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How to Write Your Perfect Customized Resumes Faster Using Excel - a CV Writing Trick

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Write a customized resume for every job

Many human resource experts say clearly that they give a very short time to scan your resume ( 7 to 9 seconds), so to increase your chance to be interviewed, you need to write a customized resume for every position. Here we show how you could use MS Excel to automate writing customized resumes and save your time.

Write your perfect customized resume using Excel


"Your resume says a lot about you; it determines whether you will be called in for an interview or not."

— Anonymous

How to use Excel to Write multiple resumes easily

  • Open a new workbook.
  • In the first cell (A1), write "Skills" as a title.
  • Start to write all your skills starting from cell A2.
  • Write one skill in every cell then move to the next row, so you have a column that includes all your skills.
  • The second column title will be the name of the first position you could get depending on your expertise and skills.
  • Put "Yes" for every skill you have and need against the first position.
  • Do the same for the second position in column C.
  • Repeat the same for all the positions that could be potential for you considering your experience and skills.
  • You will have something like the below:

List of the skills you have against positions


How to filter the skills of your first potential postions

  • Go to "Home" tab, from "editing" section, select "Sort & Filter"and choose filter (Ctrl + Shift + L).
  • Go to cell B1, and click the small arrow to see the options.
  • Select "Yes" only.
  • Now you have a list of the skills you need to add to your position 1 resume like you could see below.

Filtering Position 1


Selecting and copying the skills

  • Select all the skills for the first postion.
  • Copy them (Ctrl + C).

Copying the Skills of Position 1


Pasting your Skills in text editing program

If you are using Microsoft Word as a text editor, open the related file for position 1 resume.

If you paste the skills directly, you will have them as a table, but mostly you don't need that, so right-click on the mouse where you need to paste the skills and select "Keep text only" option from "paste options". Check below.

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Pasting the skills in MS Word


Have the skills as bullets points

You will have the skills as lines.

Now you could add bullets or numbers..etc, as below

Bullets points


Repeat the steps for other positions

You can have many word files, one file for every position.

Clear the previous filter and re-filter the skills for the next position, copy the skills and paste them in the new word file, and so on for the other postions.


Last Words

Do not give up, and remember that every time you submit a resume (CV), you are increasing your chance to get the job you dream about.

Go ahead, you will win.

I hope for a bright future for you.

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

— Albert Einstein

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