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How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 2022


What is drop-shipping and the steps to work with it and profit from it, 2022

Drop-shipping: It is a type of online business that falls under the umbrella of the e-commerce world, in which you create an online store and sell through it without owning any inventory, where a third party manages the entire sales process with the customer and delivers the product on your behalf.

In short, my friend, this is the answer to the question of what is drop-shipping, but of course, within this simple definition, there are many details, steps, tools, knowledge, and experience you must possess to enter this field and make profits through it.

In this article, I will put in your hands everything you need to start in the field of drop-shipping and make profits through it, so do not deal with this article as it is just a theoretical article introductory to the field of drop-shipping, but treat it as a comprehensive practical guide that you can rely on to start in this field Profitable and easy.

What is Drop-Shipping?

Drop-Shipping: It is a two-word term, but many refer to it as one word and write like this Dropshipping, and dropshipping is a type of online business that belongs to the world of e-commerce.

In drop-shipping, the online store does not keep stock, but as soon as the buyer makes a purchase order from one of the products offered in the online store, the store makes a purchase order from a third party, and the third party (wholesaler, other large store or factory) ships Product directly to the buyer.

From the previous explanation, it is clear that your online store in the case of Drop-Shipping is just an intermediary, between the customer (the buyer) and the wholesaler or the factory, and therefore the profits here are the difference between the selling price and the purchase price.

Here is a picture that simply illustrates the idea of Drop-Shipping:


I know that the introduction above will not satisfy your curiosity and answer all your questions about drop-shipping, so the next part will play a very important role in your understanding of the field of drop-shipping.

The most important features of drop-shipping

In our topic today, we will not talk about the disadvantages or advantages of drop-shipping directly, but we will talk at this point specifically about the features that determine the shape and nature of this type of business.

By reading these features, you can understand the obstacles that you may face, and also understand the advantages of your work in drop-shipping.

1. You do not necessarily have to own an online store to start drop-shipping

Many marketers use popular online stores, as an alternative platform to display products, for example, you can use the eBay store as a platform to display products from AliExpress in a drop-shipping way.

When an eBay visitor sees your product and makes a purchase order, you make a purchase order from AliExpress, and the product arrives at the buyer’s address.

You can also use social networking sites as a platform to showcase products.

Note: Our topic today is dedicated to talking about drop-shipping in its professional concept through creating an online store and displaying products in it.

2. In drop-shipping, your store does not play a major role in the trade process but is just a middleman.

The main pillars of commerce are the factory that makes production, the wholesaler that buys from factories for resale to retail stores, and the retailer that sells direct to the consumer (this represents most types of online stores in general).

With your work in drop-shipping, your online store is just a channel that connects the consumer with the merchant or factory that provides the drop-shipping service.

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3. Drop-shipping does not need a lot of capital

As a drop-shipping store owner, you will purchase from the wholesaler after you receive the purchase order from the consumer, here you do not have to keep any stock.

This will not make you need a large capital to get started, but this of course does not mean that there are expenses for setting up the online store, and marketing expenses that you should take into account.


4. Drop-shipping is a completely hidden process for the buyer

Your store is the interface that the buyer will deal with, and the product is supposed to reach the buyer with the name and logo of your store on its cover.

The buyer in drop-shipping will not know anything about the wholesaler who owns the product. The sales process for him is from your store, which does not know anyone else, and if he encounters any problem, he will resort to you to solve it.

5. You don’t necessarily have to rely on a single source of products

In drop-shipping, you can view thousands of products from completely different sources (these sources will be mentioned later). This is a very important advantage, as the variety of products will attract more buyers, and help to achieve more sales.

On the other hand, the diversity of product sources may cause the buyer unease.

For example: if the buyer purchases two products at the same time, but from two different sources, this will make him logically expect their arrival at the same time, because he assumes that they are from your store directly). As a drop-shipping store owner, you have to anticipate this and be prepared for it.

