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Why Do You Need a Social Media Manager Who Has Multiple Virtual Services?

Novie is a social media manager, who underwent training at Filipino Virtual Assistance Academy.


A start-up business and you want to have a social media presence but don't have time to manage your social media sites, where to start, or what should you do? Struggles on preparing content and when to post? And realize that you need help? Then, it's time that you need to hire a social media manager who has multiple virtual services.

Why do you need a social media manager and have multiple virtual services?

A social media manager is the one who manages your social media sites to gain more engagements and drive traffic to your business. On behalf of you, they are the ones who communicate your target market and bring your social media presence to the highest level.

As Bill Gates said, "If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business."

Duties of a Social Media Manager and their multiple virtual services

A social media manager’s job duty is managing different social media platforms and executing marketing strategies. The following are more detailed lists of social media manager duties:

- Preparing content for the entire week or month

- Schedule posts on all your social media sites

- Making campaigns to gain more engagements

- Communicate to your target market

- Identifying trends for customer's interactions

These duties need to give more time and effort because it will not happen overnight.

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How to hire a Social Media Manager?

Hiring a social media manager can help you prepare content, schedule posts, and manage all your social media sites, so they need to have multiple virtual services. They can help you save 10-40 hours of your week, and you don't need to worry about your social media presence.

The following can give you more detailed ideas on how to hire a social media manager:

- It's better to hire a social manager that invests in Academy to gain more skills

- Hire a social media manager that has social proof.

-A social media manager that has a portfolio.

-Prove that they can do the tasks.

We all know it's not easy to build trust for someone you don't know yet, especially when you permit them to manage some portion of your business. Nonetheless, if you want an excellent and accurate service to your company that your audience will get satisfied with, we recommend Free Spirit Virtual Services.

Let's get started!

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