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Where to Find Adventure Traveling Jobs

Heather is an adventure & travel writer. She travels in her 5th wheel and is an adventure marketer with Explorer Chick Adventure Co!

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Life is too short to only work and pay bills...

The truth is that working and paying bills is a must for adult life. Some people get into this horrible hamster wheel of go to college, get into debt, obtain $20,000 in credit card debt and $60,000 in student loan debt, get an entry level job that pays minimum wage, pay bills, take out second job to help pay bills, and do all of this until finally you end up on top by the time you're ready to retire and you were a slave to a company working a job you hated and never had time for fun and adventure. Sounds awful, right? It sure does to me.

I personally am the type of person who's always seeking adventure and never, ever could be a 9-5 worker or work 12 hour days for something I wasn't fully passionate about. Don't get me wrong I've done that type of work, I've been a slave to a job and thought of all the ways to break free and it just never happened for me ... until I decided enough was enough and it was time to start creating a life I loved and a work environment that was on my own terms.

Up until recently I had absolutely no idea that there was such a thing as adventure travel jobs. What on earth were these? How would I find them? The how's, where's, and what's filled my brain. I asked around in several groups and forums and finally found an answer!

One website is host to hundreds of jobs around the USA that are looking for you! Seasonal work, for all the seasons really, are found on this site and have opportunities from entry level to jobs requiring bachelor degrees. The sky is the limit when it comes to these amazing and coveted jobs.



An amazing job searching and job posting website called, Cool Works, has been connecting adventurous souls to the seasonal jobs of their dreams since 1995! Jobs in all areas can be found at National Parks, resorts, ski resorts, hotels, campgrounds, farms & ranches, and much more!

You can find jobs in almost any category. I've seen job postings for nurses, administrative tasks, hiking guides, housekeeping, massage therapists, educational, transportation, safety, and even management and supervision.

Take a look at some of these exciting job postings on the Cool Works website right now!

  • Hunting Guide in Nebraska
  • Head & Assistant Counselors for a girls wilderness horse camp in Oregon
  • Glacier Hiking, Ice Climbing, Rafting, & History Tour Guides in Alaska
  • White Water Photographer in Colorado

How exciting do some of these jobs sound? Pretty amazing! There will be a description of the job on the Cool Works site as well as what's required of the job, qualifications, and contact information of the job posting. You'll also be given information on how to apply for the job you're looking for.

When to Apply?

Summer/Spring Jobs - Start applying in October - March

Fall/Winter Jobs - Start applying in June - September

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Keep in mind that there maybe some late season postings available to due staffing needs and unfilled jobs. Be on top of the game and apply as early as you can. I would personally contact the person in charge of hiring, or where you sent your application into, about 3 weeks after to ensure they received your application and if so ask if there's any additional information they need from you. Don't let them forget you, but don't be a stalker either.


I've Applied, Now What?

After you have found some amazing jobs you're interested in and applied for those jobs you'll be eager to hear back from them. Sometimes you could be waiting, days and weeks before you hear anything from a potential employer.

Job offers can come in various ways and it's all up to them. You could receive a phone call, email, or a letter via good ole snail mail. Interviews can be conducted by phone or video call; like Skype or FaceTime.

After you've been offered a job and given some details and accepted the job you'll then receive important information about the job; when it begins, where to go, travel arrangements recommendations, uniform, your schedule, etc. Always have handy a list of questions that you have for the job before your interview and ask anything you can think of. Most of the time your recruiter will give you their contact information in case you think of something later. When you have landed the job and given dates as to when your first day of work is mark you calendar ASAP and set reminders on your phone three weeks before so that you're not scrambling to get ready to go two nights before you need to.

Make sure you ask important questions about housing and meals. Often, jobs will provide housing and meals either free or at an extremely discounted price. Make sure you're aware of your compensation and you understand it 100%. Nothing would be worse than getting to a job and realizing your compensation isn't covering your personal bills, let alone "job bills" such as housing and meals.

Make sure you have an understanding of what is required of you for a uniform and what you'll have access to and other perks as part of the job. Be aware of the environment you'll be in and make sure you'll be up for it! You don't want to end up in a remote area of Alaska to learn you have no service and you can't call out and didn't make prior arrangements for communicating friends and family.

Another note is to make sure you have the right gear for the job you're taking. Most likely you'll require some outdoor gear! Moosejaw is one of my favorite online outdoor gear suppliers and they are currently running a Winter Sale up to 40% off and doing free shipping with orders over $35!


Plan Out the Adventures!

No matter what month it is or season you can start planning your adventure jobs right away! My advice is to write out a list of your key skills, qualifications, hobbies, interests, destinations you like or might like, and start searching for those jobs.

Figure out if you want to work only the winter seasons or summer seasons or both. Deciding to be a seasonal worker isn't for everyone, some love it and some hate it. If you're totally ok with moving every six months, meeting new friends, gaining new skills, and seeking adventure; than this is totally for you!

Don't be afraid to try something new and it's never too late to start doing something you truly love.

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