6. Drop-shipping makes the e-commerce process easy and fast

The simple idea that drop-shipping is based on, allows anyone with some simple skills to enter the world of e-commerce.

This is an advantage for you, but it is an advantage for all of your competitors as well, so this leads to a much higher level of competition in drop-shipping. This entails the imperative of reducing the profit margin to obtain good sales.

I think that now you have a lot of knowledge and information about path shipping, but in any case, the vision will become clearer through the next part, which will deal with the practical steps to enter the field of path shipping.


How to start drop-shipping in 5 steps

1. Choosing a specific type of product to sell by the drop-shipping method

In fact, throughout my period of work in the fields of work and business online, I did not see a clear truth as clear as the following truth “Online success does not come to those who want everything”

What is the meaning of this? This means that to succeed in profiting from drop-shipping, you have to specialize in a particular type of product. Yes, the idea of ​​free choice of products is tempting in the world of drop-shipping, but the idea of ​​owning a specialized brand that is famous for a certain type of product is a very important key to your success.

There are a lot of details that I can help you with on this point, which will enable you to specialize intelligently and thoughtfully, but because we are planning to publish a special article on this point.

So I’ll go through some simple tips quickly:

a. Listen to your heart: It may sound unprofessional advice, but the secret to the success of many types of business in all disciplines is that there are people behind it who have a passion and interest in what they offer.

b. Use the tools: Many tools enable you to know the needs of the market you want to target, and these tools include:

* Google Keyword Planner: (a Google tool that will enable you to know the search rate for specific words, for example, try the dancing cactus, and you will see how many users search for it per month).

*Google Trends: (also a Google tool, through which you can identify popular search words at a specific time).

c. Follow groups on social networking sites: Social networking sites are a very important tool through which you can know the needs of your target audience, just join the appropriate groups, and you will be impressed with the information you can collect.

I will suffice with these three points, and now let’s move on to the second step of profiting from the shipping path.

2. Build an online store

There are many solutions and options available to create an online store, these solutions differ among themselves according to the cost and ease, but any of them can be relied upon to create an online store for Drop-Shipping.


A brief overview of the steps to create an online store

a) programming companies

This is the most expensive option and the slowest to implement, it is not suitable for beginners, but it is the perfect solution for large stores that need unique specifications and features.

b) WordPress and WooCommerce add-on

This is the cheapest option, it takes some skill to work with WordPress and WooCommerce, but with some time and effort, anyone can handle it with ease. Because WordPress is open-source software, you will find plenty of explanations and resources to learn anything about it.

c) e-commerce platforms

Specialized e-commerce platforms are platforms that provide an integrated solution to create an online store, as they provide you with all the features and features you need for an amount that you pay periodically (every month).

This option is the most widely used and widespread in the world of drop-shipping, and it is the easiest solution ever, as these platforms provide you with everything you need, and they also provide a support service to help when you need it.

One of the most famous of these platforms is the global Shopify platform.


It is worth noting that the Shopify platform is the first platform in the world in terms of use in the world of drop-shipping. It provides all the tools and features you need to set up your store on the wave of drop shipping with ease and speed.

Also, there are many courses and educational resources that explain the shipping routes through the Shopify platform specifically.

By now you should have chosen the type of products you will specialize in, and have already built your online store, so you are ready to move on to the next point.

3. Contracting with Drop-shipping Wholesalers

This is a very sensitive and important point. There are a lot of drop-shipping suppliers, which could be wholesalers, supermarkets, or factories.

You have to specify your choices here accurately and according to your circumstances, including the target market (the country in which you want to sell your products), whether the supplier allows products to be shipped to them or not, and also the nature of the products you want to sell, as well as the prices provided by suppliers and the extent of their suitability with you.

Here is a list of the most important sites that provide drop-shipping services for stores:

Aliexpress: (The largest wholesale e-commerce site, where you will find thousands of suppliers of all kinds of products that offer drop-shipping).

Oberlo: Dorp shipping platform is easy to use, and on it, you will find tens of thousands of diverse products.

