviewer there and then.

4. Didn't pick up? Give them another two calls and on the last, if you can leave a voicemail explaining who you are, what you are waiting on and how they can get back in touch with you (and for how long for).

5. Still no call after 40 minutes? Send over an email (use the email template sample below if needed) and state what has happened, that you rang three times, left a voicemail and would like to reschedule (in a happy tonality).

Be sure to check back later and see after the recruiter didn't call, if they have left a voicemail of their own. It can be sometimes the case that an interviewer didn't connect with your call for whatever reason (perhaps a lack of signal for mobiles) and gets put straight to your own voicemail.

Hopefully, from there you will just be able to rearrange the job telephone interview.

Now let's break down each step into more detail:

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First: Double Check The Following

- Make sure you are calling the right number (or if they are meant to be calling you that you have provided them with the right number and there isn't a typo in the application form or anything).

- Make sure the timing of the interview is as scheduled. Did you definitely agree at x time on y date (is it in writing anywhere, most likely an email)? There doesn't have to be a time zone difference does there?

- Does your phone have signal? There's nothing from a device point of view that could be preventing the call.

Everything looks all good, ok on to the next step.

How Long to Wait if Phone Interview Is Running Late?

Your time is valuable but on the other hand, you probably really want the job. The following is a guideline and recommendation of how to approach this situation:

How many minutes in are we since the phone interview was meant to be scheduled? If it is only a few minutes don't worry (stay by the phone), however, if it gets longer and longer here's what to do next.

Important Side Note: At all times though, when you're about to try and get in touch with them - don't come across as though you are particularly upset with the situation (even though you have a fair right to be), instead stay cool and if anything be almost apologetic (even though it isn't even really your fault in the first place).

After 15 minutes to 20 minutes, I would ring them back and find out what's going on - very likely the interviewer may have just got caught up in another task or they were conducting other interviews and got carried away.

However, I would try to ring them on a different device, just in case you tried ringing and they tried ringing at the same time, causing one of you to be potentially engaged.

Still didn't pick up? Try one more time, double check their number... any luck? And one last time for third time lucky.

No good?

If you've got the chance to leave a voicemail it's worth it - just explain who you are, what time it currently is and that is in regard to a phone interview that was scheduled at xx:xx am/pm and that you will be available for so long and just confirm your phone number again.

After 30 minutes to 40 minutes, it's time to send an email (even if you managed to leave a voicemail). Here's a brief template, mix it up and change aspects to suit your situation, something like the following should work out though

Dear Sir/Madam (or insert name, if you know it), I am just writing you in regards to the phone interview that we had scheduled for (insert time and time zone) today.

After 15 minutes, I tried ringing (insert the following number) on three separate occasions unfortunately and left a voicemail too. I'll be available for the next (insert how long you want to wait) minutes on (enter phone number). Not to worry if not, please can we rearrange our phone interview at your convenience. Again, thank you very much for the opportunity.

Kind Regards,

(insert your name)

For the long stretch (1 hour plus) - how much longer do you spend waiting?

Do you have other appointments, time commitments to stick to? How much do you really want this job? That said anything over the one hour to two-hour mark and it's pretty safe to say the interviewer has gotten completely mixed up or has outright forgotten. Even if they remember on later in the day, chances are they are going to want to reschedule and hopefully they will have come across your missed calls, voice mail and the email you sent prior.

Have They Got Back to You?


If so, that's great.

If you have managed to schedule again for another time, it might just be worth dropping them a reminder email on the same day either (perhaps a couple of hours before) that you are looking forward to speaking with them soon.

Hopefully, you have a good interview - there are a few signs on how to know if your phone interview went well as well as if you have actually got the job after an interview - of course, but ultimately you will only really know if you get through to the next round of interviews or manage to land the job right there and then.

And don't forget to send a thank you follow up email to the phone interview - and thank them for being so flexible with the new scheduling.


If they haven't got back to you, at all.

Then although incredibly frustrating (since you will have undertaken prep and wasted time on it), don't dwell on it.

Just move on, chances are - their circumstances have changed - or they might have hired on the spot the first candidate that they interviewed, either way, it's time to carry on with the job hunt and don't take it personally. Unfortunately, it happens all too much - and really would you want to work for a company that operates this way?

Either way, good luck going forwards!

Just remember though, it's often the case the phone interview is often just the first step in the job application process (rarely do you get the job straight after a phone interview), you may then have a second, third job interview perhaps even more.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Ekktha Raawal from Indore, India on March 02, 2020:

I think the best option is to confirm a day in advance about the scheduled interview, with the interviewer. This would also act as a gentle reminder. In case if you still don't receive the call, it's better to give them a call after few minutes of the scheduled time. If the phone does not connect, drop a text and try calling later.

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