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Why Africa Needs To Understand The Future Is Online

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Africa, like many other parts of the world, is struggling with unemployment. Just recently South Africa unemployment rates reached an all-time high of around 29%. The solution to all this is much closer than you'd think. Furthermore, there's a very high chance that the work you've been hired to do at this very moment over the next 20-30 years will most likely be unrecognizably transformed.

if you won't have been replaced by automation or artificial intelligence, chances are you will probably be working in a freelance capacity over the internet. Sounds far-fetched nevertheless very true. The Industrial Age is fast on its way out and you need to prepare yourself for the inevitable future of the Internet way of life, or better still the Information Age.

Thriving in the new-age economy will be dependant on whether you can get in line with the younger, youthful, more tech-savvy generation.

The 'Gig' Economy

Don't know what this is, don't fret. Read on and you'll get a clear view and understanding.

The gig economy is basically all about how now there's a trend where people are being paid for a particular task or job. It's like how Uber drivers can pick up passengers and get paid for each journey via the app. The gig economy in its worst form can be compared to say zero-hours contracts. With that said, it still continues to prove highly successful.

This new decentralized business model ensures customers cough up much less for more reliable and far quicker services.

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When done correctly, this new economy can have the potential of being highly liberating to professionals and creatives alike, especially when it concerns skilled, online labor. Now you have the option of picking and choosing the tasks, jobs and opportunities you want in order to fit work around the lifestyle you lead. Let's say for example you're a graphic designer, software developer, programmer or copywriter. Working over the Internet via this business model will mean you can take on jobs as a freelancer eventually being able to work for numerous companies and get paid separately by each of them.

The Inevitability Of The Internet Takeover

So what makes the Internet of Things such an inevitable force? Think about a startup tech company that's for a stack developer, graphic or web designer. Such a business operation has two options. They can either hire local talents or use online platforms to get the labor they need on per gig basis.

The first scenario will mean them having to go through the rigorous, lengthy and expensive process of both interviewing and training new workers. It will then need them to provide health insurance, sick pay and desk space. All of this while having a limited pool of resources to choose from, especially in the event you're looking for a worker with specific skillsets.

In the latter scenario, not only does the company only pay for work it needs but they can also pick from a humongous pool of professionals that have the exact skillsets and experience they're looking for.



It is not just business entities with strong incentives that should switch to this new model, all of us should. Yes, the job stability is nowhere near as stable as what the world has generally been used to, however, there's also no cap on your earning potential. You can bring home the bacon like never before as well as have the opportunity to chomp on a larger slice of the cake when it comes to your overall work. This you can be doing by cutting out the middleman altogether. Doing business online simply means taking your services or products directly to the customer.

Where We're Heading From Here...

We all need to brace and prepare ourselves for this inevitable change. Let it not be your downfall like Blockbuster, Toys 'R' Us and the like. You don't have to lose like the way the traditional taxi is losing out to Uber. You can get with the times and make this era change a positive in your life. Besides, fighting change will always be a losing battle. When it beckons there's really nothing you can do to stop it. Start building your personal brand online today because that's the only way you'll be able to really compete in the future.

The Internet awaits!

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