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Why the Perfect Job Is Impossible

Sarah has had various jobs over the years from retail, front desk, teacher, data entry etc.

Perfection Is A Dream

Everyone looks for that "perfect job" but what is perfection really? There's no such thing as that perfect job because there's always going to be something that you don't like about it. For example: if your perfect job is a job where you are making millions of dollars a year, you might look into what jobs would make that kind of money. Unfortunately, there are not very many except for being a singer or an actor. Being a singer or an actor looks very glamourous on the big screen but what people don't see is what's going on underneath. Millions of dollars don't just magically appear even to these people, they have to earn all this money! This means putting in 12-14 hour days recording in the studio for months to get that perfect track or being on set doing the same take over and over again for 20 hours until it's perfect. This doesn't end there either, the movies we see are at the finished and perfectly polished stage. When actors and actresses are recording, they are on set for at least a month to record and the working hours are very long. Also, recording can be done in non-ideal conditions too. For example, the scene is supposed to be in summer so the actors are in t-shirts and dresses but it's actually snowing outside. Therefore, the actors have to pretend to not be freezing while recording. When actors have to be on set recording, they might also be missing things at home like Christmas or their son's birthday for example. This can be very difficult. After all this hard work is when the actors finally get paid and when the movie hits the big screen, that's when they get even more but to get here, it was many many hours of hard work. Therefore, even this glamourous looking job isn't perfect either.

Every Job Will Have Its Flaws

If someone tells you that they have the "perfect job" they are lying because no job is actually perfect. There's always something that they don't like about it. For example, I currently work as an Online English teacher. Sounds nice right? I make my own schedule which means I don't have to wake up early if I don't want to, I don't have to work weekends, I can go on as many vacations as I want because the job is so flexible. While that is true, the truth is this job doesn't just pay for itself. I have to put in the hours to get paid and if I'm not working, no money is coming into my bank account at the end of the month. Also, because everyone else is working normal Monday through Friday 9-5 jobs, that means the time they have for classes is always weekends and always in the evening or night. Thankfully, I'm a night owl so I don't mind that but it makes it pretty hard to coordinate with friends that work Monday through Friday 9-5 because when they're free, I'm not and vice versa. Also, everyone has their bad days including me. Sometimes it's the students having a bad day but as a teacher, you have to maintain some form of professionalism. I have to be a responsible person to keep my job, I can't just wake up and say that I'm lazy or I don't feel like working today so just cancel all my classes. It doesn't work that way because if I don't work, I don't get paid and if I lose my students there goes my entire income too. Therefore, unless I have an emergency or something that I really need to take care of, I don't cancel classes and just smile and bear through them in hopes that my student might be having a better day than me and that'll make me feel better. However, don't get me wrong, I do love working with most of my students and I love the flexibility of my job but no one is perfect. I just wanted you to know there are days that aren't perfect and I just want to crawl back into bed like everyone else.

I'll give you guys another example of a job that almost everyone would find ideal: making a living traveling! Doesn't that sound like the most ideal job? Getting paid to travel? I am aspiring to make this dream job a reality for myself by writing content almost daily for my blogs and posting content on Youtube weekly. It doesn't look difficult but people often overlook that doing this requires a lot of time invested. When I travel places, I'm often holding up my camera to record what I'm seeing so I'm not really just enjoying the scenery around me. Also, it takes time to edit all these clips to make it into a great video. Another big issue: you need relatively fast and stable internet to be able to upload to Youtube and sometimes when traveling, you don't have that so that can make things very difficult. With writing content almost daily, I generally invest about an hour of my day to write. This doesn't sound like a lot but when traveling to other places, it might be less motivating to take the time to write almost daily.

Another big flaw that everyone overlooks about jobs like this is the lack of health insurance. When you work for a big company, the company will usually offer health insurance if you're a full-time worker. Even if the health insurance isn't free, it's often at an extremely discounted rate and is affordable. However, when you don't have access to this, it can be very expensive!

I've worked at various jobs over the years from retail to front desk receptionist to data entry in an office to working in a theme park and now I work online as a teacher. Through all this, I've learned that there's no perfect job in the world, just jobs that aren't as bad.

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