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Amazon Cash Back


Here's an easy way to make money from Amazon every time your friends start their shopping on your lens!

This is a step-by-step guide to set up a lens to get cash back every time someone shops at Amazon!

If you have any questions, or if I'm missing a step, just leave a comment at the bottom of this page and I'll answer it as soon as I can!

If you don't want to make money for yourself, and you're here to help me make some money, just scroll down to the bottom, click on any of the Amazon product links (you don't have to buy that particular product), and shop as usual! Save this page and do that every time you shop. You can also right-click one of the product links, copy the link, and save that as your Amazon bookmark. Thanks!

Or, you can help Mended Little Hearts of Chicago or March for Babies - Team CHD

How much can you make?

Squidoo typically makes up to 8.5% on the Amazon sales across all Squidoo lenses. When someone shops through lens, you'll get half of that, up to 4.25%

Steps to get cash back from Amazon

Step 1: Click here and sign up for Hubpages (it's free!)

Step 2: Click the orange "Create a Lens" button

Step 3: On the section called "New Amazon," click Edit

Step 4a: Select "Let Amazon Pick" and fill out any search term

Step 4b: Select "Let Me Pick" and paste an Amazon product link in the box, then click Add Item. Up to 5 items can be listed.

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom and click Save

Step 6: To make your lens featured on Squidoo, add some other modules. There are different Amazon options, and many other different modules you can use. To be featured, a lens should have 5 good modules. When you're done, click Publish at the top of the page. If it says it won't publish, just follow the instructions it gives you and try publishing again.

Step 7: Upper left-hand corner, click Dashboard. Your lens will be in the list.

Step 8: Save the link to your lens (Mine is http://xbratx99.hubpages.com/hub/amazon-cash-back)

Step 9: Share your lens link with your family/friends, on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, wherever.

Step 10: To get paid, you'll need to specify your PayPal email address, which you can do under the Settings tab.

Here is the F.A.Q. about Squidoo Paydays, if you have any specific questions that I haven't answered.

Great Stuff on Amazon

I've gotten these items for free (or close to free) on Amazon, by getting free gift cards! I've been getting free gift cards online for many years. I have received over $1,500 in free items from Amazon, plus thousands of dollars in cashback, gift cards to other retailers, Paypal payments, etc.) My oldest paid-to account was opened in October of 1999. Many have come and gone since then, but check out the link below for some of my favorites.

If you want some free gift cards to spend at Amazon (or many other retailers), just go to the link below!

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