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18 ways to make money online are open! You can earn a second income at home!

2020 is a panic year. Due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus, many companies have begun to let their employees take unpaid leave or even lay off their employees directly due to the impact of the epidemic. Normally seemingly stable jobs have been gradually affected by the epidemic. As a result, many people lost their jobs and lost income.

When will the epidemic end? No one knows

It is recommended that everyone can develop a high-income skill that can make money at home, so that they no longer rely solely on the company’s salary as their main income. Now in the age of the Internet, people receive new information from the Internet. The market for making money is getting bigger and bigger, and many people also make internet business their main income.

There are many ways to make money online. This article sorts out 18 ways to make money online. You can find an online business that suits you!

I broadly divide the methods of making money online into seven categories:

  • E-commerce
  • Operating platform
  • investment
  • Know how
  • Technology, talent
  • game
  • other

Simple analysis of seven categories :

Money cost

Time costs

Return income


Medium (how many goods are in batch)



Long-term operating platform

Low (anyone can join)




Medium (how much to invest)

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Know how

Moderate (basic equipment cost)



Technology, talent

Low (as long as professional skills)




Medium (tuition fee)



The following will introduce to you the ways to make money online in 2020 by classification, remember to see the final conclusion!

1. E-commerce

1. Do online auction and purchase

Online auctions and purchasing can be said to be one of the ancestors of making money online, from the earliest yahoo auctions in the past to the current Xiaopi, Taobao... and so on.

Now is the era of self-media. Online auctions are not as good as before. You can only wait for customers to come. You can now use social media platforms to interact with customers, cultivate a group of loyal return customers, and take the initiative to create performance.

You can choose to place online products on major e-commerce platforms, or set up your own customized product websites:

① Open shop on e-commerce platform

There is an advantage to opening a store on e-commerce platforms, such as Xiaopi, Taobao, Amazon, etc. They have established a trustworthy image, the website is highly trusted , and when people want to shop online, they will go directly to these e-commerce platforms to search for the key The word means that there will be a lot of visitor traffic every day , so as long as your products are of good quality, affordable, and high CP, you will have the opportunity to bring good sales performance, but profit needs to be shared by the platform.

Taiwan’s e-commerce platform:

    • Shopee : Taiwan’s most well-known platform, and the daily visitor traffic is currently the highest
    • Taobao Taiwan : Taobao is a platform specially designed for Taiwan. Sellers in Taobao Taiwan do not need to charge a price, no renewal fee, and no deposit, and buyers do not need to send to Taiwan through consolidation. The interface is used It's clean and easy to use. Click me to register for free .
    • yahoo auction
    • Open Auction
    • China Taobao, Amazon Amazon, Ebay .

Foreign e-commerce platforms:

②. Set up a shopping cart website by yourself

Now it’s not as difficult to set up an online store as it used to be. You can have one-stop service through Shopify , Shopline and other companies. They will fix the basic structure of all online stores, including buying domains, hosting, etc., and the rest is you Just put your goods on the shelves.

The advantage is that you can make all the profits and will not be drawn by the platform, but you need to pay them for the maintenance of the website, so I suggest that if you are a person with high sales, you can choose to set up your own Website, if the sales are low, just operate on the e-commerce platform.

2. Operating platform/social media

2. Run a blogger

Everyone is familiar with the profession of "blogging". The current Google algorithm is mainly based on text. Therefore, you can see that the information on the first page of Google is still blogger articles. If your article ranks in Google On the first page, the benefits and exposure rate is quite high.

What are the main sources of income for bloggers?

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. Essay
  4. Google advertising revenue
  5. Selling personal products (physical or digital)

You may not have heard of "Affiliate Marketing". Simply put, in your article, you promote and sell the manufacturer's products . If you close a transaction, the manufacturer will divide the profit for you in proportion , with a profit sharing ratio of 1%-50 % Above all, depending on how you communicate with the manufacturer. ( Extended reading: What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing alone can earn millions a year? )

As for bloggers, the most important thing is the skill and content of writing articles. The other is website layout, planning, and design. It is not recommended to use blogging platforms such as Pikerbang. The disadvantage is that if you don’t pay, he will help. You put in a bunch of advertisements that are not available, and the style of the website cannot be customized. It is recommended that you can set up your own exclusive blog website. Now it is easy to set up a website, without writing a bunch of code as before.

If you want to learn more about bloggers’ copywriting content, affiliate marketing, website setting, etc., you can click the button below to learn more. If you have any questions, please go to IG to ask me

There are countless successful cases of "bloggers". Take the well-known wealth management blogger "Mr. Market" in Taiwan as an example. He generously shared on the program that his monthly "passive income" reached 6 to 7 figures . The monthly income is equivalent to nearly one million, which is considerable.

3. Run a YouTube channel

The past few years have been a year of tremendous growth for Youtuber. The advantage of Youtuber is the same as bloggers in that there are no threshold restrictions . Anyone can upload videos on Youtube. The source of income is similar to that of bloggers, but one is expressed in articles and the other is Video performance.

