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Want The Best Online Jobs for Teens 2021? Read This!

Brian is a versatile freelance writer, copywriter, journalist, and affiliate Marketer.

A man sitting on Sofa while working online

A man sitting on Sofa while working online

Did you know that you can make a decent earning working online? According to Forbes, 74 percent of the working population prefer working online. See, with the pandemic affecting significant operations globally, businesses are adapting to new methods of working.

Still not convinced? Read on!

For instance, Slack and Twitter recently announced that they’d allow their employees to work from home. Besides, there are so many online opportunities that can earn you loads of cash. So whether you’re an expert or a group of college students, there’s plenty of jobs out there.

Again, some online jobs for teens don’t require much expertise. For example, there are jobs that 18 year-olds can handle without much struggle. Further, 12-year-olds can still grab awesome gigs and make some decent cash.

Still don’t know how to start? Don’t worry; I’ll guide you

3 Tips to Help Grab the Best Online Jobs for Teens

“How can a teenager get a job online?”. Well, this is a question that I get most of the time. Getting a profitable gig doesn’t have to be tiresome. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming to land a fantastic opportunity online.

That said, you need to consider a couple of crucial tips before starting. Some of the tips you need to follow include;

1. Choose A Suitable Category

I’ve seen newbies struggle with the simplest things. That’s why you need to identify an appealing category first. You don’t want to be a jack of all trades. But, again, this is an area many people don’t understand.

Grabbing the best online jobs for teens with excellent profits is entirely dependent on this factor. To do that, find out a few areas you have perfect knowledge. Then, pick the most critical skill and monetize it.

For instance, if you have native-level English, think about getting into blog writing. Also, if you love designing things, think about graphic design. But, again, focusing on one area at first allows you to grow.

Brown wooden Blocks on White surface

Brown wooden Blocks on White surface

2. Research on Legit Online Jobs for Teens Available

You don’t want to land into trouble with the authorities. Whether you’re looking for online jobs for 17-year-old UK teens, legitimacy is essential. So, find out what is legal and illegal in your country. Some of the countries don’t allow specific jobs.

For instance, online jobs in gambling and erotic staff are illegal in some countries. Also, some payment processors, including PayPal, don’t accept transactions from illegal businesses. Indeed, you’ll not receive your payment if that’s the case. Hence, doing basic research before applying for a job online as a teenager is critical.

3. Consider the Needed Experience Level

Instead of asking, “Can a 13-year-old work at McDonald’s?” first evaluate the needed experience. Some complex jobs require a bit of experience. For example, graphic design and Web design require comprehensive knowledge.

Moreover, surveys and app testing jobs don’t require any experience level. As a result, such jobs are excellent for 14-year-olds. Indeed, they appear top among online jobs for 13-year-olds.

5 Best Online Jobs for Teens

1. Tutoring

Are you proficient in one language or the other? If yes, tutoring might be a good option. There are millions of languages across different cultures and countries. Moreover, many people are interested in learning about other languages.

Thus, tutoring is an area you can specialize in and get massive profits. For instance, if you’re great in Spanish, French or Italian, you can offer tutor services to non-natives. To do that, sign up at sites that require tutors in your area of interest.

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Man working online

Man working online

2. Blogging

Did you know that blogging is a promising career? Indeed, blogging is a lucrative activity that can earn you millions of dollars. So if you’ve been looking for online jobs for 13-year-old 2021, then blogging is for you.

“Do I have to know coding to launch a blog?” you ask. The answer is no. You don’t have to learn coding to launch a blog. To launch a blog, do the following;

  • Identify your niche or area of interest—for example, gaming, gardening, or tech.
  • Buy a domain name. You can use Namecheap or GoDaddy.
  • Find a great hosting company.

Once done, monetize your content using, and you’ll be great to go.

person typing

person typing

3. Freelance Content Writing

Can you write fantastic articles, blog posts, product reviews, and descriptions? If so, you might wish to consider freelance writing. Freelance writing offers easy online jobs for teens across the world.

But, you need to ensure that your writing skills are perfect. Most clients love content from native English speakers. Hence, you have to ensure that your language proficiency is incredible. Landing a writing gig shouldn’t be hectic.

Sites such as Hubpages offer tons of writing gigs. But, it would help if you were perfect in writing to earn much.

4. Translation

Are you a bilingual speaker? If so, translation is a fantastic skill that you can monetize. Again, all you have to know is the source language and the target language. Further, understanding the client’s instructions is key to delivering accurate translation.

Translation offers good online jobs for teens in many places. But, again, the age limit depends on specific platforms. For instance, most sites state that you’ll need a minimum of 18 years to work with them.

Other platforms may differ in their policies regarding the set age limit.



5. Virtual Assistance

Are you looking for online customer service jobs? Virtual assistants deal with different types of companies. But, the majority of virtual assistants deal with customer-related queries. For instance, they might address questions related to a company’s brand or product.

Different persons can act as virtual assistants depending on the platform. For example, some platforms may allow 16-year-olds while others strictly set the age limit to 18 years. Thus, virtual assistance is a great skill you should consider trying.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks! Finding the best online jobs for teens doesn’t have to be troublesome. All you have to do is decide on your area of interest. Then, find the best equipment to help you deliver quality.

For instance, if you plan to start freelance writing, you’ll need a good laptop. Also, you’ll need stable internet access to help in research.

Again, remember to follow all the instructions given by the client. Besides, read the rules of the platform you’re using to avoid violating the rules. Good luck!

© 2021 Brian Gitonga

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