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Making Money Online Is Possible!


Please excuse my sentence structuring, it is not the best but I try, I have been chasing this dream of making money online for a while!


The Beginning

I knew that making money online was possible, I mean, someone has to create what the ... the internet, right? I mean all the content and writing, or typing involved there has to be somebody behind all that right? How do I get involved in that? I want to earn money over the internet as well! I am GOING to figure this out, that was my thought, before I learned, in detail, about this subject. I am still learning to this day!

When I First Truly Started and Stuck With It.

So in my past, I had attempted at making money online and was unsuccessful until I decided to buy myself a laptop and, more or less, dedicate it to figuring out how to make money like the Gurus claimed. I am not there yet but I have a great feeling that that time is coming up. How long? Not quite sure but I am not going to quit until I am financially comfy, not to mention, I enjoy what I am doing!

The Lockdown Caused Me To Start And Not Give Up

During the lockdown on our country due to Corona Virus, I was living with my girlfriend and her children. She had been a director of a retirment center and didnt require me to get a job but something happened to where she lost her job. So things were tight around the house and I receive disability but I cant even afford to pay rent anywhere with what I make. So I was contributing what I could but it was not even half of the rent. Four bed house is not cheap in an "upper" class neighborhood of Chandler. But we managed to do it and at the end, I decided to move out. Not sure why but when I did, I was able to really focus on the "internet business".


I was not chasing the "internet business" because I did not know about it yet, but was chasing after becoming an affiliate marketer. Little did I know, there is so much more than just that. I call these different ways avenues. So when I speak of avenues, that is what I am talking about, I want to make that crystal clear. Different ways of making money = avenues. I find at least, no less than two more ways a day.


YouTube is an avenue, which I knew of and am still not doing. But I was watching Gurus talking about making money online and one in particular, I listened too, he is so annoying it is ridiculous! But he started me with the thought of Affiliate Marketing, Wesley Virgin. I watched video after video, just like most people do. I even bought a bitcoin mining machine and come to find out, it didnt even mine bitcoin. The power cost was unbelievable and come to find out they are just telling you that it mines bitcoin, which it doesn't. When I start a YouTube series, I will talk about that. I have a lot to discuss and will do it pleasurably. But Mr. Wesley, led me to my first affiliate marketing website which was the WORST website to represent. Their prices for their products which look like total garbage was insane! I didnt know any better at the time. I joined their platform and started making websites, I created my websites by using Google sites. I wrote long stories and included the links to the webpage where the product was provided. I made, in total, 18 websites. They were full of links to digistore . com, and that is THE WORST AFFILIATE WEBSITE I've come across so far. It did get me started though. So thank you YouTube and Mr. annoying for introducing me to the topic.


As Time Went By

As weeks past and nothing was happening with those sites, well they arent really their own site but they are under Google. Not to mention, I expected things to be immediate, but I even hooked up Google Analytics to the sites to keep track of my sites and the visitors. By the way, I had no idea about Google analytics until I saw it posted somewhere. I then did research on it, I do a LOT of research on everything. Analytics didnt show any visitors to these sites and nothing was happening.My patience was growing short and I got upset. Thought I was going to quit but I kept going back with the thought "I cannot quit this now, I have to find it!".


Why I couldn't focus

My lady had four children, lovely children that are very well mannered. They are ranging from ages 3 to 14 and I had trouble with all but one. The older boy, being second oldest he is calm and wants to deal with nobody's drama. I respect the f*ck out of that! The oldest daughter is victim and it is so sad to see her play that role over EVERYTHING. Younger boy is a straight business owner and hustles hard to make money and little girl is just little girl, cute as can be. But that is all distractions with my lady. I cant have ANY distractions when I am focusing on this so I didnt get very far.

Made The Move

I moved from that busy house into my Arizona dads house. He is my ex step dad but I call him my Arizona dad. He is a good man and very honest. He is a hard working man who drinks.. all the time. Every time he drinks he talks to me about three or four things mostly. It gets old, so old I just start nodding my head because night after night, the same thing over and over. One of the topics is work, he used to always be on me about getting work. When I was living in a halfway house, I got work at an auto body shop. Him and my Father, who lives in another state were so proud of me.

The Move Continued

I finished probation and quit. Working full time is cool and all, but my head plays games with me and within two years, I either get fired or quit. I knew there was something out there that would suit me perfectly. At that time, I had no idea about the "internet business" so I moved from her house to his house. He works full time and has made corporate which is really cool but that is after 20+ years of being loyal to the same company, I would hope he got somewhere. But he talked or preached to me nightly about getting work. I don't think people realize how bad that really effects a persons self conscious.

He got a distraction

He got a distraction so now his "You need to get a full time job like me and your dad, blah blah blah" switched. Which gave me time to start researching a business; I took full advantage of that, right now, I actually have another business on hold. It is still in start up phase, before I got interested in this. I had been researching how to start that for the longest time it felt. Right now, as it sits, it is ready for customers and the first couple I am going to do for free. In order to make sure I know what I am doing, they are not going to have to pay me for my time but will have to pay the advertisement fees. But this "internet business" has taken over my days and nights.

My schedule

Since I have started this "internet research" I have adapted and schedule of two days awake and one night sleep. I don't know how I do it but I amaze myself, I think its the want to figure this out that keeps me going. I am not fighting it at all because when I fall asleep, I forget what I did and then I have to do it all over again. So I have learned to favorite every page that I sign up for, research or do anything with. My favorites bar on top of my browser is so organized its ridiculous. But being that way makes things way easier! If you want to follow this story more, head over to my blog where that is what this is all about. It is not released yet but will be soon. If you want to know my journey, then I highly recomend that you go there because I am NOT going to continue telling my story here. See ya there!


I am trying to get back to a normal schedule. I enjoy sleeping but I still want to know how its done. How is the internet "people" really making their money? The truth of the matter is still in question and I want an answer. So the search continues...

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