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YouTube SEO: How to Get More Views on YouTube

According to google searches, YouTube is the second largest search engine


How to rank your videos on youtube is the topic of this article

What is Search Engine?

Basically, it is a programme that searches for documents containing certain keywords to find relevant content and then arranges the results according to how closely they relate to the search query.

Examples: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Youtube

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a method to increase the visibility of a website or a webpage in the search results. By adding elements that are search engine friendly like pertinent keywords, to a website or webpage, SEO raises it's ranking in the search results.

In terms of global search volume, YouTube is ranked second. Every minute, approximately 100 hours of YouTube content are posted globally.

YouTube SEO is a technique you may use to optimise your videos so they appear higher in search results. Researching and incorporating keywords into video title, descriptions and tags is important because people search using keywords. Not just using words but also making videos on these topics.

Use Valuable Keywords

Like google, when uploading videos to youtube, you need to consider what keywords you are going to be targeting for that video. No matter how high you think the calibre of your videos is, there is no point in just publishing a video to YouTube channel and expecting thousands of viewers to come and watch it. Even though there are many of videos that go viral but they are extremely few and far between so please don't rely on this method alone unless you are in a really unique niche.

Instead of just depending on word of mouth, we need to consider what our potential viewers will type into the search engines to find our videos.

Google is unable to determine the exact content of our videos without keywords to guide it, so we need to give it a bit of a helping hand. When you do use keywords, make sure to use valuable keywords, phrases that people are actually typing into the search engines.

Choose Correct Title

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Choosing the correct title is very important. Take some time and think about your keywords. The free keyword tool from Google is another resource you may use. Spend some time looking for titles of videos on youtube that are comparable to yours before you come up with the title for your video. Ensure proper letter formatting by capitalising the first letter of each word. The title can be the deciding factor when a potential viewer is scrolling through a list of thumbnails and can make or break the deal. Your video will be far more likely to be chosen from the crowd, if the title grabs their attention and piques it.

Enter a few keywords regarding the subject you want to cover in your video in the youtube search bar to see what comes up, the most searched words on that topic will appear at the top. By saving these phrases to your computer or mobile, you can later use them as the title of a video on the same topic, as well as in the tags and description.

For example, I searched by writing how to SEO YouTube video and all the words that people searched for related to that topic appeared on YouTube, then I selected one and made a video.

Improve video description

Write a detailed description of the video that includes an explanation of the topics you covered. In the description, If possible, write a summary of the video. One advantage of creating a detailed description is that this description also shows up in Google's search results, which will raise the video's ranking.

When writing the description, also repeat words related to the topic of the video, and try to include the relevant words in the first two lines, and write in a way that sounds natural, not artificial. Your description, like your title is frequently viewed by your potential viewers, often whilst watching your videos, so this also needs to serve a dual purpose:

  • It needs to have plenty of good valuable key phrases for YouTube and other search engines.
  • For your audience, It must be intriguing and emotionally compelling.

Did you know, what is the maximum number of words you can use in your description?

Well, very few people do.

In fact, you are allowed 5000 characters. That's a lot of content and roughly equivalent to around 700-800 words as the length of a regular WordPress post. In fact, YouTube actually states in it's search guidelines that it actually rewards longer descriptions, so please don't hold back! It is also important not to keep repeating the same keywords over and over and this will more likely be penalized.

Using Tags

Although they are not visible to your viewers, but YouTube does because it provides another big clue as to how they should categorize and rank your videos. But, relatively few people take full advantage of them. You already have keywords from your title and description, so you simply need to place them in here too, perhaps with slight variations. Put quotation marks around your most significance phrases.

I have sincerely hope you've found this article useful.

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