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IAS Officer Salary 2020 With Perks and Other Facilities

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Pinappu enjoys giving information regarding various jobs in India. He has great enthusiasm for UPSC services.

IAS vs The Private Sector

Everyone in India knows what is IAS or Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the most prestigious jobs in India. Millions of students dream to get these covetous jobs. However, there is a doubt about the salary among many bright students. They wonder is it good to join the IAS or try to get some high paying private jobs.

Many private jobs in India pays lucrative remuneration. Our IT sector can pay huge amounts to the deserving candidates. Naturally, many smart young people lingers a doubt about the sagacity of joining this illustrious service.

The reality is that after the 7th central pay commission, the salary of an IAS is now quite respectable. If you consider the perks and facilities you will get, the result is not to far away from those high paying private-sector jobs. Moreover, IAS is not just about the salary. It is more than just a job for making money. This service is also about serving the nation and its billion plus citizens.

Let us learn about the latest salary and other facilities of an IAS officer.

IAS Grades and Pay Scales

An IAS officer joined at the Junior scale and jumps the grades with the service seniority. She can reach up to the Cabinet Secretary Grade with seniority and great service record, which has the highest pay scale of a government employee in India.

The scales and grades are listed below:-

  • Junior Scale
  • Senior Time Scale
  • Junior Administrative Grade
  • Selection Grade
  • Super Time Scale
  • Above Super Time Scale
  • Apex Scale
  • Cabinet Secretary Grade

Summary of Pay Scales, Salary Ranges, and Grade Pay

Keep in mind that this information can be different in some cases based on location and position. Currency is given in Indian rupees.

GradePay LevelStarting BasicYears of Service RequiredPost

Junior or Lower Time Scale




Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), SDO, or Sub-Collector (after 2 years probation)

Senior Time Scale




ADM/Deputy Secretary

Junior Administrative




District Magistrate (DM) or Collector or a Joint Secretary of a Government Ministry

Selection Grade



13 - 16

Secretary of a Ministry

Selection Grade II




Secretary or Divisional Commissioner

Super Time Scale



25- 30

Principal Secretary of a Very Important Department of the Government

Above Super Time Scale




Senior Principal Secretary

Apex Scale




Chief Secretary of States, Union Secretaries in charge of various ministries of Government of India

Cabinet Secretary Grade




Cabinet Secretary of India

IAS salary is not that bad.

IAS salary is not that bad.

Junior and Senior Time Scale

Junior Time Scale

  • Pay Level: 10
  • Starting Basic: Rs 56,100 (compensation for training and learning)
  • Post: Sub-Divisional Magistrate or Sub-Collector (SDM or SDO) in a subdivision of a district.

After getting selected for the service a young officer is placed in the Junior Time Scale, at the pay level 10 according to the 7th CPC.

The newly recruited officer is sent to LBSNAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration) for extensive training for a period of 1 year. After that, the junior officer is placed in the probation period for two years. Then usually the post of an SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), also known as SDO or Sub-Collector, is given to her.

Senior Time Scale

Years of Service Required to Reach The Level: 5

  • Pay Level: 11
  • Starting Basic Pay: Rs 67,700
  • Post: District Magistrate (DM) or Collector or a Joint Secretary of a Government Ministry

After at least 5 years of service, the IAS employee is promoted to Senior Time Scale at the pay level 11 with a starting basic of Rs 67,700. At that time, she/he may be posted as a District Magistrate (DM) or Collector or a Joint Secretary of a Government ministry.

Salary grows with time.

Salary grows with time.

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Junior Administrative and Selection Grades

Junior Administrative Grade

  • Years of Service Required to Reach Level: 9
  • Pay Level: 12
  • Grade Pay: Rs 78,800
  • Post: District Magistrate or Director or Special Secretary

An IAS is promoted to this scale after nine years of continuous and satisfactory service experience.and could be promoted to the post of much famous Collector or DM post. Some of them can become a Joint Secretary of a ministry or director of a department.

Selection Grade

  • Years of Service Required to Reach Level: 13
  • Pay Level: 13
  • Basic Pay: Rs 118,500
  • Post: Secretary/ Special Secretary

To reach this grade, you need to stay at least 13 years in the service. The post for Selection Grade is that of the secretary or special secretary of of a ministry. The starting basic of that grade is above the 1 lakh mark.