SaleHoo: This site provides lists of the most important wholesalers around the world, and it also provides a great community for drop shippers.

Worldwide Brands: One of the oldest and most trusted drop-shipping sites.

4. Setting the payment method for buyers and suppliers

In the case of working in the field of drop-shipping, you must set the method of payment for buyers from your store, and you must also determine the method by which you will pay the suppliers.

At this point, there are a lot of options as well, the most important of which is payment via PayPal, on the one hand, it is an acceptable payment method for most suppliers, and on the other hand, you can easily set it on your online store to be a means of receiving money from buyers.

5. Create a marketing plan and build a brand for your store

Your success in drop-shipping depends largely on your success in marketing and working on publicizing your store among potential buyers. This includes running advertising campaigns on social media and Google Ads.

It should also be noted here that marketing begins in terms of setting prices, deliberate targeting of the most appropriate market…etc.

In this regard, you should return to the topic of e-marketing, as it contains information that will help you market your store.

Now, my friend, and that you have learned about the steps to start shipping, it is time for me to guide you to a wonderful group of resources that will enable you to become a professional in drop-shipping and make excellent profits from it as professionals do.

1. The Complete Shopify AliExpress Drop-ship course

An integrated course on drop-shipping (through the Express and Shopify platforms). This course is one of the best drop-shipping courses on the Internet. (This course is now available on Udemy for only $19.99).

2. The Ultimate Guide to Drop-shipping

A guide of 11 lessons provided by the Shopify platform

3. Drop-shipping 101: Ecommerce Without Inventory.

Free book provided by Oberlo

4. Drop-shipping Product Categories That Make Me 6-Figures

This course is on the Udemy platform and is specialized in helping you choose products that you can make excellent profits from through drop-shipping.

5. eBay Drop-shipping — The Ultimate eBay Drop-Shipping Strategy.

Another great course on how to use eBay for drop-shipping is on the Udemy platform.

The article is not over yet, my friend, there is still a lot of information I would like to share with you about working and profiting from drop-shipping.

5 very important tips for success in drop-shipping

1. Focus on winning customer loyalty

The world of drop-shipping is crowded and highly competitive, as we mentioned before, so your key to success and continuity is to gain customer loyalty to deal with you continuously and permanently.

In this context, you must build a strong brand for your online store, and work to open marketing channels for your store on social media. It’s also important to make your store easy to use, fast to browse, and of course use high-quality images.

2. Take good care of choosing products because they are your key to success in this game

According to drop-shipping experts, choosing the right product is a very important key to achieving success in drop-shipping. For example, relying on on-trend products is an excellent strategy that professionals in the world of drop-shipping rely on.


Also, small, inexpensive products that do not carry a big brand represent another opportunity to succeed and make more profits in drop-shipping.

3. Set a good marketing budget

Marketing is the password in everything related to the world of the Internet, even transcontinental brands never stop making advertising campaigns for them to stay in the mind of the consumer constantly.

But when it comes to the competitive world of drop-shipping, in which your profit depends on achieving large sales, here marketing takes a special place, and you should put it at the top of your priorities.

4. Pricing your products correctly

Pricing in the world of drop-shipping is a very delicate component, and it is a critical component of your success. If you raise prices from the market, you will not achieve sales, and if you reduce prices to a minimum, you will need massive sales operations to make a profit worth your time.

Finding the price that represents the dividing line in balancing profit and increasing sales is the key that you have to do a lot of experimentation to reach.


Drop-shipping is a new field, and in this topic, I tried to provide a useful guide for anyone who seeks to start in this field.

Drop-shipping represents a great opportunity for anyone looking to create their online store, without going into the complications and costs of owning inventory.

Online buying habits are on the rise. Do not be passive and spend your life wishing to enter this field, but start today to take practical steps to achieve your dream.

If you are interested in the idea of selling online and want an easy and free way to test your ideas, try Facebook Marketplace

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