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Your Business Brand Needs an Identity


It is well known that the identity(or "branding") of your brand can make or break any business. It's not only differentiating you from your competitors, but it's also a way to visually display what your business offers without you having to say a word.

Your brand needs to articulate who you are as a business, what you deliver to consumers and why they should choose you instead of your competitors. Now more than ever it is crucial to ensure that you have a Branding for your brand.

An investment in a properly branded brand will bring you even more money in the pocket as it catches the eye of your potential customers!

Let's talk about your logo. No, a logo is not branding. While an emblem represents a large part of your business and brand, it's not the only thing needed to communicate your brand's message effectively.

All aspects of your brand need to speak to each other. Without a coherent 'golden thread' between everything in your entire brand, people will not recognize your brand and you will disappear among the thousands of competitors.


What does your brand include?

A branded brand contains all the design elements of your brand. It is:

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  • Your emblem ("logo")
  • Business Cards
  • Email signatures
  • A letterhead
  • Designs for print media (pamphlets, brochures, brochures, etc.)
  • Social Media Advertising Designs
  • Packaging designs
  • Website Design

What benefits does a properly branded brand offer then?

Brands build trust

Brands that lack key elements in their brand will not be able to easily build consumer loyalty and trust. The effort and investment made in your brand will tell people whether you have a credible brand or not.

A branded brand tells your story

People do not invest in what product or service you can offer, they invest in the meaning and values ​​behind your brand. Proper brands show the heart, values ​​and story behind your brand without you having to say a word.

It unites your brand

A branded brand aims to create a unified front between your emblem (“logo”), business elements (business cards, email signatures and even designs on social media) and products or services. It creates brand consistency, and as you know, consistency is essential. Consistency makes you memorable.



By having an exceptional brand, your business can declare that you will keep your promises to your customers. Consumers need to be clear about what they can deliver from the first moment. When this does not happen, they lose interest and become aloof. It only takes a tenth of a second for people to make a judgment about how they feel about your brand.

Therefore, it is essential that you can take your consumers' breath away within a tenth of a second.

In closing

Do you feel that your brand is producing these results? If not use this article as a start to ensure that your brand has a clear and powerful identity.

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