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Who is Bill Gates

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How Bill Gates Achieved Success

William Henry Gates III popularly known as Bill Gates is a man who followed his heart, interest and passion to become one of the most successful business entrepreneur. His story and journey to success is inspiring. But just how did he manage to break through? Making it in life does not come by accident. You don't walk and stumble on it. Having dropped out of Harvard University in the year 1975 to pursue his dream, today he is among the iconic people in the world. Besides being intelligent in school, he was enthusiastic about computers, the desire that he diligently and persistently sought after until it materialized.

Summary of Biography

He was born in October 28,1955 at Seattle, Washington in the United States of America. His father Bill H Gates Sr studied Law and Mary Maxwell, mother, was a teacher but also worked with corporates such International Business Machine. He had two siblings Libby and Kristianne.


Married Melinda French and had three children, two girls ; Phoebe Adele, Katharina Jennifer and a boy John Rowry. He separated with his wife in May, 2021.


He was enrolled at Lakeside School, Seattle in 1968. William spent most of his time reading books till he met his childhood friend Paul Allen while at school. They both had interest in computer the reason why they shifted focus from academic work to Altair, a computer company that offered to train students with skills in micro-computing. Gates graduated with excellent performance and enrolled at Harvard University in 1973. He later dropped out in 1975.


Gates was the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation where he worked as Chairperson of Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Software Architect. Together with his wife, they founded Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a private charity organization. He also worked with Berkshire Hathaway and Cascade Investment. He is an investor in philanthropic work including Polio Vaccination in Africa and Climate Change.

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History of Enterprenurial Success

Though Gates was bright in academics, he opted to take another route. His parents expected him to pursue law but the unstoppable desire to innovate the world's first Basic computer software could not let him go. Between 1968 to 1973 when he was at Lakeside School, Altair, a computer company ran by Ed Roberts introduced micro-computers in their school prompting his immediate shift of attention from books to hands-on experience with them.

His Journey to Acomplishment

It all began when the school purchased a teletype terminal for use by students. Gate and Allen spent alot of time working with the terminal. He then came up with his first gaming program called Tic-tac-toe. Working together, they developed traffic monitoring tool, Traf-o-Data which ran on Altair computer earning them about $ 20,000 in 1970. After graduating at the school, Allen enrolled at Washington State University while he proceeded to Harvard University in 1973. The physical separation did not put off their ambition. They both continued with research. Their shared enthusiasm kept rekindling the need to discover more, surprisingly, they both dropped out their respective universities two years later and invented the Basic Computer Software in 1975, Albuquerque, New Mexico. However, they faced alot of challenges. High level of piracy and lack of protection led to reproduction and distribution of their software. When Ed Roberts sold his company in 1977,Gates and Allen sue the new owner in an attempt to reserve their rights to the software. They succeeded and moved to Bellevue Washington. Today the company's headquarter is Redmond, Washington. In 2019,it was ranked US third largest public company with over $ 1 trillion after Apple and Amazon.

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