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Work–life Balance Concepts Are Very Significant

Fulfilling a Work-life Balance is our duty and we should find ways to achieve the best work-life balance.

Work–life balance concepts are very significant

Applying practical ways to balance work and life is a good start.

Applying practical ways to balance work and life is a good start.

Work–life balance concepts are very significant

It involves suitably drawing a clear distinction involving “work" of ambition and career and the personal "lifestyle" concerning family, health, pleasure, meditation, spiritual development, which are linking the personal views and ideas of select lifestyle preferences. In the make-believe dichotomy, anthropologists studied the ways humans behave and define happiness to have a very little separation, "between our work and our other activities". Work-life balance expression construing sensitivity holds a powerful sway on the human mind was originally applied in the UK in 1972, to illustrate because the individual's personal life and work imbalance were predominant. In the US, this phrase was primarily driven so as to widen the potential for business growth, organizational commitment, and high performance. Therefore, the study borders on encouraging and motivating employees of the organization to impact WLB, Work and Life in the Balance state, and put the thrust to articulate how WLB affects several variables. WLB is a product of discrimination as well as deception, particularly when organizations constantly remain in a flux of competition and transformation precipitated mainly by the pressures of women’s ascendancy and involvement in every work-related activity, and the patriarchy descent, above all prevailing modernist pressure. At the same time, they expect to maintain their decorum and form, exhibiting perfection and plainness, all too noticeably intact.

Specifically, work-life balance concept and policies are more important for people who are obese, overweight, those who are physically weak, have back pain, suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, frequent headaches, and have problems with another body ailment, and useful in relation to maintaining employee stress levels.

Understanding Complex Mechanism of WLB

Several women work for almost 40 to 45 hours every week in the office and it was observed that 55% of they struggle to achieve WLB. The realities of the patriarchal society of Africa (Nigeria) produced severe challenges women staffs have to encounter both in organizations and at home causing them to be compelled and coerced, which is mainly the reason for their commitment and inspiration they bring to work for the better organizational performance. Therefore, WLB theory accumulates very decisive significance during the assessment of employee Quality of Work and A Life that elaborate on the quality of employee relationship with the working situation. Hence, the entire aspects of the work environment and its ambiance remain fundamental determinants to evaluate the entire Quality of Life of employees.

Great Britain Key work-related figures of 2017 and 2018.

  • 1.44 Million working employees suffered from work-related issues of illness;
  • 2585 people died of mesothelioma, a malignant tumor, because of asbestos exposure in 2017;
  • 145 workers got killed in the workplace;
  • 554,000 people were injured in the workplace;
  • 71,082 employees reported serious workplace accidents;
  • 30.88 million working days were wasted because of workplace injuries and work-related illnesses;
  • An estimated £15.5 billion was the cost incurred from the prevailing working conditions between 2017 and 2018.

Life Wheel

Our desire for a peaceful life to be construed, we should properly balance our life wheel to find harmonizing and balancing act in our day to day activities. Money cannot, in any way, buy happiness, and there are vital ways to achieve higher and better living standards. When our life is too active and busy, our entire energy is focused on specific projects, and we easily get carried away to find our entire working system going off balance, when we fail to pay proper attention to vital areas of our lives. At this stage, we need to have the correct drive to focus on things to be done, and if we take this into the future, it can bring about intense stress and frustration. This is the right time for us to take a clear "helicopter view" to observe our life, where it is leading, and how to bring back all things into balance. Turning the Life Wheel does not go altogether out of control until certain marked obstruct in the spiraling wheel of life fetches the accurate perception with it.

Reasons for Imbalance

While explaining such issues, there should be a speedy development to get away from this turmoil to return to normal movement and that would be the maximum impact to support the company economic situation and employees, which should remain in our minds and we should work hard accordingly to speed up this essential work.

To push the Life wheel further, the entire family must make several adjustments and compromises. It requires to consider a strong view to recognize what changes need to be made when the life the wheel revolves too harshly and whether we should continue to swirl with it.

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The balancing functions of Mental health due to excessive workload constantly for several years can be affected and emotionally stirred by four reasons;

(1) The impact of existing unfavorable genes, an appealing reason why they get into shape;

(2) by wounding trauma, a drastic and harsh incidence or experience that caused severe emotional distress or anxiety;

(3) by extreme and distressful problems due to private pressures; and

(4) The most recent development of the damaging effects of excessive stress and pressure due to work. Job stress and work-related stress, anxiety, and depression are common in Great Britain and they become the major issues to trigger the imbalance in the entire situation.

However, there are several different reasons, which are responsible to cause a major imbalance.

The main implication to support this notion is that traditionally the role of women and men are not predominant in the prevailing workforce; while women prefer to accept a better career‐minded outlook, men are inclined to be more family-centered and family‐leaning. Hence, it becomes imperative that an appropriate intervention program should focus on reducing Workaholic, compulsive, extreme, and unrelenting indigence at work, in both men and women. In this regard, the intervention with flexible work time, and proper telecommuting methods may be the answer. It is at this stage certain remarkable activity should be introduced by increasing non-occupational events to proceed with obligation features like gardening and housework, garden maintenance, various other facets of quality work to support family members or involvement in volunteer activities.

This will remove the perception of a habitual lack of time. It mainly relates to the level of income, time pressure, amongst others, the impact of own age, the number of children at home, marital status, the professional employment level. The specific strain and stress can lead to irreversible trauma, physical wearing signs, along with the negative effects of depression, on the human immune and cardiovascular systems.

There is a famous cultural belief that parents are overly doting and attentive toward their children, however, parenthood is the right avenue to bring happiness in life, and this may not be properly justified due to an imbalance at work and family life and culture. Actually, the Joy of Parenthood is considered as most pleasing and gratifying. However, it is observed to be the opposite.

The parents, these days, suffer worse physical and mental health, more than childless couples. Work and personal life are interdependent, and interconnected, two sides of one coin. They perform the most essential tasks of occupational science, job-related work, and occupational therapy, the fundamental premise of humans to do and manage a balanced and better lifestyle. Therefore, the fundamental idea of life balance is essential to design the personal lifestyle in integrity with personal strengths and values. This is termed occupational integrity that is considered the most crucial prerequisite to life balance.

The Occupational integrity opens out to focus on the therapy beyond the interventions at the personal level to find an identity that helps various clients to recognize their values, strengths, and purpose, what brings them complete satisfaction, and thereon, designing the living ways and manners in congruence with them.

The Life Wheel always helps to set goals, and also to identify several areas we wish to work on and other many ways to visualize our prevailing ways to deal with our desired life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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