What kind of income can we build when operating Youtube?

  1. Youtube advertising revenue
  2. Youtube member
  3. Industry distribution film
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Selling personal products (physical or digital)

In addition to bloggers, Youtuber is one of the other ways I want to make money on the Internet. In this age of self-media, you can even see that many traditional media artists have started operating self-media on the Internet. Knowing how big the pie is from the media is also the future trend, and everyone can freely upload videos and articles without any threshold restrictions. It is very suitable for friends who are just starting to run an online business.

If you want to learn more about the secrets of Youtuber, including photography, equipment selection, video editing, subject matter, etc., you can click the following button▼

Well-known YouTubers in Taiwan: Don't watch when you work , HowFun , Adi English , Qianqian Eat Zhong , Joeman

4. Podcast broadcast audio program

Podcast is a free audio platform similar to broadcasting. It is very popular abroad. It also has an exclusive name for this profession called Podcaster . In recent years, it has also become more and more popular in Taiwan. Everyone can share your recordings on this platform. content.

The proportion of modern people taking public transportation is quite high. Compared with movies and texts, I prefer to listen to Podcasts on public transportation. The audience of commuter podcasts is very wide.

Podcast’s main business methods are mostly based on personal brands. You can operate with other platforms at the same time. Once you have accumulated a group of fans, you can then promote some of your products or services.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing and affiliate marketing complement each other, mainly interacting with your target readers, and then marketing related products.

To put it simply, " Using emails to promote products to target customers ", I believe you have received a lot of similar emails. Although it is an old-fashioned marketing method, email marketing is still effective in 2020, and it is still Many people are marketing in this way.

The most common method is to set up a "subscribe" button on the website. If he is interested in your website, he will leave an email to subscribe, and you can collect the email list of the target customer group.

Most of the email marketing process is as follows:

  1. Provide value (important)
  2. Help solve the problem (important)
  3. Trusted by readers
  4. Promote merchandise

6. Run Instagram

The main common business methods of Instagram:

  1. Personal brand
  2. Food Sharing
  3. Sharing of things in their respective fields (financial management, fitness, makeup, painting... etc.)

The ultimate goal is to accumulate a large number of tracking numbers. With high tracking numbers, manufacturers will naturally ask you to write endorsements, distribute real-life dynamics... etc., and the bargaining chip with you and manufacturers is your tracking number, yours The higher the tracking number, the higher the price that can be opened.

7. FB community, LINE group (group buying, purchasing)

①, group purchase:

Operating FB clubs or LINE groups for group purchases seems to have only happened in the past 5 years. There are all kinds of group buying products you want to get.

The main thing is to call everyone in the community group to buy together, and then to negotiate a cheaper price with the manufacturer in a large wholesale amount, which may be 10% or 20% or even lower, and then make the difference.

②, purchasing:

Purchasing agents are mainly products that are not easy to obtain in Taiwan. You can help them purchase through purchasing agents and charge some purchasing fees. Most of the purchasing agents will capture 30 to 50% of the profits, which is quite a huge profit!

The most difficult thing in purchasing is the "source". How do you get these products that are not easy to obtain?
The most common method is to fly directly to the local area and do online purchasing. However, the personnel cost and air ticket cost plus one plus is not cheap. If you want to do the purchasing, you have to calculate whether the cost and profit are worthwhile, so as not to do nothing. Work.

8. Be a webcast host/live host

Common content of live broadcast and live broadcast can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Games: Attract audiences through powerful operation techniques or interesting game content.
  2. Talent category: common dancing, singing, and chatting.

Webcasting/live streaming requires real-time interaction with the audience. It places great importance on your temporary response ability and uninteresting speaking style. The main sources of income are Donate, platform advertising, industry distribution, endorsements, etc.

Common live/live platform:

  • Games
    • twitch
    • King Kong
  • Talent
    • Wave Live
    • 17 Live
    • Uplive
    • Inke Live

If you are interested in this area, you can take a look at more platforms to understand their working system and how to share bonuses? Then decide which platform is right for you.

3. Investment

8. Invest in stocks and ETFs

Investing in stocks and ETFs is one of the ways to make money that everyone knows, but here is mainly about the long-term investment of stocks or buying ETFs. Let's not discuss the technical operation of the short- and medium-term bands. Many people will think that investing in stocks is like Gambling, that’s because you don’t know enough about investment products. In terms of long-term investment in stocks, the risk can be completely controlled within a safe range. As long as your investment portfolio is well configured, you have basically completed more than 60% of the things. The important thing is your idea of ​​investing in stocks and how to plan your allocation.

