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How Does Honesty Help in Online Marketing

In the recent years, there has been a lot of scamming. Many new users suffer being preyed on be internet vultures who take advantage of them. However, it is not only the new users that suffer. Brands and marketing agencies with unclear and spammy marketing strategies also suffer, by not being able to reach their target audiences. This is brought about by trust issues, you just can't know who to trust.

The internet is a vast space, and not knowing who to trust makes it even harder to get the right and honest services at an honest pricing. Many people look to make money through manipulating others and through cyber crime.

If you decide to be different and build a brand that relies on customer satisfaction, you will get loyal customers. This will also help to grow your brand to larger territories.

a customer service desk

a customer service desk

Things you should avoid in online marketing

Some actions done by most brands and marketing agencies taint the brand name. Sticking to the actions mentioned below will, now or later lead to falling of your company.

1.Baiting customers with fake promotions and discounts

The reason you should avoid this is because, users come by their own free will. This means that apart from the promotion, they are interested in buying your product. They will end up not buying from you or even write bad reviews about your company and agency. You will end up losing a lot of potential customers. A lot of marketers do this because they: do not know the implications, just do not care, or they want to make quick money from unsuspecting customers

be aware

be aware

2.Sending spam mails

As an online marketer avoid sending mails that contain spam, or are not personalized to the audience you are addressing. Do not just select a list of emails and click send. This works against you. When a customer receives an email that was not meant for them or has a subject matter they do not relate, they wont trust that sender again.

3.Not having any social media presence

This can quickly destroy the trust your customers have in your brand. Most customers like engaging with their favorite brands on social media networks. They also sometimes present their complaints through social media. Having zero social media presence creates doubts whether the company exists or not. Customers will not buy from a company they are not sure exists or not.

Links that mislead customers to sales pages they did not intend to visit also reduce marketing efficiency. In fact, they are annoying. A customer will never trust you after realizing, you were trying to manipulate him into buying a product he did not intend to.

Importance of being honest in marketing online

1.You get loyal customers.

Once a customer buys from you they will get satisfied with your services and products. This way you retain most of them as they keep coming back because you are their trusted supplier of the product.

2.Most of the traffic you get is intended.

Customers get to the right sales pages because they want to. They get what they are looking for and you close a sale. Without properly directing you customers, they reach the sales page and leave immediately.

3.Most visitors of your sites buy your product.

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After you provide the correct information, users that click links redirecting to your website intend to buy you product. This means most of the buyers visit your site just to confirm prices and to buy.

4.You get honest and good reviews.

The reviews you will be getting will be of honest and satisfied customers.

  • Most of the customers will refer others that are in need of your product willingly.
  • Your brand grows faster.
  • Customers will give honest reaction to your product and services

What can you do to make your marketing more efficient

The strategy for marketing can be correct, but there are some things if not kept in mind will make that strategy inefficient. They include:

1.Focusing on the customer

You need to focus on the customer when writing your content and designing your marketing strategy. Study customer behavior and use it to customize your sites. You should also match your campaigns, communications and services to reach the customer's satisfaction. Your customer support should be responsive too your customers always.

2.Unique and high quality content

Create balance between keyword rich content and valuable content for your traffic. Optimize your content to also reach customers that search for that product in search engines. High content will portray the level of professionalism in your brand.

3.Having a clear intent

Communicate clearly with clients and customers. Do not display hidden motives when communicating with them. Be as honest as possible. Always communicate with an intention to help your customer be it on email or telephone.

Trust starts with truth and ends with truth

— Santosh Kalwar

4. Have a marketing strategy that is convenient to customers

You need to make it convenient for customers to reach and buy your product. To begin with, make content that informs them more about you and what you offer, make it easily accessible. Keep a database for your communication with customers and their interactions with your brand. and make them feel valued.

5.Provide contact information

Provide a way for receiving your customers' feedback. It could be an email, phone number or both. And make sure you reply appropriately. You will be surprised how immensely this can increase the trust they have for you.

communicate with customers

communicate with customers

The content of what you are marketing is king but, not having the proper marketing will derail the process. You will end up not reaching the proper audience that will buy your product and service. Make sure that honesty is incorporated in your marketing to reach loyal customers that will love what you offer.

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