Selection Grade II

  • Years of Service Required to Reach Level: 16
  • Pay Level: 14
  • Basic Pay: Rs 1,44,200
  • Post: Principal Secretary/ Divisional Commissioner

To reach this grade, more than 15 years of experience in the service is a must. The Selection Grade II posts are like that of Principal Secretary or Divisional Commissioner. The starting basic of that grade is 1,44,200.

LBSNAA - The School to Train Group A Officers

Super Time Scale and Above

Super Time Scale

  • Years of Service Required to Reach Level: 25
  • Pay Level: 15
  • Starting Basic: Rs 1,82,200
  • Post: Principal secretary of a very important department of the government

After completing a minimum 25 to 30 years of service, the officer reaches the Super Time Scale and becomes Principal Secretary of a really important department with big budget.

Above Super Time Scale

  • Years of Service Required to Reach Level: 30
  • Pay Level: 16
  • Starting Basic: Rs 2,05,400
  • Post: Senior Principal Secretary or Additional Chief Secretary.

Above Super Time Scale is for very senior officers. They cross the 200 K salary barrier.

Apex Scale and Cabinet Secretary

Apex Scale

  • Years of Service Required to Reach Level: 35
  • Pay Level: 17
  • Starting Basic: 2,25,200
  • Post: Chief Secretary of States, Union Secretaries in charge of various ministries of Government of India

The Apex scale is for the IAS officers with great service record and seniority.

Cabinet Secretary

  • Years of Service Required to Reach Level: (varies)
  • Pay Level: 18
  • Starting Basic: 2,50,000
  • Post: Cabinet Secretary of India.

The Cabinet Secretary of India is the senior most among all the government employees of India. No civilian government officer can not have a higher scale than her/him.

CC BY 2.0

CC BY 2.0

What Is the Total Starting Salary of an IAS ?

You know that the government employees also get other salary components like D.A., H.R.A. etc along with the basic salary. Let us calculate the starting salary of a trainee IAS.

You need to keep it in mind that total pay can change later because with the change of Dearness Allowance (D.A.). At the moment, the total payment of an IAS recruit will be like that: -

  • Basic Pay: Rs 56,100
  • D.A. (@ 17%): Rs 9,537
  • Total: Rs 65,637 (as according to the latest central D.A.)

A trainee is not entitled to other allowances and perks.The basic pay will increase at a rate of 3% per year and the amount of D.A. will also increase accordingly. Usually the D.A. increases with the rise of inflation. So, the salary use to increase each year.

The Maximum Salary

Among all the IAS officers, the Cabinet Secretary gets the highest scale. The basic is Rs. 2,50,000 per month.

The total pay will be like that:

  • Base Pay: Rs 2,50,000
  • D.A.(@17%): Rs 42,500
  • Total: Rs 2,92,500

So the maximum salary of an IAS officer is Rs. 3.51 million per year.

Other Facilities and Perks

Salary is not the be-all and end-all of IAS. They get many other facilities too. Those are like these:-

  • Officers are often given superb accommodation for very low rent like a big bungalow with its own security guards, gardeners, servants, and cooks usually in the prime locations.
  • An IAS officer gets chauffeur operated government cars, usually with blue beacons.
  • They often gets free or highly subsided electricity and phone bill reimbursements.
  • Some officers get personal bodyguards.
  • During official travel for duty, IAS officers get accommodation in very good government bungalows and rest houses.
  • Free BSNL broadband connection.
  • Job security is one of the best perks of this service. In fact, it is very, very difficult even for a chief minister to terminate an IAS officer’s job since they are protected by legal safeguards.
  • IAS officers can apply for a study leave for 2 to 4 years in a reputable foreign university, the cost of which will be borne by the government.
  • Postings in a PSU (Public Service Undertaking) could have its own special perks and benefits.
  • IAS officers can get lucrative deputation posts in Intergovernmental organizations like United Nations or World Bank etc which gives high salary with foreign posting.
  • Seniors sometimes chosen as a part of a delegation team usually led by a minister to go abroad for free. They are treated as VIPs in those foreign countries.
  • Free healthcare for self and family.
  • Like other central government employees they also get the Children's Education Allowance for maximum two children up to Rs 6750 per month for each.
  • Retirement benefits and post retirement high paying postings.

