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Drive Traffic To Your Website: 5 Proven Ways

Meka is an affiliate marketer with passion for building marketing blogs. His marketing style centers around SEO traffic and list building.

Website traffic

To grow your business, you need more website traffic.

In addition to growing your business, driving traffic to your website also has a way to help you make money. This is because the number of unique visitors your website has is directly proportional to the number of opportunities you have to add new customers to the existing ones.

This is one of the importance of increased website traffic because your number of website visitors is the number of opportunities your business has to build a relationship, to share its brand, and to give an impression to the visitors.

You have more opportunities to sell your products ultimately, to help nurture and solve your website visitors’ problem, to generate qualified leads, to continually grow your business, and gain new clients or customers when you drive traffic to your website.

This means that you need more website traffic to make more money for your business.

Here is a little mathematics to show that driving traffic to your website has a way to help you make money. We are going to assume that your website has a marketing funnel that converts at 5% for a $90 product.

  • 1000 unique visitors in 1 month = 1000 x 5% x $90 = $4,500/Month
  • After applying the techniques you learn here and your traffic increases to 5000 unique visitors per month = 5000 x 5% x $90 = $22,500/Month

We have used the term “Unique traffic” to signify that when an individual visits the website 5 times in a month, we still count them as 1 user.

With more visitors,

  • you have more opportunities to sell your product ultimately,
  • you generate qualified leads,
  • you continually grow your business, and gain new clients or customers.

Website traffic is important and has three major impacts which are

  1. Increased number of website visitors
  2. Increased website traffic quality
  3. Increases your website conversion.

What is website traffic?

Website traffic can be defined as the number of web users that visit a website. It is measured in visits or sometimes called sessions. It is a common way of measuring online business effectiveness at attracting an audience.

Do you have a website and want to drive more traffic to it?

I will be giving you 5proven ways to drive traffic to your website

  1. Write irresistible headlines
  2. Target topics with search traffic potential
  3. Write guest posts
  4. Link internally
  5. Build a community around your brand

1) Write irresistible headlines

A headline is the title of a report. It is the text indicating the nature of the article below it. The main purpose of a headline is to briefly and quickly draw attention to the story.

So to draw the attention of many to the content you have written, your headlines should be irresistible. The role of headlines cannot be overlooked because they are one of the most important parts of any content.

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Your content headline should be such that when anyone sees it, he or she would be compelled from within to click on it and read the content to see more.

Even the most comprehensive blog post will not be opened talk more of reading it when its headline is not compelling. So try as much as possible to make your headlines enticing.

2) Target topics with search traffic potential

Topics with search traffic potential are topics that people are searching for.

To generate passive organic traffic to your site, what you need is to rank high in Google. And there is no doubt that search engine optimization is one of the best ways to achieve a consistent long term result.

To get started, here are two quick ways to go about it

a) Find keywords with low competition but high search volume.

To do this, enter your keyword phrases into the keywords explorer you are using and then choose one of the reported keyword ideas to see many more ideas.

The number of keyword options to appear depends on the keyword explorer you are using. And you have to look out for these two measuring factors:


This is also known as keyword competition. It signifies the overall search demand of a keyword. It is represented as a numerical value from zero to one hundred. The higher the KD value, the harder it is to compete with others to rank for that keyword.


This is known as the average number of searches for a specific keyword over a certain period of time in a specific country.

This will help you get keyword topics with high search volumes and low competition. These are topics with high business value.

b) Use the Content Explorer.

A content explorer is a tool that helps you search the database of billions of web pages.

To find good keyword topics or content ideas that would be easier to rank for on search engines, search for it on your content explorer tool and measure by applying the Organic traffic filter and referring domains.

By doing this you will have a list of suitable pages that gets lots of organic traffic with just a number of backlinks or even none at all. Then you can go through these pages and look for a topic that makes sense to cover and has business values.

3) Write guest posts

A guest post is an article written and published on another person’s blog. It is also known as guest blogging. Usually, the blogger is allowed to link back to his site in return by the site owner.

Guest posting has the following benefits

  • Increases your brand awareness and introduces you to new people
  • Gives your site more backlinks and helps you build relationships
  • Gives your site more referral traffic. This is great for search engine ranking.

To find sites that you can write for, use content explorer to find sites with topics that are similar to the ones you want to write about and write for them, or use Google search operators to find sites with 'become a contributor or write for us page' then write for them.

This is because one of the greatest confrontations with guest posting is finding a blog that will be pleased to accept your guest posts.

Note that as guest posting on a reputable site can help build your brand and increase blog traffic to your site, spam content could result in hardened penalties’ so as you guest post, do that with caution.

An internal link is a link from one page to another page on the same domain. These are links on the page in the content.

Internal links are useful for three reasons

  • They help spread link equity around websites
  • Helps website users as they navigate the website
  • Helps websites establish information hierarchy

How many sites you link back to does not solely determine the strength of your link profile. Your internal linking structure can also affect it.

Always keep an eye out for an opportunity to add internal links when creating and publishing content. Because it gives the website users a more useful and better experience which is the cornerstone of increasing your website traffic.

Note that internal linking does not only help with search engine optimization.

5) Build a community around your brand

To build a community around your blog means to structure or create a community of people who will follow your blog, and interact with your content.

Starting a conversation which in turn will increase your website traffic is a great way to build a community around your brand because people always seek for ways to weigh in on subjects they feel passionate about or at least speak their mind on the subject.

To foster this sense of community around your brand, you will have to involve a third-party solution like creating a committed forum where visitors can ask questions. You can as well use Facebook comments and implement a robust commenting system.

However, you will have to manage your community to ensure that the polite behaviour that is appropriate in a social situation is maintained. Removing and avoiding spam comments and scams of all kinds.

In conclusion, there are some other ways to drive traffic to your blog. But the above five have been implemented severally and have worked making it a proven formula. Try implementing them and come back with your testimonies.

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