This method of making money has a slightly higher threshold of knowledge, but if you are willing to learn, long-term investment is actually not difficult. There is even a fixed amount of brainless investment. The most important point is to fully understand the products you want to invest in . Don’t just invest your hard-earned money without knowing anything. In the end, not only did you not make any money, but you even lost your principal. The gain is not worth the loss. Therefore, it is very important to establish good investment concepts and skills before investing. .

Four, knowledge

9. Make online courses :

Online classes are very popular now. People who live in the suburbs and remote villages don’t have to travel far to the city to take classes, and the courses are not limited to subjects such as Guoying Mathematics, and many talents can also be organized. For a complete set of courses, you can go to " Hahow Good School " to see what interesting courses others have opened .

You can plan your own knowledge or profession into a systematic course and put it on the online course platform to sell. The platform will do part of the profitable rake. You can also set up a web sales course by yourself. Getting all the profits is also a good source of passive income.

Online course teaching platform: Hahow School , YOTTA

10. Sell e-books

It is similar to the production of online courses. The difference is that one is presented in video and the other is described in words, but they are also systematically organized.

You don’t need to write 200~300 pages of e-books like traditional books or novels, but about 60-80 pages of content. E-books tend to be more of a small strategy or secret book. After you write an e-book, you You can put it on the e-book platform for sales, or you can set up your own website for sales.

If you want to make your own e-book, you can refer to " Everyone is a Writer-0 Cost Self-Published E-book ", enter the exclusive Huaan limited coupon code " huaan ", you can get another discount of NT$600.

E-book platform: Readmoo , Lotte Kobo Writing Life , Google Play Books

Five, technology, talent

11. Outsourcing

Now there are many outsourcing and matching websites. You can go to the outsourcing network and look for cases where you are good at technology and talent. There are people who will outsource all kinds of things to others. On the one hand, he may not be able to do it. He needs to save time.

Common outsourcing cases: programming, drawing, video editing, setting up a website, writer, art editor... etc.

12. Make a line map

Making LINE stickers is a novel way to make money. Taiwanese people especially like to use LINE stickers. They are very willing to buy. And selling LINE stickers does not require a large number of fans or other marketing actions. As long as your stickers are attractive enough, you can still bring them. With good sales, I think it is a very good passive income.

If you usually like to draw, this would be a good choice. In addition to textures, there is also a "dynamic texture", which is similar to a GIF file and has sound. You can use more creativity and make interesting textures.

13, make an app

You can see a dazzling array of apps on the App Store. There are people who develop apps for all kinds of needs. The advantage of making apps is that the development cost is very low. You only need a computer and your programming expertise.

Apps on the App Store can be easily divided into two categories:

① Paid type: download requires payment

② Free type: Downloading is free of money, mainly through placing advertisements, member stored value points... etc. to earn income.

Six, games

14. Game Leveling and Fighting

? Power leveling: You can help those newbies who don't have much time to practice on their own or just join in power leveling, and calculate the price based on the power leveling time or the level of power leveling.

Substitute play: For games like League of Legends, if you are very good in the game, you can help those who have difficulty climbing ladders or playing cards.

15. Trading of rare virtual treasures

In the game, collecting rare props, equipment or a large amount of game coins can be used for virtual treasure transactions.

Take Maple Valley as an example. I believe that the eighth graders should be familiar with this game. This should be a classic example of virtual treasure trading. There are merchants who need to rely on virtual treasure trading to make a living, constantly buying at low prices. All kinds of rare props and equipment can be resold for higher prices, and the difference in game currency between earning money will continue to roll out, or directly resell the virtual treasures directly on the virtual treasure trading platform.

16. Sell game accounts

You can train high-level, high-ranking, high-equipment game accounts for trading.

Many new accounts are now doing the first draw, or the new account has a lot of gold coins or basic rare cards or equipment. When many novices just join a new game, they will have the mentality of wanting to win at the starting point, so this The business opportunities in the block market are also good.

  • The most famous online game trading platform in China: 8591 Treasure Trading Network
  • Foreign online game trading platforms: Player Auctions , Account Warehouse

Seven, other

17. Make money by advertising (shrink URLs to make money)

As the name implies, " When someone clicks on your ad or watches your ad, the commission is calculated according to the number of clicks. " Clicking on ads to make money is very simple and the entry barrier is low. It does not take too much time and the relative commission will not be too high. , The general advertising price is between $0.01~0.001 per click .

You can shrink your original URL into a URL with advertisements, but the content of the URL will not be changed. When someone clicks on your URL and watches an ad, the commission will be calculated based on the number of clicks on your URL.

Well-known " abbreviated URL " platforms: Boo.Tw ,

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18. Make money by filling in questionnaires

You should often meet people who ask you to fill in the questionnaire on the road. You can also do the same on the Internet. There are many questionnaire platforms where you can get their questionnaire. If someone fills out a questionnaire for you, it depends on the length of the questionnaire. , You can earn about $50 ~ $200 Taiwan dollars.

The famous " fill in the questionnaire " platform: brainstorming network , Toluna, Valued Opinions point congregation

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