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Top 11 Instagram Marketing Strategies in 2022

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To keep your present followers interested while attracting new ones, you must post the correct kind of content. However, it might be challenging to determine the post types that would help you expand your audience. I'll thus show you how to sell effectively on Instagram through my article based on Instagram marketing strategies. You need an Instagram Business or Instagram Creator account before you can begin using Instagram for marketing.

Top 11 Instagram marketing strategies


Here are some effective Instagram marketing strategies you may employ to get the most out of this well-liked platform.

Make a list of your objectives

Social media platforms are all tools. But if you don't know what you're attempting to construct, you can't use those tools effectively. For various marketers, Instagram marketing might mean different things. Do you intend to:

  • Establish a presence for your company online?
  • amplify brand awareness
  • gain fresh leads?
  • Make your company a leader in the sector?
  • Sell goods straight through the app?

Even better, you might want to mix multiple separate results. However, you're unlikely to get there unless you have a clear idea of where you want your Instagram strategy to lead.

Recognize your audience

When considering how to sell on Instagram, some preliminary research will help you identify the audience you can reach most effectively. For instance, our article on Instagram's demographics demonstrates that:

  • Instagram users in this age range are the most active.
  • The biggest Instagram market is in the United States.
  • Instagram usage is higher among city dwellers than among suburbanites.

However, this does not imply that your main strategy for contacting urban Americans in their 20s should be Instagram. Instead, you should identify your target audience so that you may produce content that speaks to them directly. When it comes time to select targeting options for your Instagram advertising, this will also be crucial.

Plan Your Instagram Posts to Achieve Your Marketing Objectives

Your business's marketing strategy should include Instagram as a key component, working in tandem with your content, email, and other social media marketing initiatives. Start by reviewing your company's marketing calendar and coming up with relevant Instagram content for each initiative before developing an effective Instagram marketing strategy.
Create Instagram posts for each stage of the procedure, including teasers, announcements, and collaborations. An Instagram calendar can be created on any surface that works for your teams, such as a whiteboard, spreadsheet, or online group projector.

As you gain experience, change your Instagram posting schedule

Do you need to update frequently, sporadically, or simply a few times per week? For your Instagram approach, it's crucial to get your posting frequency just perfect. Naturally, you want to publish enough content to produce results without tiring out your audience or provoking criticism.

Additionally, the moment you publish your information matters. While you publish content when your target audience is online, they are more likely to notice it and interact with it.

Tap Total Followers in your Instagram Insights to see when your followers are online. See which day of the week and what time of day your followers are most likely to be online by scrolling to the bottom.

Your organic content mix should be adjusted to reflect the changing demographics and preferences of your audience

Finding out how to position material on Instagram efficiently comes after you have a general notion of the type of content you should share. For your material to be effective and help you accomplish your objectives, it must be engaging for your audience.

Open the Instagram app, click Insights from the dashboard, and then touch Total Followers to find out more about your audience. You may see demographic breakdowns by gender, age bracket, city, and nation, giving you a full picture of your account's users.

As your content mix changes, keep your style constant

Establishing a visual aesthetic is crucial for business accounts on Instagram because it is a photo and video-based social media network. A consistent style helps fans recognize and interact with your company's content while also identifying your brand.

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For Instagram, there's no need to create a brand-new aesthetic. Instead, your brand's Instagram aesthetic should correspond to your website and other marketing assets' visual identities.

Your Instagram style, for instance, may consist of a specific palette of aesthetics, colors, and fonts. If you want your content to be consistent, you may even use the same filter.

Maintain Your End Goal at the Center of Your Instagram Copy

Whatever kind of material you provide, the visual component is merely one component of the whole. You need great captions, text overlays, and live scripts—collectively known as your Instagram copy—to compel your audience to take action after viewing your content.

Your audience, your organization's style manual, and your objectives will all influence how you write Instagram copy. Consider your audience's voice, your brand's voice, and the goals you have in mind. In your Instagram copy, you can incorporate calls to action (CTAs) to nudge your audience to:

Make a remark to establish a community with your followers.

  • To assist your market research, respond to a question about their preferences.
  • Ask you a question to acquire content ideas or to write a live video.
  • To view every image or video in your carousel, swipe left.
  • Use the tagged products in your Instagram shop to browse or buy them.
  • To access your website or online store, click the link in your bio or article.

Expand Your Instagram Following With Hashtags

Hashtags are essential for promoting discovery and expanding the reach of your Instagram content. Instagram users can search for hashtags to find your content and follow hashtags to view posts with a certain theme.

You have a tonne of alternatives because you can add up to 30 hashtags to feed posts and reels and up to 10 to stories. So, where do you begin?

To promote your account, make it a practice to include at least one branded hashtag in each post. Then include a combination of industry, descriptive, location, and viral hashtags along with any pertinent campaign hashtags.

By entering keywords in the Instagram search field and browsing the suggested results, you can identify hashtags to utilize.

Add influencer and user-generated content to organic Instagram content

You might produce most of the Instagram content for your company in-house. However, you are not required to produce all of it. As an alternative, you might be able to find high-quality images and films among other providers, such as clients and influencers. Any brand's Instagram content strategy can be improved by using both user-generated content (UGC) and influencer material.

In fact, it's possible that certain content kinds will work even better than the photos and films your team creates. UGC is a significant factor in many consumers' purchasing decisions. Therefore, including UGC in your content plan has the potential to drastically change your Instagram results.

Get Results Quickly With Instagram Ads

You can occasionally be able to accomplish your Instagram marketing objectives with purely organic content. However, Instagram advertising is a wise decision if you want to quickly develop your business and increase money.

Directly from the Instagram app, you may start by boosting content that is performing well. Find your best content using the built-in Instagram Insights, then select Boost Post to expand its audience. Then select a goal—such as more profile views, website visits, or direct messages—create a target audience, and establish a budget.

Utilize Instagram's shopping tools to make consumer purchases simple

You should also include Instagram's shopping capabilities in your content if your business engages in eCommerce. Connect the Facebook page for your business and add a product catalog in Facebook Commerce Manager to use them. Select Business in the Instagram app's account settings after that. To finish, select Set Up Instagram Shopping.

Users can view your eCommerce catalog once they've configured this feature by clicking the View Shop button in your Instagram profile. Additionally, you can add product tags to your photographs and tales to enable people to start buying immediately and this is one of the most effective Instagram marketing strategies.


Reaching your marketing objectives requires strategic Instagram marketing strategies, whether you want to concentrate on paid or organic results. You can use these steps to develop productive Instagram marketing strategies for your company, from scheduling your posts to picking the best content to setting aside money for advertising. Hope this article helps you to build your Instagram marketing strategies and if you want to add or share any of your views on Instagram marketing strategies then please feel free to mention them in the comment box.

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