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Why Are Customer Service Jobs Exhausting?

years of experience in customer service, a social media manager, and a writer who would love to share knowledge and experience in the field.

Customer service can be exhausting

Customer service can be exhausting

Life as a Customer Service Representative

Working in customer service can be fun and satisfying but just like any other job, it can be draining and stressful, whether you are working face to face with customers or talking to them over the phone. I have been working in customer service since I was 18, I experienced assisting them in person and later on shifted to phone support. I can honestly say that I feel good every time I see or hear how happy and satisfied customers are whenever I helped them solve their problems. Of course, it's not always a good day, there are days when you have to deal with the negativity of the customers.

Today I share with you 3 reasons why working in customer service is exhausting and how I manage to stay sane.

Choosing between customer or policy

Choosing between customer or policy

1. You feel like choosing between "satisfying a customer" or "stick with the policy"

Sure, it's our main job to put customers at the top of our list but what will you do when it involves the company policy? As a customer service representative, there will be instances that you will be placed in a situation when you have to choose either to "satisfy the customer or reiterate that this is the policy and there is nothing I can do for you" scenario.

In this kind of situation, it is best to take a look at the situation the customer is dealing with. Understand that it could have caused them some inconvenience on their part and acknowledge that. Personally, I stick with the policy, not because I am being biased but because the policy is what keeps the order in business which makes the service available for customers. To be honest, who reads the terms and conditions anyway? So as part of the customer service responsibility is to educate and always set proper expectations.



2. You are not appreciated

Saying "thank you" and wishing "Have a good one", sometimes these words are all I need to continue my day but it's not a perfect world. There will be days that you won't hear them thanking you for helping them out. I am not saying that this goes for everyone. Like I said, sometimes and some people just don't appreciate you have done something for them. We are all human, we don't know what others are dealing so the very least gesture I am hoping to get is "thank you".

Empathy is one of the qualities you need to work on to have a better customer relationship, especially in the customer service world. As a person with years of experience in the field, I can say practice a balance life and work. Have an outlet. It does help to have some time of yours doing some yoga or a simple walk outside, hang out with your friends or anything that can keep you ease from the stress of work will be beneficial to your mind and body.

customer relation

customer relation

3. You have to be understanding... ALWAYS

So, I did mention that empathy is part of the contract you signed the moment you start working as customer support. To be always the one who understands and to be someone who always apologizes can be draining to keep up with. Sometimes, I feel like its sucks all the energy I have, and the goodness in me as a human is gone.

First, it must be clear that you should not take it personally. These people are complaining over something because they feel that they did not get the value for money or effort they put into. They were simply not satisfied. You will be that person for them who will listen to make them feel that their voice is being heard. That The feedback they are giving is appreciated because this helps the business in the long run.

Take good care of yourself. You won't be able to help others without receiving help from yourself. You can't give what you no longer have. Yes, life can be stressful and work adds to it. Personally, when I feel like it's already too much, I advise my manager that I am going to need some time. Take a vacation leave, have some time to breathe, and relax. Sometimes, all it takes is a break to rejuvenate.

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Take a break

Take a break


Working as a customer service representative and encountering different people can be fun and entertaining. You get to talk to different people with different personalities and different stories every day but can also be exhausting. Aside from the happy faces you get, you will have to deal with the negative side and it is important that you know your standpoint. The negative feedback they are aiming is not for you but for the business. As for representatives, understand that you are an expert and customers are reaching out because they need your help. After all we are all customers at some point.

Although it is a challenge if you are a small business owner and dealing with customer support too. In case you an entrepreneur dealing with customer service, identify the root of the concern and have a mindset that it is always good to address the issue with the customer and take note of it as feedback to avoid in the future.

Few key points that may help you get through the day:

  • Practice breathe in and breathe out
  • Take a break
  • Don't take it personally
  • Take care of yourself
  • Have a healthy balance life and work

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Aisha Badajos (author) from Philippines on July 26, 2021:

It is indeed rewarding when customers are satisfied. I appreciate and am glad that you find the article relatable Debayan.

Debayan Ganguly from Kolkata, India on July 26, 2021:

I felt my own story being told. Well documented the angst of a customer service representative. Though it was a small part of my role, I felt every word of it.

On the bright side, if a customer appreciates or prises, it really helps in keeping the motivation alive.

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