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Fetch Rewards

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What Exactly is Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a cashback app that offers points for scanning receipts. Those points can then be exchanged for gift cards to different stores, a donation to a charity, a sweepstake entry, or money on a Visa.

Since downloading this app back in March, I have accumulated enough points for various stores such as a $5 gift card to Amazon. That's one example out of many choices.

Earning points is easy. You take a photo of your receipt after shopping and submit it. Within seconds you are told how many points you've earned. Also, Fetch Rewards has an option to submit E-receipts.

The points are based on items you buy in a store. Example: Mountain Dew earns extra points. What's great about this app is that any valid receipt you scan will earn you 5 points regardless of the products.

There are various products that earn points on Fetch Rewards and most of them are everyday purchases.

There are various products that earn points on Fetch Rewards and most of them are everyday purchases.

Fetch Rewards vs Ibotta

Allowing me to earn 5 points for any valid receipt is a huge bonus in my point of view. Ibotta has frustrated me because since I've been a user of the app, it has always had an option to select "any item" and given anywhere between $0.10 to $0.25. I've been using Ibotta since 2016.

There's a global pandemic and Ibotta hasn't been offering "any item." It has offered "any brand of dog food." Don't get me wrong because that's great however the "any item" option helps tremendously.

Both rewards apps are equally similar and different. Ibotta lets users earn money that can be cashed out after reaching $20. They offer gift cards to various places. If you login with your Facebook account and have friends who use the app, it allows you to earn extra with teamwork.

Both Ibotta and Fetch Rewards have a referral link for users. Fetch Rewards offers points to the user and new customer that used their referral link. Ibotta offers $10 to their new customers and the person with the referral link receives $5 after the new customer scans their first receipt.

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I have been able to cash out with Ibotta several times. Aside from removing the "any item" option, this is a great cashback app to use. I haven't used my points yet on Fetch Rewards but it appears straight forward. Time will tell.

My activity since March 2020

My activity since March 2020

Nice Features

I like the way Fetch Rewards is set up with the ease of finding items. They also have a page that allows you to create an amount of money you want to spend each month, see which retailers you've used within a month or year and shows how many receipts you've scanned.

As you can tell from my above screenshot, I use Sheetz a lot. In case you're wondering, the blue area means Walmart. Still, this is an example of how you can keep track of money you spend and the retailers you use frequently.

Of course, Fetch Rewards offers a referral code for users. This allows new users to show who referred them. Current users earn points for the referral. If you decide to check Fetch Rewards out and are feeling gracious, you can use my referral code which is (VDV3X).

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