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Writing For SEO- A Decisive Step

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Writing For SEO- A Decisive Step

Writing For SEO- A Decisive Step

With the very entrance to the world of website development, you must have encountered the words like "Search Engine Optimization”, “Ranking”, “Keywords” and many more. Most likely and naturally questions arise in your mind:

What is SEO Writing?

Why write for SEO?

What are the keywords?

These are as old as the internet itself is! To perceive the key concepts you must be well informed about what is SEO Writing?

What is SEO Content Writing?

The search engine optimized content is written principally for the purpose of ranking in search engines. It is properly planned and optimized such that it is ranked highest in the market that is teeming with competitors.

Making the content SEO friendly can be tedious sometimes but your content must be highly optimized for searches. Indeed an awesome content can make you stand out from the competition, there is always a need to make it SEO friendly, and not every good writer is an SEO writer as well!

Why Write for SEO?

No search engine ranks your website unless it comes up with user-friendly content that appears in searches. SEO article writing is mandatory in the present day because no search engine tolerates writing aimlessly. The content you plan, create and write is the part and parcel of your SEO and without any solid strategy of writing, your website will never rank!

Here are a few predominant reasons that you ought to know for understanding that SEO is the enigma you need to outwit billions of competitors.

1. Get Traffic

As a matter of fact, your content must be captivating enough to catch the eye of the users. Ideally, the more eye-catching the content, the more visitors it earns. Visitors mean traffic on your website. Preferably, the strategic use and implementation of keywords in your content makes it enchanting not only for visitors but also for Google or any search engine.

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2. Higher Ranking

You must own content with accurate usage of keywords as it has a considerable role in the SEO of the website. Without SEO-friendly content, there is nothing on your website that search engine has to rank.

The random pushing of meaningless content on the website can be disastrous for your website ranking. Writing beneficial content to meet the search engine optimizing strategies is the most crucial aspect of ranking higher.

3. Keywords and Related Terms

It is needless to say that quality content is the key to your website ranking despite the advancements in ranking technologies. Keywords are still vital. Incorporation of Main Keyword and LSI keywords in idiosyncratically written content can bring forth your website on the rankings. Google's algorithm evaluates your content in terms of the proper use of keywords in the content along with its quality. So the rule becomes: Better keywords, better ranking on Google.

4. Social Validation

Although money makes many things easier, but those who do not prefer using money are obliged to come up with quality content on their website. The basic way of social validation is to put forward something that is valuable, to deliver what people are searching for, and to understand the needs of people.

When your website content is winsome and people are satiated by your content, they are likely engaged with your website. Your social validation mounts when people share the links of your blog posts on social media and other platforms and Google counts this sharing while ranking websites. These are called Back Links and can only be gained through the appealing content on your website.

5. “Search Task Accomplishment”

Search engine evaluates if your content solves some purpose, this is called Search Task Accomplishment; a new jargon nowadays getting popularity.

Google and other search engines assess the worth of your content by seeing if it is capable of answering people’s queries. If the content is SEO friendly it is focused on the people’s demands and it will always solve their problems. The user must find what he/she is seeking from your website and if your website does so, Google will definitely rank your content.

Final Verdict

Currently, website content has two focal points: 1) User 2) Search Engine

The content should be optimized for users as well as for search engines. The content must contain some purposeful and beneficial words that people are looking for. To rank higher on Google, your content should give users a solid reason to link to your website in their areas of interest. Useful content gets plenty of backlinks and more traffic. Your content markets itself when it has appropriate keywords and boosts the ranking of the website. You must know that without enthralling content there is no SEO and no ranking. For that reason writing for SEO is part and parcel of website ranking.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Arslan Ejaz Rao

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