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Withdraw Adsense to Gcash

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SMS notification of successful AdSense transfer to GCash

SMS notification of successful AdSense transfer to GCash

This post will explore one of the most convenient way to withdraw AdSense earningsTransferring AdSense to GCash. It is important to follow the steps carefully to ensure a smooth and successful encashment transaction. This lesson will also discuss what are the possible

Requirements to Withdraw AdSense to GCash

1. Meeting the minimum withdrawal amount ($100)

First off, one should be able to meet the minimum AdSense payment threshold of $100. This basically means that if AdSense earnings is below $100, it cannot be withdrawn. However, once this threshold is reached, all the AdSense amount (even any earnings in excess of $100) can already be encashed or transferred to GCash.

For example, if the current balance is $105, the whole amount can be withdrawn.

2. Working and Verified GCash Account

Next is a GCash account. For obvious reasons, the GCash account must be working. It should not be dormant and must not have any issues or red flags. Just think about it, if the GCash account is problematic or has any pending issues, then something might happen to it (it could possibly be suspended or terminated). If this happens, then the AdSense earnings transferred to it might be wasted.

As for the Verified, it is not a necessity but nice to have. This is because an unverified account has limits to it and might affect with the transfer transaction.

The last thing we want is an error happening since it would be quite a hassle to reach out to resolve the issue especially since this involves virtual money and online earnings (and given the current pandemic situation, manpower or support can be quite limited)

A comprehensive guide is provided below listing down GCash errors and their self-serve solutions

3. Matching Credentials

AdSense account must match with the GCash account (name, address, or any other details). A general rule of thumb, online money transfer is similar to traditional money transfer wherein it is always easier to move money to an account that you own. It is like relocating money to another channel that you also own.

Additionally, this is put in place as a deterrent and to ensure that no one else can get another person’s money. For instance, if someone did try to access your account, he / she would not be able to transfer your online AdSense earnings since it would only be accepted to a GCash account with matching details.

And if we take this further, say that person registered to GCash using another name, he / she would not be able to verify it as GCash is quite strict in its verification process.

Step by Step Process to Transfer AdSense to GCash:

After meeting all the necessary AdSense Payout requirements above, it is now time to configure the correct settings to ensure a smooth and successful fund transfer.

Here is a high level overview of the step by step process to withdraw AdSense earnings to GCash:

  • Configure AdSense payout to Western Union
  • Wait between 21st and 26th of the month
  • Check for payment notification
  • Cash in via GCash
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A. Configuring AdSense Payment Method to Western Union

First things first, and that is to add Western Union as a payment method for AdSense. For those who are not aware, AdSense offers plenty of payout options and one of which is Western Union.

Western Union is much preferred since it can be cashed in to GCash in real-time. This basically means that the amount will reflect instantly to the GCash balance (no more waiting period). This is obviously an advantage since nobody wants to wait to get their hands on their hard-earned money.

Now that we are clear on that part, here is the correct sequence that must be followed: log in to AdSense, go to Payments, after which click on Manage Payment Methods, then lastly is to add Western Union as a payment method.

B. Monthly Payment Cycle

As for AdSense payout schedule, it is monthly between 21st to 26th. This means that as long as the AdSense earnings reach the minimum payout threshold of $100, AdSense will release the amount (including anything in excess of $100) to the configured payment method.

C. AdSense Payment Notification

Be sure also to be on the look out for any notification (particularly email) from AdSense regarding payment. It normally contains some advisory to log in to the AdSense account and go to Payments.

Once inside Payments, the most important detail that is needed is the MTCN number. This would be use as Cash-In to GCash.

D. AdSense > Western Union > GCash CashIN

This is the final leg and heavily involves GCash. Basically, for the side of AdSense, they have their done part by sending the payment as well as all needed details to Western Union. To convert the online earnings and make it reflect at the GCash wallet, the Western Union MTCN must be cashed in to GCash.

The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Log in to the GCash app
  2. Select Cash In
  3. Choose Western Union
  4. Fill in the required details
  5. Press Next and follow the on-screen instructions
  6. Wait for the successful notification (app and SMS)
  7. The cash should now reflect to the GCash wallet balance

Final Notes

That’s just about it. All AdSense earnings regardless of channel (blog, YouTube, etc…) can be withdrawn to GCash via Western Union. The steps are relatively simple, easy to follow, and normally result to a successful transaction provided all the needed requirements are met and the correct settings configured.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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