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Why Do Keyword Research?

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Keyword research for SEO

Keyword research for SEO


Is your site ranking high for a particular keyword, and you're not getting traffics? I'm a guess what you are thinking. I know you're asking yourself if there is something I good keyword. Definitely, yes. I don't think a keyword that is only being searched once or twice a month can occupy Google's top spot. Keyword research is hence an essential process of pinning down which keyword you should be looking for.

If you can't believe that keyword research is an important process to SEO in the current century, then I have prepared a mouth-watering article for you so that you can improve your marketing approach and strategies.

Keyword Research

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of identifying keywords that relate to your blog and prospective audience. It can be effective in driving traffics and avoiding excess competition.

Why keyword research?

The following points explains how keyword research is important:

Look for a Keyword With High Search Volume

Since I started this article, I have been talking about a nice keyword. The only method of defining this is evaluating how many audiences or people search for a particular keyword. The average monthly volume can measure this.

Let's use an example of a site that offers online learning. On-site can language for the keyword online learning, which can gather about 300 searches per month. Compare these to a term like learning online, which receives 5000 searches per month. Now you understand why keyword research essential.

As the number of people searching atom in your site, increases the more visible it will be in search engines. You are likely to increase if you use a keyword that has a higher search volume.

You can use various tools to track the search volume of your keyword. I prefer using the AdWords keyword planner tool since it is free. However, it only shows you data ranges until you pay for a particular amount AdWords pay per click campaign.

Find Keywords With Less Competition

When doing keyword research, it is crucial to determine how much competition is there for a certain keyword. If you're using Google keyword planner, competition can be ranked by the advertiser's density on an advertiser that showed up on each keyword in connection to all other keywords on Google.

Rank difficulty in Keyword Research Tool for a keyword

Rank difficulty in Keyword Research Tool for a keyword

Examine the Rank Difficulty

Looking for keyword competition in the Google keyword planner is useful since it provides a quick competition idea. However, it does not provide us with complete information about a certain keyword. There will be no or little point in a keyword if the chances of your site ranking this keyword highly are impossible. This can be defined as SEO difficulty.

However, these measures are location and search network specific. this means that competition is measured on how specified and competition is rated: low, medium, or high. However, competition is measured by the number of sites ranking these keywords.

Our target is to look for a keyword that will attract either medium or low competition.

Reasons why a site can be SEO difficulty

  • Authority and trust - Topic authority and trust that your domains have gathered is a great factor to consider when determining Google search rankings.
  • Backlinks - These are links with enough or attribute. They are the number of external links in your sight.
  • Facebook share - Facebook share is determined by the number of shares you make on Facebook about the same keyword.

Keywords are rated for difficulty with those ratings between 0 to 9 are assumed as effortless. Moreover, those with a difficulty of about 50 are categorized as hard or impossible. If you look for a keyword-targeted by high-quality domains such as Wikipedia and Amazon, I recommend you opt for less competitive topics.

Know Your Competitor

While analyzing keyword difficulty, it is crucial to look who shows up in SERPs and what form. Ahrefs keyword tool shows keyword difficulty by looking at the Domain Rank, URL Rank, and external links. With Ahrefs keyword planner, you can tell which type of outcome is in SERPs.

It is easy to tell if a competitor is worth the main keyword using the Google keyword research tool. It is easier to judge the pole position of a page using Ahrefs keyword planner. This can be done through moderated search volume and less competition.

How to Spy on Your Competitors

Spy on the Competition

When researching my keywords, I like learning about my competition. Learning about the competition will always allow for a superior comprehension of what keyword my competitors are targeting; this will make me understand their target audience and the product or services they are offering.

Your competitor's keyword can give you a hint on their approach; this may include exposing the information of what they are about to write and the content they wish to create. It is not advisable to copy what they are doing, but you can use their information to better your content creation strategies. Use this hint to motivate yourself and nourish your ideas toward a certain content.


As we have discussed, we have a good insight of what your keyword can do and why it is important. Before you think of doing any SEO writing consider doing a keyword research.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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