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How to Write Social Media Ads That Get Results

I am a graphic designer, business owner, and social media expert. I hope that my experience will be a benefit to you.


Social Media Helps You Connect With Your Audience

Create more effective social media ads that produce results by extending your brand's personality to your ads. Every brand, like every person, has its own unique personality. You convey your brand through your posts and content. The language you use and the content you choose to post convey a message about who you are.

  • The wording in your ad needs to be similar to your other social media posts in language and in style. If you have a casual way of communicating in your posts, extend that style to your ads.
  • Your ads should be about communicating who, what, when, where, and why. Communicating these details helps users get the information they need. You want the message of your ads to be very clear. Your audience should be made aware of the value your company creates. They need to have a reason to let you into their lives.
  • Include a call to action. Communicate your call to action in less than five words. Convey what you think is most important for your audience to know. Make sure your audience understands what you're conveying. There should be no doubt what your ad is about and what action you would have them take.
  • Use complementary visuals, such as pictures, videos, gifs, memes, and slides. The visual emphasizes your point. Your ad copy needs to inform and entertain social media users. Grab their attention in the news feed. Your goal is to stop them from scrolling past you. You need something that they will find interesting and entertaining.

Target the Right People

  • Write a targeting profile for your ideal customer. Add in their interests, values, and behaviors. Once you define your ideal customer, you can target your ads accordingly.
  • Target people you know are already interested in you: your existing customers, or people who have recently responded or reacted to your posts. The people who know who you are and like what you do will be more open to offers.

Utilize Your Sales Funnel

Customize your ads to different groups of customers. Use a sales-funnel approach. Divide people by different stages, according to where they are in your sales funnel. Different groups of people will see their own customized ads.

There are three different stages to the funnel:

  • Awareness: For a cold audience that probably doesn’t know much about who you are at this stage. You want the audience to know you exist and have interesting content and that you can add value to their lives. Your content should be educational, entertaining, and emphasize your expertise in a certain area. Address whatever problem your audience may be facing. Let them know that you can solve it.
  • Attention: For an audience that knows who you are. They have probably had some engagement with your brand, but they might need a little more information before being in a frame of mind to buy something. You have a solution to your audience’s problem—but you’re not going to hard-sell it to them. They are in the consideration stage. They’re interested in stories and articles about people who have dealt with the same issues that are dealing with—people for whom you’ve provided a solution. They need to know that your product can change their lives for the better—even if it’s only to provide encouragement.
  • Results: For an audience that’s ready to buy. They are at the bottom of the funnel. They are ready to buy and just need that perfect offer—a free trial, webinar, or lesson. This is the point where your ads start to sound more like ads. You need to end with a call to action.
  1. Offer discount codes, coupons, or free items.
  2. Offer a limited number of these items or offer them for a limited amount of time. This will push the audience toward the result you’re after.
  3. Emphasize the value of your product. Include testimonials or test results.
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Converting Customers Is a Process

It will take several ad cycles to convert the audience at the top of your funnel. It is a gradual process. You are slowly moving them toward the "results" stage. You want them to interact with your content by clicking a “like” button or watching a video. Then you can move them through the assessment stage, then, finally, to the point where you can turn them into valued customers.

Do you have a special process that you use to convert your prospects into customers? I would love to hear about your experiences with social media ads. Drop a comment in the box below. Let me know how you liked this article as well.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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