The most valuable perks of being an IAS officer is the power and prestige. A member of the service is treated as a VIP everywhere in India. Things which are too difficult or cumbersome for others to do would be a cakewalk for them. Places which are inaccessible to others could be opened for them.

Moreover, an IAS officer is behind the formation and implementation of the policies of the central and various state governments. There is immense scope of helping millions of people by using the power associated with it.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


pinku roy on February 07, 2018:

one day i am also an IAS officer.

Twinkle rajpoot on July 06, 2017:

Not that much satisfactory as per the labour

Vishal on June 02, 2017:

Now iam doing mi diploma ECE and after I should do engineering (degree) can I apply for ias

amit panwar on May 07, 2017:

I am wait for my age is 18 and I apply IAS exam qualify and join IPS ..jai hind

abhishek on November 11, 2016:

I don't think that thinking about salary and perks of an officer or making these things as a way of your motivation can take you to any position where you can qualify for such prestigious exam.I mean think about it ;it's one of the toughest and preparation of these exam is going to take you to your knees.So you need something very big as a reason why u want to qualify this exam..

urmila lagdhir on October 20, 2016:

sir, after completed graduation only in one year preparation on first attempt how to creack IAS ????????

divyanshtiwari on September 19, 2016:

how to creack IAS ???????????

sajin on August 09, 2016:

Sir, What are the allowance of an IAS Officer other than salary.

subhasmita on July 07, 2016:

Sir i want to know about the benefits of an ias officer for a bank loan plz give me the answer sir plz

shivam gupta on June 26, 2016:

i need to become an ias officer but what are the abilities in ias

Siddhartha S Bhadrakumar from India on June 07, 2016:

I'm not denying any of this which might or mightn't be true but it's necessary to keep certain other facts in mind as well. Namely I remember reading in the Indian press that study leave abroad has been banned in the I.A.S because many officers have deserted that way whilst going abroad to pursue higher studies, namely to America. The result is that the remaining crowd are quite overworked. If the I.A.S. is all that great I think it's not presumptous to ask why is this happening?

amrit432 on June 07, 2016:

Dear Friends ,

As all of you know the after the approval of 7th pay Commission from parliament the salary of all officers will be increases and also

salary of an IAS officer increases


the highest salary of an IAS officer would be ₹ 2,40,000 (fixed) and starting level salary would be ₹50,000 .

Cabinate secetary salary ₹2,70,000/- (fixed)

So who want to be an IAS start peparing very hard because competition going to be tough .

Sudeshna Dasgupta on June 06, 2016:

The job of an IAS officer is very prestigious and sometimes salary doesn't matter . Still they get decent salary.

Rachit Sharma on June 03, 2016:

what qualification are for becoming a good IAS officer ?

komal on May 22, 2016:

thanks, i will think after it

abhishek kumar on May 21, 2016:

One of the most prestigious & toughest examination

Indrajitsingh9Indrajitsingh91 on May 11, 2016:

i think an Ias officer starting salary would be at least 2 lakh per month in starting level.Because they done very hard work to selected for this apex exam.

harish kansal on April 19, 2016:

its important for ias that is you completed ur studies with famous collages .

amrit432 on April 18, 2016:

Hello Mr. Pinappu Ji,

may i would like to inform you the Perk and Facilities of an IAS officer is

that only Chief Secretary & DM is an only 2 IAS officer enjoy the A1 Perk

& facilities in States . Some States also Includes Divisional Commissioner

in A1 perk . So it conclude that only 3 IAS officer enjoy A1 Grade

Facilities . Other IAS officer enjoy perks and Facilities but not A1 grade

Facilities like C.S , D.M and Only Cabinet Secretary of INDIA , Home

Secretary of INDIA and Chief Secretary of States are allow to Use Red

Beacon [ LAAL BATTI] . and Commissioner and DM allow to use Blue

Beacon [NILLI BATTI] as per new beacon light rules by after the Hon'ble

Supreme Court Order . Except these IAS no other IAS officers allowed to

use any type of beacon light.

And Siren only Used by Cabinet Secretary and Home Secretary of INDIA

only while moving outside Delhi on official Visit.

