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How to Achieve Your Goals of Life?

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We want many things from our life but those are just some hope. They are not our goals. So, do you have some goals in life? If your answer is yes then congratulations to you as you are moving in the right direction.

If we wish something they are just our hope but goals are something which are measurable and time-bound. We have to put the hard work to achieve our goals. Goals can be of different types. Here, we will talk about individual goals and we will see how we can achieve them.

Goal setting in simple words means it involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person or group towards a goal.

Goal setting is the necessary part of life

Goal setting is the necessary part of life

Why Goals Are Important?

Goals are very important for our growth in life. Without having goals we cannot progress in life. Every successful individual you know today is successful because of his/her goals. Apart from these, there are many other benefits of having goals. Some of them are:
1. It acts as a compass and provides direction to our life
2. They keep us motivated all the time
3. We can make a better decision with the help of clear goals
4. Because of goals, we are in the position to control our future
5. When we achieve our goals we get personal satisfaction

For all these good reasons we need to have goals in life. And as a human being, you’re free to select your life’s goal. Now, let’s see some points as to how we can achieve our goals.

Set Small Goals To Reach Bigger Goals

Once our beloved late President of India, Shri A.P.J Kalam Sir said - small aim is a crime; have great aim. Our teachers have taught us to aim high in life. We need to think big and do big in life.

Keeping this point in mind my suggestion would be to break big goals into small goals. To understand this point let’s take the example of building one big house. So, how we shall start? Are we going to build a home in one go or we have to build it step by step?

In the same way, to reach the bigger goal, we need to start from the bottom and we have to achieve small goals first. And in this way, we will get lots of confidence to achieve bigger goals.

Be Crystal Clear About Your Goals

We may have many small goals in our mind in order to achieve the bigger goal. So, we must be very clear about all the goals which we want to achieve. Otherwise it would be difficult if we don’t know how that final goal should look like.

To achieve this, each goal should be measurable and time-bound. Without these, we cannot say our goal is achievable. For example - if you want to reduce your weight. Then you must decide how much you want to reduce and by what time. So, if you make a goal like - I want to reduce 15 kgs of weight in the next three months time then such goals are crystal clear goals.

Taking the right action is important once planning is done

Taking the right action is important once planning is done

Believe Only In Action After Planning

As soon as the month of December comes many people start making new year resolutions. But surprisingly 90% of people even fail to achieve the 10% of their goals. It’s not because they made the wrong choice but because they lacked the required action.

Action is what makes one successful and another failure. This is the same case with any individual or the company. We may be fantastic with the planning but everything depends upon how we are going to implement those plans.

So, to understand let’s use the above example. We have made the crystal clear goal that - I will reduce 15 kgs in three months time. Now, to achieve this we need to take action and do things like - every day I will do jogging for 20 minutes. So, taking actions are very important to succeed in our goals.

How To Write A Simple Goal With Example?

Now, to write a simple goal you can use the below format.
1. Fix the goal and write - I want to reduce 15 kgs of weight
2. Fix the date - I will reduce weight by 31st of August 2020
3. Fix the deal - I will do 20 minutes jogging every day, I will eat light, fresh and healthy foods, and I will not consume any fast foods
4. Fix the plan/time - I will exercise from 5 to 6 am every day
5. Fix your goal sheet along with your vision board
6. Fix time to read it - read early morning, in the afternoon and before you go to bed

I have just shared one simple example. But you can set your own goals as per you requirement and choice. And keep a track on your progress from time to time.


Whatever I have shared in this article is based on my own personal experience. I set my goals like this only. Currently, I have set one goal that I will write up to 40 articles by 30th June 2020. And to achieve this goal, I have decided to write at least one article each day. I believe I can achieve this goal as per my timeline.

Before I end this article I like to share one very important thing. When you set goals then you have to adjust yourself according to the requirement of the goal. And goals shouldn’t be adjusted as per your requirement. I hope this important point is very clear. I hope and pray you can achieve all your goals. And can you tell me your favourite method to achieve a goal?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Vikram Brahma (author) from Assam, India on May 22, 2020:

Thank your Mr. Krishna for commenting and yes you're right we should keep our goal having some extra mile so we could reach our goals, very true. And yes dream attract individuals to perform extraordinarily.

Halemane Muralikrishna from South India on May 22, 2020:

Personality coaches say, keep your goal having an extra mile so that what is needed can be achieved. Dream or aims and objective can attract an individual to perform extraordinarily.

Vikram Brahma (author) from Assam, India on May 18, 2020:

Hey Sowrabha, thanks for commenting and your valuable comments motivates me to write more meaningful articles. Yes, goal setting is a very essential part of life and should be taken seriously. Thank you for your support.

sowspeaks from Bengaluru on May 18, 2020:

Hi Vikram, useful views on goal setting. Your example helped understand everything easily. And your concluding remarks are very apt- we have to adjust according to the requirements of the goal and not vice versa.

Vikram Brahma (author) from Assam, India on May 18, 2020:

Yes, Mr. Gopal, you have said the right thing. It provides us with the direction and keep us motivated all the time. This is the first recipe for success. I also believe we need to do some adjustments wherever required. Thank you so much for sharing your comments.

Gopal Anand on May 18, 2020:

Goal setting is very important and it provides direction and keep you motivated once you devide into bite size action plans and monitor it on regular basis and do minor adjustments wherever can then experience the satisfaction on achieving your desired goals.

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