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Why Social Media Marketing Has Become a Necessity Since COVID-19

Social Media Marketing


We used to hear this proverb,

“Every bad situation will have something positive...”

Now it has become more real that we can sense the good deeds that this pandemic has left us. One among them is it has triggered the shift towards a more digitalized world. Everything has become online now, from office works to getting basic household things, and there is no doubt that this will have lasting effects.

So, companies should use this extraordinary opportunity to switch to online channels to grow their sales and productivity, like many companies that have already started to.

So, what it has to do with social media marketing?

Nowadays people use social media as a prime source of information. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are more of legends when it comes to updates. So companies should make the most of social media in terms of marketing. Since social media is now a part of everyday life, applying it into marketing is very important.

There are 2 reasons for which businesses use social media.

  • For marketing and selling products.
  • For connecting with customers and know their interest and then craft accordingly.

People are becoming more conversational and companies can use this to bond with customers.

Choosing wisely helps in better improvement. Thus we have to admit that social media has become a necessity of the business world also.

Here I am going to talk about the one social media platform that is becoming trendy every day. Yes, Instagram is not only for sharing photos and videos, but also a platform where one can connect with brands and services easily. So, if you have not yet used Instagram for marketing, or to communicate with customers, get started

If you don’t know where to start, follow these simple steps

  • Set your goal.
  • Know your competitors since social media platforms are vast.
  • Create a business profile.
  • Make sure the content you share about your brand must both inform and also entertain people.
  • Use hashtags effectively.
  • Engage yourself with your followers, go live about your products and highlight them.
  • Respond to people who follow you or post comments on your page.

How Instagram can help in boosting sales of a company?

Well! Many people may already know it; some may have not yet known these strategies.

With its overnight trends and updated features, Instagram is on fire. When Instagram first popped up in 2010, it was like any other social media platforms with pictures, selfies, etc. Now there are over 1 billion Instagram users across the globe. No matter who your audience are, you can reach them through Instagram. It is trending day by day. So if you want to gain a worldwide audience for your business, Instagram is sure to count on.

There are many ways in which Instagram can benefit companies.

  • Increasing brand awareness (some people come to know about new products only through Instagram).
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Increased web traffic
  • Reach your target audience

and much more.

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Using Instagram marketing tools to promote your business, can give bigger benefits.

Instagram marketing trends 2021

In 2019, Instagram was all about content, stories, influencers, creative videos, etc. As days goes by we can see that Instagram is becoming a daunting ecommerce site.

Here are 5 trends that is predicted to come up with some amazing features in 2021.

Focusing Micro-influencers

Instagram users are now following actual and real influencers than celebrity influencers. This is because people want to know genuine reviews from influencers who share their own experiences.

They are also the ones who reply to people’s comments. Though these influencers have fewer followers, many brands started partnering with them since they are authentic and real. In 2021, we can see brands will be focusing more on micro-influencers than celebrity influencers.

The rising power of IGTV

When IGTV first started, it was not that much clear. But after some updates were made to it, it began to rise and will likely continue to shine in 2021 too. Regular Instagram users can take videos up to 10 minutes straight. Instagram decided to make it compatible for mobile viewers and thus it has vertical videos.

It is a best platform for video marketers. Users can now cross-promote their videos.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories have been an important part of Instagram marketing, ever since it was launched. It has become versatile with stickers, like donation sticker, challenge sticker, DM me sticker, Stay home sticker, etc. We sure can see many more updates for Instagram stories in 2021 for better interactive experience.

Shoppable Instagram feeds

E-commerce is a big deal now in Instagram. It seems that in 2021, Instagram will add new amazing global shopping features and the trend will continue to grow. We can see many brands share tags on their posts that lead them straight to the particular website, so viewers can easily buy a product.

It is a greater advantage for businesses in marketing their products.

Tik Tok’s Rival

Instagram reels are now a substitute for Tik Tok as it is banned in India. Banning of Tik Tok led to the attention of Instagram reels for Indians. It allows users to create 15 seconds video with custom audio effects and tools. They can share it both in explore and also in feed. Brands can leverage reels in their marketing aspects.

Instagram trends that surprised me in 2020

A lot has already happened in 2020 and it is now time to review the best trends. Instagram took a sharp turn into e-commerce in 2020. In Nov 2020, Instagram officially announced that it would become more search friendly.

Authentic content

We may think that Instagram is all about professional, picture perfect photos and celebrity Instagram feeds, etc. But that’s not true. Instagram already began to focus on real life situations, relatable influencers and many more real life experiences that ordinary people share.

IGTV takes center stage

Even though IGTV has been there for some period of time, only in 2020 it took the center stage. The fact that users can start making money from IGTV ads was one big surprise.

Rise of text images

Text images are now popular on Instagram. They include quotes, sticky notes, notes, etc. It can diversify your content and it gets more engagement.

Instagram Carousel posts

When you mention about a new product, there may be many dimensions, colors, sizes, etc. Since you cannot finish explaining it in a single photo, there comes carousel post. It is a versatile tool that helps brands demonstrate their product with variations.

With your smart social media campaigns you can achieve a specific goal within a period of time and bring more awareness and reputation to your company or organization. So get in touch with your customers, know their interest and act accordingly to gain bigger benefits instantly.


Mownica Elavarasan (author) from India on January 15, 2021:

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