As i am Son of an IAS officer so i Know very well the perk and facilities of IAS.

Simpi on February 29, 2016:

Hello Sir,

I am a CA by profession and have the work ex of 4.5 years and achieved 29 years of age. I am working in big 4 MNC and earning handsome amount. But being an IAS was dream since beginning but was not able to quit job and join it. I am still in dilemma whether should i join it or not. Please advise. I do not see career in Corporate for longer.

Thanks & Regards

Dr KD Thory on July 08, 2015:

I am neurologist (Doctor) & my salary is 3.5 lakh /month

Wants to become I.A.S.

Is my decision is wright

Can I allows to practice medicine while serving as IAS

Muna on June 18, 2015:


I am a ST candidate. I got only 44% in matric,44% in +2, 54% in +3 and 50% in MA (English).Now I work as an officer in Bank of India.More offen I feel harassed for my poor marks. Can I be an IAS Officer with these poor mark.If than suggest me for good books to follow for GS.

Thanking you.


rashi on June 04, 2015:

I want to be a good ias officer

schakroborty on June 03, 2015:

i hv seen from very closed----illiterate /semiliterate politicians behave with them very badly----it has lost the glamour as it had earlier----nowadays u will see the frustrated ias officers leaving jobs for huge multinational jobs for astronomical figure of salary ----2nd option getting corrupted----I personally feel bright students should not go for ias----they cannot decide any policy----they just endorse the policy taken by his political boss------I won't like to discourage anybody but just liking to point out other areas which I hv seen very closely -----ALL R NOT NICEY ABOUT IAS as painted above---

hemraj verma on June 03, 2015:

I am coming an IAS officer wait only 3 years

jatin on May 14, 2015:

with ias you can get high respect

Seitz on May 04, 2015:

Is it good dat I planned on becoming a doctor ...after becoming I planned to again try Ias??

Priti on April 19, 2015:

I think we should don't jugde a salary of an IAs officer with any job...

sakshi on April 10, 2015:

great info ....... is going to help me lottt.

ham on March 30, 2015:

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K V Satyanarayana on March 23, 2015:

Excellent information for the aspirants. Thanks for the same. Great job done. Keep it up.

pratibha on March 15, 2015:

Which one is the good profession Legal Advisor,an IIT engineer or an IAS officer?

seema on March 15, 2015:

which graduation will help us to be an IAS officer?engineering ,MBBS,BA,B COM or BSC?

Ramnarayan pandey on March 13, 2015:

I became an IAS officer.but sir I afraid from one thing.l have a natural problem that I hesitate in speaking. So this problem became breaker in my aim?

Mulayam Singh on March 12, 2015:

How do you become the clerk of an IAS officer. How much does it cost for direct entry with money?

yogita pardeshi on March 10, 2015:

Ias is very good but I don't know any information so sir l am bcom pass so help you me&other candidates . I am waiting your reply . Ok bye

sangam on February 27, 2015:

I need to become an ias......but what are the abilities should an ias have????

mahesh on February 25, 2015:

very good information about IAS officer.thank you sir

kumar alok on February 21, 2015:

I want to be ias officer but Idid not read regularly because my mind is no constant on this point. Please tell me about whatdid I do ? For achieve this aim...

Rohit kumar on February 09, 2015:

becoming an Ias officer is not only my dream but also my life

rohit kumar on February 09, 2015:

what a huge salary that anias officer get in super time scale period

mahesh.boro on February 07, 2015:

How can I trained to become an ias officer ? Because i want to serve the India by becoming an ias officer. Now I am doing BSc. After completion of my graduation I want go for ias exam . I am searching for a training centre Which will help me in getting selection in IAS exam.

k.srikanth on February 04, 2015:

i like ias

Muzamil Hussain on January 31, 2015:

I get paid much higher than this in a private scheduled bank. I got recruited as a PO in 2010. This time I earn 68000 a month, with facilities like easy low cost loans, free petrol, free internet, free telephone, Housing loan at very easy interest rates. I was thinking about IAS . Looking above I may change my mind soon, I guess.

There is no such case as security is not needed, why should I cover myself with police all the time. Be free, Live free, Live life, and give charity without letting people notice what you do..IAS is just a craze..huva

Ajeet kumar gond on January 30, 2015:

Thanks a lot sir for giving tips......

yet i m still studing in class 9 and i want to became an ias officer but i m not so well in study but i m trying and i know very well nothing is imposible for me.

