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Why Domain Name Extension Is Important


Domain name search is a common problem to define a unique base domain name extension. Here we can know about top level domain.

What is gTLD and why?

A domain name extension is very important to identified a website or blog. That's why we should select a general top level domain (gTLD) extension.


Why domain name extension is important

Currently the demand for blogging is not less in any country. With a lot of visitors due to the convenience of the internet, it is very easy to generate income through blogging. And blogging is not a difficult task unless you have some experience. The question of such an experience puts us at risk at the very beginning of blogging about domain names. Today we will know the simple solution so that no one is in danger later. So let's discuss at the beginning what a domain name should look like.

To domain name search one of the things we need to know before choosing a domain name is domain extension. And when we hear the name of the domain extension, we remember the name of the top level domain extension. E.g., .com, .org, .info, .net, .gov, .edu, etc. These extensions have some meanings, which are used in short form. Example,

.com - For websites involved in commercial business.

.org - For websites associated with the organization.

.info - Involved with information based websites.

.net - Network organization is involved with the website.

.gov - Websites associated with government agencies.

.edu - for education related websites.

Now the question may come which domain extension is better? In this case we can say that the .com extension is the best. This is because it is one of the most popular general top level domain extensions (gTLD). You can also choose an extension that matches the niche of blogging if you want. But it is also true that initially we do not have enough money to buy a gTLD extension. For example, I created a tech related site but did not put webturn.info as an extension. So even if you don't think so much about extensions.

But extensions include general top level domain extension (gTLD) as well as country code top level domain extension (ccTLD). In the case of our (Bangladesh) country, this extension is .com.bd. Since Bangla language is introduced in many countries, we have used two extensions here. I used to use .in if India. If China .cn. This country code extension is designed to target visitors from different countries. For example, if you write content for India, you can use the .in extension. Also the country code extension used makes it SEO friendly Visitors can then see the site and understand that it is based on the content of a country. But if you write for the whole world, you don't need a country code.

However, if you want to be SEO friendly, it is very important to use keywords in the domain name. It is very important for domain availability. This will have the potential to come up in the site name ranking. It is also important that the keywords do not get too big. This will make it difficult for visitors to remember and they will not remember the name of your site. As a result, you will lose direct traffic. Another thing about direct traffic is to keep your keywords meaningful, simple and at the same time unique. Also notice that the keywords are not too big. For example, my site name is webturn. This means that it is a web related tech site. Note that webturn is a unique name here, as there is usually no other site by that name. So set a site name like yours without imitating anyone's site name. It makes a value for domain and range.

Many people add hyphens to the domain name of the blog. Don't forget it. That will confuse the visitors. And the biggest thing is Google will not take it lightly. It will catch spamming. As a result you will not get any value in the ranking.

Now I will talk about discounts. What discount? Domain discount offers and domain coupons. This means that you will find out if there is a discount offer or coupon running from the provider from which you will buy the domain and hosting by doing a Google search. However, initially namecheap.com and godaddy.com offer discounts and coupons.

Lastly, if you are really new to blogging, this content is for you. Reading this will at least save you from the wrong domain name research. We know that once a domain name is determined, it cannot be changed.

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