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How is Vlogging so Popular

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Vlogging is Digital Marketing

To understand Vlogging understand Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is huge. Traditional marketing is becoming unpopular by the second. The transition to the online world has changed many things. Businesses and non-businesses are taking advantage of it to promote their services. Many of the businessmen are wishing that it was around when they started. The field of marketing has come to revolve around the world wide web.

Inbound marketing is similar. They both use online tactics to attract and target customers. Those customers are often visitors to the websites the content promotes. Some buy and some do not. The most powerful digital marketing asset is a blog. The blog allows websites to grow rapidly.

This type of marketing is in so much demand. It can work for many businesses. Instead of going to class for this, you could go online. Digital marketing uses all electronic devices. Businesses leverage digital channels. In this article, I would discuss the different ways to advertise.


This world has become so digital that employers are sending documents to sign electronically. Vlogging is apart of a long list of digital ads.

  1. Display Advertising-Banner advertisements on websites that publish ads. These ads include graphics, video, audio, or textual components.
  2. Paid Search Advertising- These ads are usually distributed on websites that are interested in the contents of the ad. They are often located at the top of the page. When visitors click on them, you get paid.
  3. Mobile Advertising- Since consumers spend time on their cellular devices this is popular. Mobile advertising has become a huge factor in marketing products and services for cellular users.
  4. Re-targeting Ads-These ads are special ones that target the users that are familiar with the product. Users that interacted with the website or brand.
  5. Video Advertising-This one may be the most popular one of them all. All forms of online advertising include this ad. Sometimes it is the consumer themselves doing it.
  6. Social Media Advertising- These ads are seen on any social media platform. They happen anytime a business or digital marketer pays to promote content on a social platform.
  7. Native Advertising-Any type of advertising that is designed to match the looked and feel of the content around it.
  8. Audio Advertising-Sites like Spotify and Pandora define this well. With these types of ads, marketers could target listeners. They have recorded advertisements.

Vlogging is best described as Video Advertising. Nowadays, it is the most popular form of advertising.


Vlogging is popular just like every other digital ad. It is optimized as it should be and it has just enough information. That is how you create the suspense. All digital ads are very much winners. These just demand action without asking for it. In addition, these ad types demand that you be creative. Make sure they have the right content. The content is put on them must add up to the campaign. All the video ads have well customized, structured, clear, and concise sentences. Advertisers make sure that their videos meet the standards needed.

The giant Pepsi made this mistake & is a great example of a non-optimized ad. A few years back, they put fears in many when they debuted an ad. The ad missed the mark ad affected social justice movements. Like many, I doubt that was the ad's intention. I know it was not. It was just poor, insensitive judgment used to sell their products. All of the ads should have a call to action on them. It depends on the device the ads are displayed on. When one clicks on it, that helps the conversation to increase. These Ads are perfect for the business owners that desire to attract. When that button's clicked it's happening.

Lastly, give it all your best. Let viewers see what you offer. Let them know why you did it. If it's digital, it's public. If you understand these, you are ready to start building. Yes, it is a lengthy process but, you have to be serious if you want to do it. Digital marketers must create Ads that attract. Most of the work is prepared and done behind the scenes. Behind the scenes to reach the masses. Marketing is a lifestyle. Digital Marketing was the future. Now, it's the present and Vlogging is included in it. This is why it is the most popular way to advertise your business.

© 2021 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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