Arvind Ekka on January 28, 2015:

Sir, hiw much money is required for coaching?

Anusha on January 20, 2015:

dear sir,

Now, at present am studying in 1st sem BE Mechanical.. and am totally confuseddd .. in fact i came to BE because I could not get medical.. and this year i wanna write CET again.. BUT at the same time I have a wish of studying a lot ..bcome an IAS and to serve our nation.. If at all I get medical seat and later completing MBBS can I go for an IAS??..OR its better to study BE without wasting a year and than go for itt..?? pleasee kindly suggestt me sirr am waitingg!!

hari on January 18, 2015:

Hello sir,

I just finished my plustwo and I want to be an IAS Officer. Can u pls suggest which course is most suitable for IAS?

,dhruv sharma on January 14, 2015:

Sir i am the student of class 10 and i wanted to become an ias officer but many people obssessed me about this field by saying that it will not be overcome by me

aishwarya.. on January 08, 2015:

I want to become an IAS officer its not only my aim i wannnna do smthing for my country with the help of ias.and i wanna say that its not easy but not so hard i'll become i know i can and i'll proof it india keep watching...wait n watch i m coming

Anju.M.Venugopal on December 27, 2014:

Sir, i completed my engineering course.I have a doubt that whether coaching classes are necessary for IAS preparation?

sandra.s on December 27, 2014:

I am studying in 8 th my aim is to become a IAS officer

alok kumar on December 23, 2014:

ias veary -2 good pesens log

santosh on December 19, 2014:

Sir,i want serve the nation as a IAS officer can you help me please...........

Ahmed on December 13, 2014:

Next IAS in the year 2018-2019....


swathi on December 13, 2014:

I m in class 9 topper of the class my dream is to become IAS officer sir/madam can u please help me to fulfill my dream

Truth on December 07, 2014:

Guys,it is commendable that you want to be IAS. It is a worthy goal. But if you just want to be IAS for power, it is not the most powerful position. Currently judges are most powerful among government servants. I have seen IAS DM and IPS SP standing outside minister's bedroom like peons in govt. rest house. However ministers stand up when a judge comes because since judiciary is independent, minister can't do anything to judge but adverse decision by a judge can cause a minister to lose position.

imran khan on December 04, 2014:

i am studying in iit roorkee chemistry ,i want to become a ias officer and i would like to take chemistry optional subject in mains,still i have not started any preparation for ias how much time i will become a ias if i study 12-13 dailly and starting from zero level.

hemraj meena on December 03, 2014:

I am a stenographer and now I wants to be an IPS ..................please advised me about syllabus and all process for final selection

Eduall on November 19, 2014:

Thanks for the information posted by you. . . For more information regarding IAS coaching class please visit

balasubramanian.s on November 18, 2014:

Nice.useful for the achievement

jeshwanth on November 18, 2014:

they are getting all facilites and get 1 lakh

krishna manit on November 13, 2014:

Thanks for provide information about IAS OFFICER

Abhinav ganganiya on October 24, 2014:

IAS of my dream

gaurav on October 13, 2014:

I am an upcoming ias officer.Get ready for the change,frnds.

braj on October 11, 2014:

usefu tips ..:)

milan on October 05, 2014:

Ias job is not easy to get. Its hard man. Those who have good education good knowledge good comminication sikll they can only see the dream for ias.

shital srivastava on October 03, 2014:

if a ias officer wants 3 year education leave tellme is it possible after 3year can ias officer join

veeresh hyati on September 14, 2014:

me from karnataka...i don't know english very well...but my aim become an ias officer and help for poor peoples...

akshay on August 13, 2014:

Respected sir

iam akshay frm telangana state i just want to know which type of degree is useful for civil services exam i mean engineering or basic degree?

maanu on August 04, 2014:

I m a student of 1st year ba through distance education ( ksou) and I don't know what how to prepare and what's the first step to get prepared for IAS please answer my question and i want to be a successful IAS officer.....and can I m eligible to write iAS exam that though I m the corresponding student....

