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Why Should We Use Search Engine Optimization


The concept of SEO might be new to some but the short explanation is (Search Engine Optimization). If you have a website or a blog you are probably familiar with the term, especially if your running ads on your site.

"SEO Niches" is a term that basically means to use words and phrases in your website or blog thats mostly used by people who are typing in search engines to look for specific information.

These words are also noted down and collected by the search engine bots, crawlers and spiders that belong to the search engines online database. The more user-friendly the copy of your website is, the higher the chances that the search engine spiders will pick up on the information, and also the more likely people are to find you (which in reality increases your sales if you have an online business.)

In addition to this, the more organic views you get from people searching through your products or services the higher your website will be indexed on the search engine pages. The ultimate goal for every website owner is to index a website on the first page of a popular search engine.

Just remember this! The search engine world is basically one huge popularity contest, with the 1st page being the top rankers and eventually the highest earners. basically, the more views or hits you get, the higher your chances of getting ranked in the search engines.

When it comes to launching your website, you should be extra vigilant for any plagiarism or grammar mistakes, as the search engines pick these up and will filter out your information. There are multiple reasons why ranking on the 1st page of a search engine can fail. Some of the reasons I have listed below.

3 Reason Why Your Website Is Not Ranked

1. Failure to list your URL properly in the search engines.

2. Your customers can't find the other party. This only happens when you want a shortcut or a cheaper alternative and you start seeking options where thrid party services provide free hosting and a free domain name. I can assure you that it would be a near impossibility to be ranked on the first page with such a method.

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3. The customer or prospect finds your website only to be greeted with a blank 404 message that basically informs the visitor that your site is still undergoing maintenance or its mysteriously disappeared or has been removed maliciously. This can also happen to those people who have opted in for a free domain name or a hosting service with extremely limited bandwidth.

All in all, Search Engine Optimization is a very simple process of making your website identifiable and visible as much as it possibly can to search engines.

There is a big difference between making a community or people-friendly website in comparison to a SEO website. A search engine optimized website is one that appeals to tiny robots scattered all over the net called “spiders” that search the World Wide Web for your site every time someone types specific information which is on your website.

The Importance of Keywords

The majority of the people obtain their high value keywords by doing thorough market research. Keywords are just one of the big benefits of having a search engine optimised website. What usually happens is that many individuals search top ranked keywords from many websites and user-friendly tools, and then start to base their articles, page or blog posts around them.

Which is a pretty ingenious idea. You dont necessarily have to be tech-savvy for this. It just requires a lot of time prior to launching your website or even indexing it in the search engines. This is just one of many ways how people increase their sales online.

Knowing a bit of HTML, helps a lot. learning HTML can provide you with the hack or shortcut to bring out the best keywords for the right niche.

It is essentially the art of understanding the language of the search engine and how to effectively communicate with it. Applying and demonstrating effective SEO techniques is actually not that hard and can be done by anyone.

In fact, some of the most renowned internet marketers use instinct and progressive predictions and algorithms to find out where the blind spots are in the market.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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