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Why is Blogging Important?

Why is Blogging Important?

I have been a blogger and a YouTuber. And I can say with guarantee that any long-form content goes a long way in establishing your credibility and market your brand.

Let me explain it this way: you want to learn something, google, and then you are exposed to many links to answer your query. Most of them are what you call Blogs.

Now suppose you select one link, you read, you learn about what you wanted to learn. You are then redirected to many similar blogs on the website, and you have a 360-degree knowledge of the topic. The website then becomes your go-to place for all your query related to the topic.

The website now has a trusted follower - YOU. And where did the follower come from - BLOG.

Thus blogging is an essential part of your digital marketing activities. I hope I was able to explain the benefits of Blogging without using words like SEO, Keywords etc. If you want to know more, you can Subscribe to my YouTube channel for many such topics.

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