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How to Beat Nervousness

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The real secret to developing an overwhelming sense of confidence to beat your nervousness.

Have you ever felt extremely nervous in a certain situation? an exposition… speaking to a person of the opposite sex… or taking an oral exam?… etc.

Of course yes! We all feel nervous from time to time, especially when conditions warrant it. Sometimes we believe that we are weak and therefore we need the courage to overcome our nerves, but nevertheless, weakness or mental strength actually has very little to do with this area of ​​nervousness.

Next, I will show you an infallible method to overcome your nerves in any stressful situation. You can use this approach in order to beat your nerves in tests, talks, business, presentations, or any other event that would normally make you nervous.

Have you ever seen someone give a presentation in front of a large audience and you thought “I wish I had so much self-confidence, but I am so nervous!” Well, here’s the real secret to developing an overwhelming sense of confidence to beat your nerves:

Regardless of whether you are going to give a lecture or prepare for an exam, the first step is to imagine that your starting point is: 100% nervousness and 0% confidence.

The nervousness and confidence graph will then look something like the following:


Now, every time you take action to prepare for a certain event, you turn part of the nervousness into confidence.

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If you are going to give a lecture, then each practice you do will take part in your nerves and automatically transform them into confidence, because now you are more prepared.

If you study for a test, each set of questions that you understand and know how to answer correctly will help you overcome your nerves by turning them into confidence.

Each time you prepare for a certain event, imagine that your confidence graph will change as you become more prepared and your self-confidence increases. Visualize in your mind the graph that shows the gradual decrease in your nervousness and the increase in confidence.


Your goal should be to focus on your preparation, to the point that you can say, “There is nothing else I can do to prepare for this exam, conference, etc." When you get to this point your graph may look like the following:


You can never completely eliminate nervousness, but at least 95% confidence allows you to face the situation with greater force and manage to overcome the nerves.

Preparation is really the secret ingredient that allows you to beat your nerves and turn them into confidence. When you’re ready, you don’t need to be nervous. Before your big event think about the following:

I’m ready for this!

Think about your readiness, visualize the confidence graph in your mind transforming, and finally face it!

Many successes beating your nervousness!

© 2021 Chris Isle

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