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Are You Achieving Expected Returns From Your Affiliate Marketing Data? – 3-Step Kfc Formula to Eat the Competition

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I must say. Our parents are one of the best marketers.

When we were kids, our parents were the ones who tend to crave for data. At school, they always wanted reports of our performance to know how well we were doing.

On the basis of our performance, they had either fixed our issues or rewarded us.

This is what happens with most of the affiliate marketers.

You may have seen some affiliate marketers saying “There’s a cut-throat competition. I can’t get much.”

Of course, they won’t.

It’s not about doing market research for once and promoting products. It’s about being up-to-date with the current statistics. Do you want to know how?

Here’s Our 3-step KFC formula that guides you to eat your competitors.

1. Know – What Type of Data Do You Need?

2. Find – Where Can You Get The Data?

3. Compete – How Can You Use Your Data to Compete?

Without wasting any more time, let’s get down to real business.


1. Know – What Type of Data Do You Need?

From bargaining ones to high ticket clients, from Indians to Americans, from night owls to early risers, almost every type of consumer and producer resides within the same digital market. Due to such distinctive characteristics, it has become complicated for affiliate marketers to play data game well.

Let me tell you what you need to know:

Look For Devices: Breakdown your traffic and revenue on the basis of device. When customers visit your website, do they buy on mobile or desktop? Find out where most sales are made.

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Land Safely: Where do buyers land first? Were they on the homepage, merchant page, testimonial page, or product page? Improve that page more specifically where customers tend to land more.

Identify Consumer Behaviour: Identify the behaviour of your customers by providing some exclusive offers. Keep an eye on your revenue during such exclusive campaigns to know the profitability.

Track The Location of Sales: Track the location of incoming sales. Are they coming from America, India, Europe, China, Dubai, or any other country? Target people of that region where customers are most likely to buy.

Time: When do your customers buy more? Is it morning, evening, afternoon, Sunday, Saturday, or Monday. You can get more engagement by posting at the right time.

Categories: Which category helps you get more sales? Scale that category which seems profitable.

Partners: Which company is giving you a wide margin? Is your vendor authoritative? Choose your partner wisely because it’s not easy to modify campaigns.

• Obstacles: Discover products that are not worthy enough to be listed. We would recommend you to replace such products with new ones to maximize the profit. Moreover, check whether your website has some sort of dysfunctionality or not. A dysfunctionality may result in loss of sales.

• Back-Off: Are your customers backing-off for some reason? Try to find out that reason. You may cloak your link to track every step of your customer.

2. Find – Where Can You Get The Data?

I have discussed a lot about the data so far. Now is the time to execute finding activity. Let’s open the toolkit. Yes, tools!

If you’re marketing, you have probably used Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, autoresponders, and any other tool to get information. Apart from using tools, I recommend you to check online reviews, cloak links, and contact with your network provider to acquire valid data.

Note: Don’t stick with every data. It’s recommended to verify the source.

3. Use – How Can You Use Your Data?

So now you have the knowledge and the right data. Let’s talk about the operation. Whatever you do, make sure that you test and scale everything.

It’s like fixing a broken tunnel. If you want to get the money, you have to fix the leakage at every inch. Look! Here’s the way:

Page and Product Customization: If you’re not getting sales for a particular product, then try to modify it. If out of 4 stages of getting a sale, customers are backing off at the 3rd. Try to change the website template and sales letter a bit.

Retargeting: You can install Facebook Pixels to retarget those customers who have recently spent some time on your website. And you know what? You can even target those customers who have bought from your website. How? Well, you can further classify your ads and target those type of customers who have purchased from your website earlier.

• A/B Test & Scale: Make various ad campaigns and promote for over a week. After that, make a performance chart to find out the most profitable one. Once you discover, scale as much as you can.

What’s Up?

I know how you’re feeling. Everything is too complex. Right?

I have been there too.

In the beginning, everything requires effort. Why won’t KFC method take?

By the way, congrats! You have experienced behind the scenes of affiliate marketing.

If I can help you in any way, feel free to contact me.

© 2019 Azfar


Azfar (author) from Delhi, India on September 02, 2019:

Hey @Tess, I really appreciate your words. Thanks for having a look at my efforts.

Tess from Hawaii on August 09, 2019:

Great methods here! Very thorough information. Thanks for sharing!

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