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Women in Business Rock: Fabiola Hinton

Fabiola Hinton

Fabiola Hinton

Female Entrepreneur Feature

Black female entrepreneurs are fast becoming the most admired group of female entrepreneurs globally. They work hard, they work tirelessly to gain visibility as talented, intelligent and highly innovative, passionate businesswomen. However, despite all the hard work they do, media coverage associated with the exceptional achievements of black women is minimal.

My aim as a black female entrepreneur, writer and mental health and wellness advocate, is to continue to shine an unapologetic light on the mindblowing achievements of black women on a global scale.

Women in Business Rock is a series that features inspirational content about the strides that black women have taken and continue to take in the business space. Today, we are shining a light on Fabiola Hinton. A multi-talented entrepreneur from Canada.

Fabiola is Haitian-born but moved to Canada at a young age to pursue further education. She studied to become an aesthetician however, she took on a more ambitious role by starting her own business, SimplyFabilous in 2017.

The SimplyFabilous brand started off as a physical storefront in Ontario Canada however, with time, experience and lessons learned, Fabiola decided to transform the business into an online hub for beauty and fashion.

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The SimplyFabilous line of products is cruelty-free, vegan, high-quality and affordable. Recently, I interviewed Fabiola to delve deep into the mind of a female entrepreneur and to pick her brain regarding the challenges she has faced as a female business owner.

Delving into the Mind of an Entrepreneur

I asked her a few questions and here is a rundown on some of the most poignant answers that she gave.

When did you start your business, and what was your ultimate motivation to do so?

SimplyFabilous started in 2017. You know the bible verse “Write the vision and make it plain”? My oldest sister motivated me to have my own brand. She’s a cosmetologist and my love for skincare and makeup artistry started before I became a teenager. I respected her collections, going to the malls and getting free samples at department stores.

What makes you tick as a businesswoman?

Lack of planning is not an emergency on my part. Lol. That’s my slogan. I am an organizer/planner. I show up 100x daily for SimplyFabilous. So, I don’t enjoy other businesswomen's lack of professionalism with customer care. Especially in our culture.

Fabiola continues to work tirelessly to expand and grow her business. She also owns and manages Fabilous Printing, a stylish apparel company and Fabilous Journey where she teaches people to earn money from their kitchen table.

Fabiola is a formidable force in the business space as she continues to take bold strides to move her business forward.

Disclaimer: These links are not affiliated links. We genuinely want to support and feature black female entrepreneurs and changemakers.

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