RAHULL on July 03, 2014:

Do we need to pay any amount for IAS after cracking the test ???

prapullamedisetty on July 02, 2014:

I will soon become ias with in 4 years

RAHULL on July 02, 2014:

does our engineering % matters for becoming an IAS ??

swathi sangala on June 20, 2014:

Sir.. i m reading 1st pu & i opted PCMB. I want 2 becum an ias officer. Plz tel me how shall i read & wat shall i do after 2nd pu? Shall i do bsc or ba? Plz suggest me plz plz plz

swathi sangala on June 20, 2014:

Sir.. i m reading 1st pu & i opted PCMB. I want 2 becum an ias officer. Plz tel me how shall i read & wat shall i do after 2nd pu? Shall i do bsc or ba? Plz suggest me plz plz plz

Jatin Singh on June 05, 2014: dream is to be a PCS and i want to be PCS . Only i am scaring for interview

Shivam dohrey on June 03, 2014:

Sir I want to ask what is the process to be an IAS officer.

Trisha on June 02, 2014:

can u please give me more details about the exams and interview for I.a.s

zainab khatoon on May 31, 2014:

Now I have just pass (h.s) please help me if I will not do this then I will die I am ambitious girl and I have multi talent also and this is my aim of life if I will not do then I will die

sunilthorat121 from Pune, Maharashtra on May 26, 2014:

@ Gaurav. You just need to have a graduation degree from a recognized university without any constraint on percentage.

Anshuman on May 26, 2014:

I wished to become an ias since 3rd grade and by searching in and seeing these sites. I am goin to prepare even harder

neha on May 13, 2014:

which training institutes are the best in delhi ?

gaurav on April 23, 2014:

How much percentage need. In gradution for give IAS??

sunilthorat121 from Pune, Maharashtra on April 19, 2014:

Respected sir,

I'm 2nd year mechanical engg. student, I've physical problem in eye. my left eye no. is minus 0.75 and right eye no. is minus 0.50, then can I fit for IPS physical test?

Amit on April 08, 2014:

hello sir,

i am in class 10th and i don't know what i take in 11th class and in future what i do to become an I.A.S. plz suggest me. my phone no. 8475866107 & my email ID :-

diya yadav on March 15, 2014:

I m in 11th, i took maths only for the sake of graduation. My maths is very good bt i m interested in biology nd want to take bio now. Should i repeat 11th with bio stream. Although i hav the strongest desire to be an IAS. plz do rply nd help me.... bt i think the salary of an IAS is very less if compared with his duty, work and deligence...

sri veda on March 06, 2014:

hi pinappu sir will you please suggest me a good ias institute in delhi

S25 on March 01, 2014:

My friend has given the exams this year any idea on when the results will be out?

praneet singh rathod on February 21, 2014:

hey india wait for me i am coming IAS for 2018 batch

tamanna on February 21, 2014:

Guyz don't think about salaries n ol... Jzt concentrate on preparation for iad rather than daydreaming about salaries n perks.... Put ur 100% u ll crack it... All d best... Wen u ll get into ias u ll get 2 kno what u have achieved...

Prad on February 14, 2014:

There's one more service i.e. IES-Indian Engineering Service. If you get into Railways through IES there's nothing like that! Railways give better facilities than IAS. Railways' bungalows are better maintained and servants are more obedient. But IAS gives you more power and glamour.

Anurag trivedi on February 11, 2014:

I will become next I.A.S of india deffinately

rohit on February 09, 2014:

there is not any reputed job as like IAS . its a dream job for my self

swetha reddy on February 01, 2014:

hello sir my name is swetha reddy am studing 2nd year.thank you very much for providing such valuable information .i and my family dream is i become a great IAS OFFICER .iam comimg soon as enthusiastic IAS ........thank you sir

Muntazir Shivani on January 23, 2014:

I will be a next ias after ashwin mudgal sir ias of yavatmal im proud of u ashwin sir i will hold your seat after u.



Rohit yadav on January 20, 2014:

IAS is my dream

tommy on January 13, 2014:

Like u all I m also waiting to become I A S officer .

Rakesh buxar on January 11, 2014:

Rit nw im student of mechanical engg

How can I prepare for ias exm in starting... Plezzz give me true path...!!!

R.karthick on January 06, 2014:

R.karthick i love the ias

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