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Win at Freelancing Using Personal Branding

I'm very interested in sharing my knowledge with people to be part of the freelancing era and rise above imagination.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This phrase couldn’t be truer in the current times as the world slowly moves out of the covid depression. While people have enjoyed staying in the comfort of their homes, many have lost their jobs and have resorted to freelancing to support their income for the first time in their careers.

Freelancing is not a word that just dropped out of Sashi Tharoor’s seemingly exclusive and highly decorated vocabulary, and is a fairly old concept that has found even more popularity in the present day. People have been selling their skills independently worldwide for a long time and have even built successful businesses around it. So today let us see how you too can excel at freelancing with not just the skills but also with a bit of personal branding.

What is Personal Branding?

When we talk of brands, we usually think of big corporate houses. Names of companies that are in the business for quite some time and have garnered a panache for producing quality goods or rendering highly satisfactory services to people for prolonged periods. Personal branding is similar but in a much more micro concept. Here we don’t have a business yet and the only one dealing with prospective clients and rendering services is an individual himself or herself.

With personal branding, a freelancer can position themselves as an expert in a particular field. Personal branding is something that showcases your unique selling point. It may a synonym or a catchphrase that people would recognize and follow you through other than your name.

The importance of personal branding is manifold. Primarily it brings in creditability which is perhaps the most important aspect of freelancing. When you work as a freelancer you are an individual who is sitting somewhere in front of a desk thousands of miles away from a prospective client, trying to convince the client with your professional skills that you are the best man for the job they want to be completed. While it might be difficult for you to gauge the importance of a small article assignment the client is looking to complete, it is perhaps a make-or-break situation for them and they are pensive at the thought of letting someone sitting miles away, completely unknown and unheard of to them, to get them over the line. Personal branding goes a long way toward building your reputation and a repertoire of clients who hold you in high regard and resort to you whenever they need a job related to your skills completed.

Secondly, when you become a brand, you get recommendations. Not only do your clients come back to you but you are recommended by them to their friends and partners which eventually allows you to net in more business. Personal branding works similar to any corporate branding where your clients act like your marketing team. Here you are just using a basic human behavior called socializing to increase your reach and brand name as they go around talking about their work and how they are getting things done thanks to an excellent and professional freelancer like you.

Freelancing and Personal Branding: The Correlation

So now we know that working on personal branding can help you win at freelancing. So how can you work on your personal branding? For once you ought to realize that it works the same way as big corporate houses and it takes time to build a brand. To get started you should

  • First, Work on a Personal Branding Statement

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A short punchline that is not too filmy and flashy but rather modestly showcases what you can do. Remember that it should be short, catchy, and realistic. Something like, A Content Writer You Can Rely Upon, sounds much better than Your Final Solution for All of Your Content Needs.

  • Next, Plan Your Working Style

This is the most important part as it involves a lot of things right from how you introduce yourself, and communicate, to how you work. It encompasses your entire workflow including your behavior and work execution. To excel at this, you need to plan a strategy based on how clients would want you to be and what would they be looking for in a freelancer. They would be working with you and paying you money so your every action needs to be convincing enough for them to give them a feeling of confidence. Only then would they entrust you with their assignments.

  • Move on to, Develop, Monitor, and Measure your Personal Brand

Initially, you need to work hard as a brand is not built in a day. Expose yourself to social media and improve your network and connections with individuals for whom your services might be useful. Your aim is to let more people know about the services you are offering through blogs, podcasts, and other mediums that have a massive outreach. Keep checking and monitoring your progress and explore new avenues to promote yourself. Have your best demos and samples ready to go along with your branding statement.

You need to learn the art of how to be subtle in forwarding your agenda. With freelancing the possibilities are unlimited and you are not stuck to a fixed salary hence you need to measure your growth. Your growth means the growth of your brand.

  • Finally, Incorporate a Feedback Mechanism

No matter how good you are, you should be open to feedback and ready for iterations. There might be changes in requirements from the client’s end even after they have assigned the job and you ought to be ready to modify your submissions as per their requirements. Your objective is to have long terms clients as a freelancer and there is nothing good like a brand that offers good after-sales service.

Check your Back

In the day of social media, building a brand for yourself is relatively easier than in earlier times but you need to be wary of negative publicity and competition. Millions are trying to do just what you have set out to do and hence your’ s needs to be a bit different. Borrowing an idea and making subtle changes to it before implementing won’t trigger name-calling and negative publicity as blatantly as copying someone. Concentrate on the tasks at hand as your work alone can get your brand going. Observe the arena and be on the path of continuous improvement. Continue to believe in yourself and build a name for yourself and soon you could be raking-in clients in bunches. Happy Personal Branding.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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