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Attempting the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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Just a living person with stories beyond belief and more than willing to share. By the way, I have TBI so I think differentlyandproud of it!

The beginning..

Before I really got involved with the whole "internet" business, I researched living the life as a Digital Nomad and loved researching it. That was kind of like my dream, traveling around while earning money online!?! What are you kidding me, sounds like a lifestyle NOT following society's way of life. I have never been a follower and always kind of "walked my own path". When I researched this, I made my mind up that this is what I wanted to do!

The first platform

I came accross a platform, but living frugally my whole life and with it costing money, ya no thanks and its funny because you would have or I would have never thought that years down the road, I end up taking the deal with the same platform and more than thankful I did. Now, yes, this website is a little outdated but what it teaches you the much needed foundation for this "internet business"

"Internet business"

Now I have done much research on this internet business, of course, and this is the only industry that creates millionaires on the daily. For the past Four weeks I have barely slept and have really focused much of my energy and attention onto this. This is something that I will not let pass me by. I wish I could find a mentor for this type of work but it is what it is. I really enjoy sitting here for hours on end trying to figure it out. I think I need to create another website with a more relevant niche, I am learning that it really is the content that sells. Not to mention, I have to stay focused on one thing long enough to learn it but so much comes at me that my attention and energy gets divided from one topic to eight in a matter of minutes. I am able to stay up on my blog tho!

That is my blog but come January, I am more than likely going to be living in my Subaru until I get this stuff figured out! One could hope that it would be soon but one could also realize, it could be years. Being years, is not cool. I have to figure this out!

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