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Cool Corner Desk (With Cat Bed)


Work at Home, Pet Your Cat!

For decades, writers and work-at-home entrepreneurs have faced a dilemma: how to type with a cat on the keyboard. IKEA has provided computer space for our towers, monitors, laptops, keyboards and mice, but not the cat!

I believe I have found the ideal solution. Read on to determine the proper ergonomic set-up for your home office, which of course should include a cat within arm's reach.

Kitt-in Box Cat Desk

The Refined Feline attempts to address this problem with the elegant Kitt-in Box, a feline-friendly desk shelf attachment that can be clamped to an existing desk.

The gadget blog Gizmodo fears that "Cat Desktop Bed a Good Idea, But Cats Will Never Go For It." I would alter that to some cats. I think the Kitt-in Box may work for many cats, especially with a favorite blanket or catnip on it.

My concern is that it's too small for robust felines, and too uncomfortable for others. Gizmodo also fears the cat may use it as a launching pad onto the keyboard.

Mom's Cat Desk

Mom's Cat Desk

Cat Station by the Workstation

Another option is to set up an irresistibly comfortable cat luxury pad within petting distance of your chair. Does your cat have a preferred blanket, bed, or pillow? Then you're in business.

To solve Keyboard Kitty Syndrome, my mother bought a folding table and set it catty-cornered, er, caddy-cornered to her existing computer desk, so that she could pet the cat while typing. (Diagram, right)

Key to this strategy was putting the cat's favorite blanket on the cat table. He schmoozes for a while, then retires to snooze. Occasional cat-breaks initiated by the cat alleviate work fatigue for the human.

My Corner Desk Solution - With Optional "Cat Bed" Extension

My Home Office

My Home Office

Having seen my mother's set-up, I decided that a corner desk would be the best solution. Not only does it maximize space and eliminate monitor glare while allowing me to look out the window, but also, it puts the cat within arm's reach and positions the cat bed in the window.

Legare Corner Desk

Legare desks are made of sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo. They dovetail together without nails, screws, bolts, or Allen wrenches: one simply slots them together like a large-piece jigsaw puzzle.

My setup is one Legare 60" desk plus two 31-inch "penisula" extensions, one on each side.

Cat Bed or Cushion

Next, put a cat bed on the longer side of the desk.

I used the smaller K&H Memory Foam Sleeper Pet Bed for pets. It's like Tempurrrrr-pedic for cats. The washable cover is handy, although I usually put a blanket on it.

(Cat bed inherited from my mother's even-more-spoiled cat who passed away.)

Throw Blanket

I wouldn't say our cats are spoiled or anything, but I have two serasoft chenille blankets — again, inherited from my mother's Elder Statescat who passed away at age 23 — which I rotate and wash when I change my sheets.

Dried Catnip

Sprinkled on the cat bed to make it especially enticing, it helped convince her to start using the cat bed. I replenish it every few months. (Hey, she's sixteen. She's earned her kitty retirement home.)

I'm not quite sure why a fat kitty would hoot, but my cat seems to prefer the catnip from this brand, recommended by a friend (or, as I call her, my cat's drug pusher).

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Ergonomic Chair

All that money I didn't spend driving to an office? I bought a good chair, instead. My doctor who maintained her practice out of her own house had an Aeron chair, so I bought the same brand.

It's amazing how I'll just pop up at 8 in the morning, get to work, and work all day now that the home office is the nicest room in the house!

Demo of Corner Cat Desk Set-Up - (Click to hear cat's opinion)

This Is Why We Work at Home - To be near family!

Cat, Home office, computer: priceless.

Cat, Home office, computer: priceless.

Simon's Cat and Keyboard Kitty Syndrome - (Also, mouseovers.)

From the ever-amusing and ever-persistent Simon's Cat.

Guestbook - Please share this page with other cat servants. The cats will appurrrrove.

LaurieNunley517 from Deep South on January 24, 2016:

Mama and I "hawed" through this Hub! I love it! This is one of the most usable articles I have read this month and I hope to use your idea. Thank you!

Paul from Liverpool, England on October 18, 2012:

There are two of us - we don't need opposable thumbs.

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on October 18, 2012:

I absolutely love your solution to keyboard cat syndrome. Your corner desk with cat bed sure beats my solution of giving up the mouse pad to my old girl. (She somehow figured that was her spot in the office.)

Marie on October 18, 2012:

Samhain is one very, very lucky cat :) Actually, you are one very lucky owner. I love this cat desk.

Hypersapien2 from U.S. on June 29, 2012:

These are cute!

flycatcherrr on May 26, 2012:

It was my SmartCat's habit of sharing keyboard space that taught me to hit the Save button almost obsessively... for cause. Shoulda had a cat desk extension!

Lisa Marie Gabriel from United Kingdom on May 26, 2012:

Wonderful! How could a crazy cat lady NOT bless this lens! :) )

ria on May 26, 2012:

i love this lens adorable and functional

Camden1 on May 26, 2012:

LOL at the too small for "robust" cats - great adjective choice!

Susanna Duffy from Melbourne Australia on May 26, 2012:

I had a cat extension built for my desk - wish I had spotted this one, much more elegant

CruiseReady from East Central Florida on May 26, 2012:

Anyone who lives in a cat's space will immediately see that this has got to be one of THE most useful pages on Squidoo. It certainly has the approval of Walker, Florida Feline, too!

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