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Why Screen Printing Is So Widely Used?

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Screen printing is the process of creating a printing design by embossing ink on stencil wire. As a traditional printing method, screen printing is one of the most popular printing technologies in many industries. It can print designs on various products. The reasons why screen printing is widely used will be introduced below.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a method of printing by using screen printing plates, which is a kind of template printing. It makes the pictures and words into a film, and then drying out the screens. The screens are made of synthetic fibers such as polyester or metal fibers such as stainless steels. The ink is then passed through the screen template and printed on the target objects. There are many kinds of objects such as the target of screen printing, and there are different types of screen printing according to the purpose and the printing process used. Generally, the most popular net is made of polyester. Screen printing equipment have nylon and stainless steel and other special purpose mesh materials to choose from. There are also different types of mesh sizes that will determine the results and appearance of the finished design on the materials.

Why can screen printing be used on different materials

Screen printing has existed for a long time. Screen printing has the advantages of large batch, bright color, long storage period, fast delivery and screen printer price is low. It is recognized by more and more industries and widely used. Except for water and air, almost all materials can be screen printed. Automatic printing machines can be printed on different materials because the principle of screen printing is very simple, that is, printing by ink retreating from the screen. It can print on various objects, such as wood, textiles, glass, metal, plastic and so on. Automatic screen printing machines support many different kinds of screen, photosensitive materials and inks. By selecting the best combination of these, screen printing can produce printing materials such as visually attractive advertisements and printing objects such as functional electronic components. So commercial screen printing machines are usually popular for business to print some products with advertisements information to propaganda. In addition, screen printing can produce bright colors even on deeper fabrics. Ink or paint is also located in the layer on the surface of fabric or paper, which makes the printed matter have a pleasant touch. So some t-shirt printing supplies usually use screen printing technology. At the same time, automatic screen printer can be printed not only on the plane, but also on three dimensions. This is because the screen can partially wrap the three dimensional object, so the fully automatic screen printing machines can print images and words on the prepared molded products. On the other hand, the screen printing plate layout is soft and elastic, and the printing pressure is small, screen printing can print on hard materials and not limited by the texture of substrate.


In general, screen printing is a traditional and long-standing printing method. Because of its simple printing principle, screen printing can be printed on almost all objects except water and air, and screen printing machine cost is low. It can be printed quickly and on a large scale, and printing color is also very bright. Therefore, automatic screen printing press has a wide range of applications and can be seen everywhere in real life, adding more colors and functions to today’s colorful life.

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