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eBay seller icons and their meanings

eBay icons under Sold items on your My Ebay page!


Selling on eBay

What do the icons mean under Sold items?

In this article, I will go through each icon and it's meaning.

By the time you finish this article, you will be able to quickly identify each icon and how it relates to each individual sale.

Are you ready to learn? Let's get started!

Columns under Sold listings

AllAwaiting AnswerAwaiting totalAwaiting PaymentAwaiting ShipmentAwaiting FeedbackShipped

After a sale

When you make a sale, information about the sale appears under SOLD items on your My Ebay page.

There are five icons to the right of your sold listings.

Each icon serves a different purpose.

The grocery cart icon means checkout complete.


The grocery cart icon.

The grocery cart icon is the first of five icons.

This icon means checkout is either complete or not.

When checkout is complete, the grocery cart icon will light up blue.

Dollar icon means the buyer paid or not.


The dollar sign icon.

The dollar sign icon is the second of five icons.

This icon means paid or not.

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If money has been received and eBay has acknowledged payment, the dollar sign will light up blue.

If an e-check has been received by PayPal but not cleared, a timer icon will show up in place of a dollar sign icon. The timer will change to a dollar sign once payment has been cleared.

(However, in some instances a glitch has been reported that eBay isn't necessarily notified when payment has cleared. You may have to manually mark the item paid if the payment has been confirmed as cleared by PayPal.)

The timer icon means an e-check has been received by PayPal but has not cleared.


Envelope icon means seller printed a shipping label.


The envelope icon.

The envelope icon is the third of five icons.

This icon means item shipped or not.

When a seller does the following, the envelope icon will light up blue:

  • Seller prints a mailing label, then eBay will automatically mark item shipped.
  • Seller brings package to post office and manually marks item shipped.

Star icon means feedback left or not for buyer by seller.


The star icon.

The star icon is the fourth of five icons.

This icon means feedback left or not by seller.

The star will light up blue when the seller leaves feedback for buyer.

Star in envelope icon means feedback received or not from buyer.


The star in envelope icon.

The star in envelope icon is the last of five icons.

This icon means feedback has been received or not by a buyer.

The star will light up blue when the buyer leaves feedback for the seller.

Buyer is blocked from leaving feedback once eBay opens an unpaid item dispute.


Other symbols and their meanings.

When a seller is opted in to unpaid item assistant, if a buyer has not paid and eBay opens an unpaid item dispute based on seller's settings, a double blue line will appear under feedback. The buyer is prevented from leaving feedback once eBay opens a dispute.

This is a way to tell if a buyer has been blocked from leaving feedback for not paying for their item.

A snapshot of the five icons.


Organizing your sold items.

The following options are available for you to specify how to display your sold listings:

  • Time ended: recent first
  • Time ended: recent last
  • Price: lowest
  • Price: highest
  • Buyer ID: ascending
  • Buyer ID: descending

Confirmation of sold items.

When you sell something on eBay, you should receive an email confirmation that your item has sold. You will also receive an email from PayPal when payment has been received.

If you sell your item and the buyer pays by e-check, PayPal will notify you not to ship the item until payment has cleared.

If you are new to eBay, make sure that you follow your listings daily to make sure that when you do sell an item, you can ship it promptly.

If you specify that you ship within one business day, you will need to upload tracking information by midnight of the following day.

For instance, if you sell something at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, you'll have until 11:59:59 pm pacific time on Tuesday to upload a tracking number. (Time is based on payment received from buyer, not actual sale time.)

If a buyer pays on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday...a tracking number must be uploaded by 11:59:59 pm by Monday, pacific time.

There are two ways to upload tracking information. You can automatically print eBay shipping labels and attach them to your package. Some sellers prefer to ship their packages from the post office by having the package weighed and postaged at the postal window. In this scenario, the seller will need to upload tracking information manually.


I hope you find this information helpful. Selling online can be confusing until you learn all of the icons and their meanings.

There are so many selling venues these days and to make matters more interesting, all of the venues have different icons and meanings!


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