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YouTubers and Freelancers - How We Make It Work

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To be successful on YouTube, you need to know what type of content works with your audience and why. You can’t just upload videos willy-nilly, hoping that the views will start pouring in. That’s not how it works! You have to take time to figure out your strategy and pick the right type of content to put out there to attract the views and subscribers you want and deserve.

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The Journey

Yes, working on YouTube is hard work; it’s more often than not stressful, frustrating, tiring, and lonely. What other job lets you be yourself – at your best (and sometimes worst) – to an audience of millions? With all that in mind, most people would jump ship at a moment’s notice. The truth is that most YouTubers have regular jobs outside of their YouTube channel(s), which allows them to make it work because they have enough control over their time. Just like any freelancer or business owner out there, each one has had to figure out how to get their job done when no one is looking.

Setting Goals

This can be challenging in a work-from-home situation. Often, freelancers don’t have a team to bounce ideas off of or are forced to be their boss. As a result, goal setting becomes even more important to stay motivated during long days and projects that require self-discipline. Ideally, each week (or at least every month) freelance workers should create personal goals such as getting five new clients by X date or spending three hours writing my eBook by Y date. Because these goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely (SMART), they will help you boost productivity throughout your day—and help get you closer to achieving real success!

Scheduling Time For Work

Scheduling times for work is important. Each freelancer has their way of doing it, but we want to share some of our favorite strategies with you. Firstly, think about when you’re most productive. What’s your sweet spot? Then, schedule time for work in advance. If you can predict your workload a week ahead, do it! The more prepared you are, the better. Finally, don’t forget to leave yourself room for playtime too! Whether that means an hour of Netflix or going out with friends at night, make sure there’s space in your schedule to have fun too.

Prioritize Self-Care

As a YouTuber, you're going to be working at all hours of day and night. Don't forget to take care of yourself! Prioritize self-care by doing something nice for yourself once a week. It could be as simple as taking a half-hour bubble bath with candles, giving yourself some time to read your favorite book, or even splurging on getting dinner out with friends. If that sounds like too much work, there are plenty of other things you can do just for yourself—like getting eight hours of sleep each night (or ten if you're up late shooting videos!) or simply taking an hour break after every two hours of work. Whatever you choose is totally up to you; just make sure it's something that feels good for you.

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Have an Office with a Door

Having an office with a door is my absolute must-have when it comes to working at home. It gives me a feeling of privacy and professionalism—I can’t concentrate as well in my living room, even with music on. Having an office space helps me stay motivated and focused throughout my workday. Plus, I don’t want to bother anyone at home when I am trying to be productive. If you don’t have an extra room, see if your partner would be willing to let you use one of theirs or rent an inexpensive office space for a day each week. The change of scenery will do wonders for your focus levels.

Find (or Create) a Community

Finding other people with similar interests makes it easier to stay motivated, get feedback on your ideas, bounce around ideas, and more. No matter what you’re into—survival prepping, entrepreneurial endeavors, graphic design—some people share your passions and can connect with you about them. You can find communities centered around specific interests or goals through Reddit forums or Meetup groups. Once you’ve found others who share a common interest in whatever it is that inspired you to start a business in your free time (e.g., Millionaire Mindset or Strategic Optimism), take time each week to make an effort to connect with them and follow their progress.

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Manage Technology

In a lot of ways, freelancing makes life easier—you don’t have to go into an office every day, you can spend more time with your family, and if you get sick it isn’t an emergency. However, we also recognize that there are sacrifices—namely, in schedule stability. Sometimes you feel like you need more certainty in your schedule than most freelancers have. You still have lots of freedom but with a little bit more structure so that you don’t have to worry as much about time management or scheduling issues.

Embrace Flexibility & Change

Both my husband and I love to cook. One day we decided that cooking would be a good way to bring in some extra income, so we started a Youtube channel where we would share our favorite recipes. When you're freelancing, it's important to always be on the lookout for new opportunities. I'm passionate about helping people feel good in their skin so after doing some research online, I decided to launch my fitness website. Now we're able to earn an income from two different sources -- what an exciting time! But even with all of these projects going on at once, we still make sure to set aside time for each other. Even if it's just one night a week, we try to get out of the house and go somewhere together or hang out with friends. Keeping your relationship as your top priority is important when you're working from home because there are lots of distractions that can pull you away from each other. If something isn't working out, don't be afraid to change things up or try something new.

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