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Welcome to this post. Glad your here with me and ready to read up on what is happening. I have been working on getting this internet business up and going. Maybe if you had some knowledge in computers this would be much easier but I had none. Learning about this industry has made me want it more than ever. I have started a presence online which, in a training video, said it needed to happen. So I made it happen or am making it happen. We'll be going into that later in the article but doing so also opened up my eyes to even more. Love hearing what others have to say because we all do have our own thoughts. If find that I work best at night and not so well during the days which, in a way sucks.

The discovery

So about two months ago, I was working on starting a marketing company. That still hasn't taken off but is ready to get some clients. Every night I would leave where I am currently staying to go to a parking lot and watch videos on Udemy. I live frugally so I would watch the free videos. I do buy videos but only when I need specific knowledge on a topic. As I watching them, kept hearing about this "internet business" so naturally I started researching that. With some research done and learning many things very quickly, decided this is what I want!

Lets start

Knowing me, if I find out about something that I want and is attainable then I jump in head first! And with this I started a blog on, everyday was learning about new avenues in this industry which I tried following everything that was found. Realized I cant be doing that but I need to focus on one thing. I need to put all of my energy into one thing, instead of five different things. My past shows me that if I do it with one thing in mind then it becomes much better, where as I do multiple things at once, they get done but are not as good of quality as if I were focusing on one thing.

Along with a blog

A hour after I started my blog, I joined a platform that would help teach about building websites. I am more than thankful for because they did help but I already knew a lot of what they were teaching. The reason being I actually started doing virtual assistant work months before this and while doing so I had started affiliate marketing which was the reason I joined this platform. Joining this platform has taught me many things in such a short time, that again I am thankful I am a part of it.

I am pretty good at this

So as I was following the courses that this platform was teaching, I started making my first website. There were some challenges, of course but whatever the platform didnt teach me, I later watched courses on Udemy about that exact topic. Doing so, I learned a lot! So much the having the website started, the second day it was being analyzed by Google. I learned that Google and Amazon are some of the big dogs on the internet. So I was excited that my research was paying off and by the eighth day it was ranked on Google search pages, which is awesome! The community in the platform, I let them know and someone responded that she had been waiting eigth months to get anything from Google. Reading that, I felt more than accomplished but I also had to learn about SEO. I learned about SEO and applied that knowledge.

Learning more

As I continued learning and applying the knowledge I gained, I created one more website. While doing this, I learned the traffic plays a really big part in ones success online. I then started researching traffic and how to get some, that is by far the hardest thing about this so far. Then again, patience plays a huge part in this and I am learning to have a little patience. What's really neat about this industry is that things can change within minutes and you may need to learn something about something. I love learning about stuff I enjoy doing.


One of the ways of making money online, well first off that shouldn't be what this is about, it should be about helping people. In doing so, the payoff will happen because of that. Something the platform has taught me is to do this but within the intent of helping people. Money will just be a result of your hard work of trying to help people, so with that in mind, changed my thoughts around on this. Something you really need to figure out before you start your adventure into this is what niche are you going to be in.

Another avenue

Another avenue in this internet business is coaching. You can coach on almost anything and people will pay you. So I am now looking into that and how to start such a thing. I have been thinking about this the whole time, about what I would coach on and still am thinking on it. That is where I am at currently. So with that being said I am going to bring this to a close. Thank you for reading and I hope you take care of yourselves! Stay beautiful and blessed!

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