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Niche and my Road Down Internet Business.


I am trying to get into the "internet business" industry and thought had a niche chosen.

First Niche Website

My first niche website

My first niche website

What I am Chasing

Good afternoon, today I am going to be talking about my first "niche" website. If you have any knowledge of the internet business than you know what a niche is and if you don't than a niche is "a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service."-Google. Basically the topic of your choice that you are interested in and currently I am doing Affiliate marketing. I was so set to start marketing .. something but I had not picked my niche. When I did pick my niche, I didnt do any research on niches or anything. I stood up and an idea immediately came to my head "auto parts!". I didnt think hard about this and start a site on that. Auto parts is not a niche, more like hubcaps is like a niche.

Before I Got Serious

Now before I started this venture, I had already created websites and marketed products. I had not chosen a niche though, just whatever the product was, I created an article on that subject. I was just getting into the business and didn't know any better. I was not purchasing any URLs at the time; Instead I was using Google to make little sites about that certain niche. I did make 16 little websites, all being different niches and those still have not made any money. So after life forced me to change my living situation, I started looking into the internet business quite a bit more seriously and I then began my pursuit. I wanted it so bad for so long, it felt good actually going after it!

Serious but Still Unsure

I got more serious but was still feeling unsure about things dealing with the "internet business". But I know there is such a thing and after doing research, I found out that this is the only industry that puts people in the Aire club on a daily basis. After taking the courses that the WA platform provides, I now think of it differently. No longer trying to make good money but rather trying to help people find solutions to their problems. Honestly, it may sound easy but everyday for hours I sit in front of this computer trying to figure out how. I came across this platform, wealthyaffiliates.com and decided to join it. I followed the training and by the third day of following their program, I had bought a website, as well as, the URL to it for the next year. There are a lot of reviews that are negative towards the program and I can see why; it is an outdated training program but if you take the knowledge that it teaches you and either follow the program or do your own thing than it turns out good either way. If you acquire and apply the skills it does teach you than when the time comes and the time DOES come, you will be thankful that you joined.

And Now...

So as of right now, I sit here with a website that is published as an affiliate to Amazon, as well as, multiple other companies, my website is just linked to Amazon but the conversation I had yesterday with my Father, who I have review my website often, has me questioning if I chose the right niche; what I thought was a niche. What niche do I want to go for?

I am going to need to do some research about what ever niche I go into. I am really going to have to educate myself on the products within the niche and try to become an expert in that field. Honestly, what would be amazing is if I were able to travel around in my Subaru; to numerous camp grounds and basically blog about that. Staying in my Subaru and the equipment I ordered and used.

I would need numerous products to survive so I would blog about the individual items that I used which would be like leaving reviews on them. Only problem is, I don't have the funds to do that sort of thing, not quite yet. My Subaru is 20 years old and I question whether it would be able to withstand such travels.

My Thoughts for the Future

So my thoughts on my future are come January, I am going homeless and this may by choice but that may also lead me into a niche I could work with. I got blogging down, I understand that aspect or at least I think I do but there is always more to learn. I have my personal blog which I try and report to it daily. The link to that is also in my portfolio on my profile. It is meant for this very subject, I am going to release some very interesting documents from there in the future or "the blueprint". I try and report there at least twice a day, I also have my affiliate marketing avenue going. I do not want to start YouTube yet but not to worry, for the time will come to start that. I am thinking about typing out a book but not sure under what topic. I also need to choose my niche. Once I have that chosen I can then start reading, educating and promoting that topic. But only time will tell what is going to happen... Till next time folks, take care and stay beautiful!

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