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Advantages and Disadvantages of Voluntary Work

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1.definition of volunteering

Volunteering is generally defined as unpaid activity in which someone devotes his time helping other people. It is considered by some people as a good behavior that has many benefits in favor of humanity, and some other ones see it as a thing that can affect the volunteer’s life negatively.

2.Advantages of Volunteering

One point of view in favor of engaging in voluntary work activity is that it makes a person to be more confident by giving him an opportunity to try some new things and build a real sense of achievement, and it helps him to get rid of the negative effects of stress and anxiety. Also, it gives a chance to meet different sorts of people in various places and make new relationships. Moreover, it helps to learn new skills and gain experience in various domains.

3.Disadvantages of Volunteering

On the other hand, volunteering can be seen by some people as a time-consuming activity. In other words, a person can sometimes spend the most his time volunteering to the extent that he will not have enough time left for himself and his family. That will affect negatively his work or education without doubt. Besides, a volunteer does not receive any monetary compensation for his time. What is the worst thing is that he can spend all of his money in order to help the others. Moreover, taking part in voluntary activities has really some negative impact on the volunteer’s health. This means a volunteer can work in some situations that can create feelings of stress, anxiety, and frustration that would eventually lead to a deterioration of his physical health totally


It seems that there are several arguments both for and against doing voluntary activities. All people are different, and they have different opinions. What is suitable for some may not be suitable for the others. The choice should be left to a person to decide whether to engage in voluntary activities or not.




ABDELMAJID YAQOUBY (author) from MOROCCO on May 01, 2019:

You're right, people really don't have the sense of engaging in some good activities such as volunteering

Jackie on May 01, 2019:

Volunteering has no place in the world of materialism.....most people today are seeking for money

ABDELMAJID YAQOUBY (author) from MOROCCO on April 28, 2019:

voluntary work is really a good thing that a person can offer to other people, but a volunteer is required to be patient whatever happens to him/her

abdelali abdellaoui on April 28, 2019:

I'm with voluntary work because we learn a lot of thinks like life skils and many thinks ...